What to wear on moving day?

moving day

Heavy boxes, sharp edges and slippery staircases. These are just some of the hazard issues on a moving day. Therefore, there is no time for fashion when moving. During the relocation, you will need to choose your outfit wisely in order to both protect yourself and your belongings. Here are a few tips to help you when deciding on what to wear on moving day.

Comfort before fashion

Cute outfits may sound like a good idea to help you meet the new neighbors but they can end up as a moving nightmare with sweet marks and injuries. The moving day will be hectic. You will be busy and need to be able to react quickly. Therefore, it is of great importance to feel comfortable when loading the moving truck. Here are a few golden rules when choosing what to wear on moving day: 

woman jeans and sneakers
Stay safe during the moving day by choosing comfortable clothes
  • No accessories! Dangling necklaces can easily get caught up while you are moving quickly.
  • Non-slippery shoes are a must when searching for what to wear on a moving day. Wear comfortable shoes that will keep you running the whole day.
  • Dress in multiple layers. The weather might change and you can feel hot from going up and down the stair. So don’t wear the best clothes. You will most likely get dirty and can end up ruining your favorite shirt. You need to able to wear the outfit for a long period of time. Therefore, choose comfortable and natural materials like cotton and jeans.
  • Make sure you have proper safety gear like gloves and hats.  

Check the weather forecast when looking for what to wear on moving day

If you are having a long distance North Carolina moving day, there is a possibility the temperature will change. Therefore, make sure you are prepared. Check the weather few days in advance.

Make sure you check a reliable weather channel before the moving day. And gear up! Raincoats and umbrellas don’t take up much space. Don’t forget to pack additional clothes in your essential box for the move. Also, add a few extra pairs of socks and t-shirts. Looking through closed moving boxes in order to change will be frustrating and can take a lot of time.

The outfit

woman deciding what to wear on moving day
There is no place for fashion on a moving day. Wearing jeans and comfortable shirts will keep you safe

Black is a flattering color on almost anyone. People tend to say that it is slimming them visually and making them feel great. However, keep in mind that darker colors and shades attract the sun. Therefore, if you are moving during the summer, choose lighter colors and make sure you have a sunscreen and a hat.

A white t-shirt will most likely get dirty 10 minutes into the moving day. Just as we stated, above make sure you don’t wear your favorite and best clothes. 

Jeans and cargo pants will be a great choice on a moving day. They are comfortable and will be able to protect from cuts around boxes and furniture. Choose the clothes with pockets. Your phone can easily be lost around all of those boxes. Make sure you have it with you by wearing something with deep pockets.

Onesies. Ok, we know that you probably aren’t 4 and are not looking forward to wearing it. However, jeans or work onesies will be comfortable enough to move in them. Also, you will avoid tucking in your shirt every 5 minutes. remember that moving day will require a lot of bending, kneeling and moving.

Safety tips

A proper outfit and choosing what to wear on moving day carefully won’t be enough to keep you safe. As there is a lot going on during the relocation day, people tend to rush and move in a hurry. Injuries usually occur in a split of a second. Make sure both you and your family are safe by creating a detailed moving plan. If possible, start planning a few months ahead. Therefore, you will have enough time to prepare for the moving day and fulfill all of the pre-departure moving tasks. 

If you are not a tight deadline and have the possibility to choose the moving date, choose early spring or fall. The temperatures will be lower than in summer and you won’t have to worry that much about heavy snow.

Safety comes first. Gear up!

Make sure you avoid any moving injuries by having the proper gear. Besides gloves and hats, consider renting a moving dolly. Choose the right size of moving boxes in order to stay safe during the moving day. Don’t overpack the boxes. It might sound like a good idea to pack a lot of books together. However, carrying heavy boxes can hurt your back. Lift the boxes carefully. Use the leg muscles when lifting not your back.

a pair of gloves
Gloves will keep you safe while carrying boxes during the moving day

Moving is expensive, even if you are having a local NC moving day, there will be some relocation expenses. Therefore, you will probably be looking for the ways to cut some costs. Even though, you can save money by gathering free boxes consider buying some high-quality packing material too. Multi-layered boxes will be able to carry heavier items and protect you. Quality boxes will endure the carrying and loading process without breaking. Also, they will be crucial for keeping your valuables and breakables safe.

Label, label, label! Seriously, label the boxes!

By labeling your boxes properly you will be able to unpack quickly and settle in, in no time! Also, labeled boxes will help you stay safe during the moving day. You will be able to evaluate the boxes weight according to its content. Therefore, you can call for help when moving the heavier items.

Stay safe, hire the pros!

The best way for you to have a safe and quick relocation is to hire a reliable moving company. Therefore, you will have the professionals to help you stay safe by providing you with additional moving services. Reputable movers, like Moving Kings NC, can take care of every step of your relocation. Packing, loading and loading the trucks, storage units… All of this can be taken care of for you. If you are moving on a tight budget, ask your mover to exclude some of the services.

By following the guidance of professional movers and choosing what to wear on moving day, you will be able to have a quick and safe relocation. We wish you a safe and happy moving day!