Why is moving in the fall a good idea

Summer is the time of the year when most people decide to move. Reasons are numerous, as most people have days off or their kids are not in school and so on. However, fall is also a good time to move, if you are not constrained with such factors. So, what makes moving in the fall a good idea? Well, there are several reasons for it.

Moving In The Fall – Why Is It A Good Idea?

To start things off here is the biggest reason for organizing your move during the fall season. It is cheaper to move during the fall. You can call moving services North Carolina and see for yourself. You see, when most people choose summer as their moving date, the prices of moving to go up, it is just the way the system works. Incidentally, that leaves fall and winter a bit less booked so you can get a better price for your move. While winter is not that good a season when it comes to moving while moving in the fall is actually a good idea due to :

  • Flexibility
  • Temperature
  • Buying Power


When you move in the fall, you will be given much more flexible moving dates, due to the decrease in people that are relocating. This, in turn, provides you with the opportunity to target the exact date, most of the time. Rescheduling will also be easier and in most cases cheaper than in summer. If you do not know your moving date months in advance, it would be a good idea to consider moving in the fall. Do note, however, that it will still be cheaper and easier to get a date during the weekdays, even if the season itself is not as busy as summer.

Moving in the fall gives many benefits over moving during the summer
Picking the right time to move also depends on the season, as it makes it easier and cheaper.


When it comes to moving conditions, fall temperature is actually better than that of summer. In summer, you will be drenched in sweat after just a few trips to the truck/car and back and your energy level will be sapped by the sun and heat. There is certain crispness in the fall, accompanied by the cool, fresh, air. It is much better to carry, load and unload items when the temperature is just about right. Heat can also make you feel exhausted and before you know it, you will be dragging your feet. No such thing in the fall. The whole process will be much more efficient, as energy levels will be higher and fatigue will be lower.

Buying Power

When most people decide to relocate in the summer, that means that the housing market prices are a bit inflated in the summer. When summer ends, several things change. First, the market might not be as big as before, as many of the homes are already taken. But a smaller market does not necessarily mean a worse market. As there will not be as much competition, sellers will be more inclined to negotiate. There will be fewer people to get into bidding wars, as well. And maybe the most important of it all, there will be a lot less pressure to pin down and make a down payment on the home.

Also, this leaves you a bit of money that might come useful. If you can’t put all of your things in the new house you might need to rent a storage. In that case storage NC may come in handy, as they are affordable and safe, and take good care of possessions.

Moving In The Fall – Some Quick Tips

When moving in the fall, there are several things that you might want to consider. Here is the list of the most important things that you can do in order to make your moving in the fall as easy as it can get :

  • Have your car serviced
  • Dress Accordingly
  • Make sure that the pathways are clear
  • Have a broom handy

Have your car serviced

You do not want to have your car break down on you during the move. Make sure you service it before you commit to the move. This is especially important when moving in fall as the roads might be slippery and your car needs to be in a bit better shape. The best things to doublecheck are tire wear, heater, air filters, oil and wipers (both the fluid and the wipers themselves). By doing this, you will ensure that your car is in a tip-top shape for your fall move.

It's best that you check your care before the move so you avoid any unpleasantness coming from your car breaking down on the road.
You don’t want to have your car break down during the move, so take it for a check-up before you get it on the road.

Dress Accordingly

Fall, being fall, can be quite unpredictable. Make sure that you are prepared for sudden temperature changes. Best advice here is to have layers of clothing prepared for the move. You may not need them but you will be happy you have them if you end up needing them! With that being said, if the climate conditions are too harsh, consider postponing the move instead of stoically plowing through horrible weather.

Make sure that the pathways are clear

In order to prevent any accidents, you should make sure that the pathways to the moving truck are clear of any obstacles. These may include fallen leaves, shallow puddles and any sort of clutter that might be present. A common mistake is to overly worry about the house and to disregard the pathway to the truck. Take some time and make sure that everything is clear before loading or unloading begins.

You don't want to have your moving truck get stuck in mud, as you will never be able to get it out.
Pick your route carefully, and drive only on roads that trucks filled up with heavy things can actually cross

Have a broom handy

Also, you might want to hold on to that broom you used for cleaning the pathways for a bit longer. You see, in fall there will most likely (almost certainly) be dirt around and it is much better and easier to take care of it straight away. You will also need some paper towels and perhaps some sponge mops. Don’t forget all the other important things when preparing yourself for the move.