Winter moving precautions you should always consider

Winter is coming, and you need to prepare yourself and make plans for it. And this does not mean that all moving projects should stop because it gets either snowy or chilly. Moving during the winter is no mission impossible. A little inconvenient – yes? Impossible – far from it. However, in spite of this, there are some winter moving precautions that need to be taken. Another way is to call moving companies Cary NC to do it for you.

Winter moving precautions are necessary if you wish to have a pain free, incident free and stress free move in, let’s say, December. Still, the best option you will ever have at your disposal is to entrust this moving project to professionals. This way, any precautions that need to be taken will be already prepared. However, a DIY winter move is also not impossible. Again, our strong advice is to avoid it for reasons we will mention throughout this article.

Winter moving precautions – Hire professionals

As mentioned before, some things are almost always best left to the professionals. This is, above other reasons, because this isn’t the first winter they are facing during a moving project. Furthermore, any and all challenges that winter poses when compared to the summer season, they are acquainted with. No surprises. No game changers.

Of course, hiring professional assistance is far more expensive than doing it yourself. Yes, we are fully aware of this. But the pitch we are trying to place is the following. You may save money initially, but you are risking an insane money loss throughout the move. And maybe you don’t know how the moving assessment is made, you think it’s more expensive then it is.


Imagine this hypothetical scenario. You are doing the move yourself. Amongst many of the belongings you are moving, you have one coffee table that has been in the family for over 150 years. Given its age, it is fragile as much as it is priceless. One wrong move and the entire thing might break to pieces.

In case you do not have the proper equipment to carry this outside, in the snow and cold, and you drop it (or fall along with it), you risk breaking it. No amount of money that you saved initially could ever compensate for the damage you have just caused. Right?

However, if you went ahead and hired professional moving assistance, they would have had the proper attire and equipment to carry all of it out in spite of the cold and slippery. Simply put, professionals are professionals for a reason. They are well equipped to battle all dangers and have all the winter moving precautions ready.

Winter moving precautions – what are they?

But, given that we have been talking about various winter moving precautions, we never mentioned what they actually are? What are the hazards, and according to precautions, that lurk throughout the winter moving season?

Slippery roads

Winter usually amounts to snow and ice. It is simply like bread and butter, can’t have one without the other. In most cases at least. The approach to the moving site will usually, at least to an extent, be under snow or ice. Or both.

The best precaution you can take in this scenarios is simply clearing the road. There are several ways you can go about doing this. The easiest is owning a plowing machine. This one makes it a breeze to do and is a frequent household item in regions where snow is frequent and strong (a cough, Michigan, cough). Some parts that see less snow are not as well equipped.

Checking the roads is one of the most important winter moving precautions
Slippery roads can cause a lot of trouble, especially if you drive under full load

The second way to address this hazard is simply by grabbing a shovel and plow away. It might be dreadful, but you have to do it. So make sure you do. The third option you can do to battle ice is simply pouring salt at all the frozen places. The salt will eat through the ice and make it safe to go through. Anyway, you should prepare for the winter.

Keep your eye out for the forecast

The weather forecast is something you have to frequently keep an eye on. Winter temperatures can go up and down at incredible speeds and you need to be prepared for it, especially during a lengthy move. Looking at the forecast a couple of days before the move simply won’t cut it, because the weather can change even three times before the scheduled date. In cases where the things you need to move are temperature sensitive, you can use storage units NC. Climate controlled storage can take care of your things until the right moving conditions occur.

Something that is a light slush can turn into ice in no time. Likewise, a slight drizzle can turn into a blizzard before you bat an eye. Be careful and prepare on time.

Wear different layers of clothing

When you are performing any type of physical work your body tends to warm up. If you wear a T-shirt and a heavy coat, chances are you will get hot in the first 15 minutes of the move. If this happens your initial impulse will be to take the jacket off. Wrong! You are bound to get sick this way.

When you are doing physical work during the winter it's best that you wear layered clothing
Layered clothing help you stay warm, but can also be useful when you are hot and you need to take a layer off

However, if you took layers of clothing and your body prompts you to undress slightly, you will be able to do so. If you wear one undershirt, one t-shirt, a sweatshirt, and a light jacket you can take one layer at a time off while staying warm but refreshing. The safe way to do it and the way we recommend.

Stay hydrated!

This is probably the most important thing. Throughout the move when it is cold outside you might think you are not thirsty. You are sweating throughout the entire process hence you will need to stay hydrated as much as you can. This is of vital importance!

Even though it's winter it's important to pay attention to drinking fluids.
Don’t forget to stay hydrated!

Also, have some warm drinks within hands reach to offer both to yourself as well as the people assisting you with the move. If you are able to meet all of these winter moving precautions, you will be more than safe to execute the move successfully.