Your list of important interstate moving forms and documents

Thee most important interstate moving forms and documents - FMCSA license, moving estimate and bill of lading.

Interstate moving is slightly more complicated than regular, local, moving. Aside from the regular suspects like insurance papers, medical and school documents, you will need to have several other documents that are really important to your move.  So, before you start looking at storage units Sanford NC, for example, you need to know what the most important interstate moving forms and documents are. And that is what you can find out, below!

The three most important interstate moving forms and documents

The first item on this rather small list is not actually a document that you need to have, but your moving company absolutely requires it. Without the FMCSA license, movers simply cannot be trusted to perform interstate moves.

Moving contract is one of the most important moving documents.

In any case, these are the three most important interstate moving documents:

  • Interstate moving license – The FMCSA
  • Important interstate moving forms and documents – Moving estimate
  • Bill of lading

Interstate moving license – The FMCSA

The federal motor carrier safety administration moving license is something that is issued to moving companies that wish to perform interstate relocations. This document proves that the moving company has capabilities to perform such moves. If you are entrusting your belongings to a company that does not have this document, you are risking quite a bit. They can hold your items hostage, charge you exorbitant sums for packing or even scam you on insurance, to name a few major outliers.

It is entirely possible that the moving companies without this document are meaning well and that they will do a fine job but why take the chance?

Important interstate moving forms and documents – Moving estimate

The moving estimate is a document that, quite simply, has all your charges in it, showing how much your move will set you back. There are three major types of estimates, which differ in the method of calculation. The first one is a non-binding estimate. The second one is the binding estimate and the third one is binding not-to-exceed-estimate.

You always want to go for a binding-not-to-exceed-estimate, as this is the best one. Check which moving companies Greensboro NC offer this deal. Obviously, if you are moving into or from Greensboro. However, depending on the situation, other estimates might not be bad as well. In any case, you will do well if you read up more about them.

Find a safe place for your moving estimate documents.

Bill of lading

The last of the really important documents is the bill of lading. It will have your full inventory listed. It will also contain the full price of your move. There will be two copies, one for you and one for your mover. You need to make sure that everything that is in it is correct. Always double, even triple-check the inventory. Do the same for all of the costs and charges. It is not uncommon to have extra, or fewer, services than you require.

In fact, make sure to double-check all of the important documents. It will not cost you much time and you can spot something that might save you some money!