What to pack last when moving?

A men sitting on boxes drinking coffee

When you are in the process of moving things may seem a bit stressful and hectic. At the end of the day, you will want to put everything that comes under your hand in one huge box and try and move it like that. This would be a huge mistake. Why? Well, because if you do something like this, if you pack with no order whatsoever, you will only double your work. It is important what are you packing first, and what will you pack last when moving. You will only realize that when you start unpacking. So, do yourself a favor and make sure to keep in check what will you pack last when moving. We will tell you the reasons why is this so important.

Why is it important what will you pack last when moving?

There is a number of reasons why is important what will you pack last when moving. Let’s say for example that you are moving from Long Island to North Carolina and everything is going cording to plan. However, you are coming to your new North Carolina home or office and the light is off for some reason. Maybe they have turned it off for safety reasons, maybe because of the electric bill. It doesn’t matter, all you know at this point is that it is getting darker outside and you need to move in. Where is that flashlight? You know you have packed it somewhere. This is the situation in which you realize the importance of the things you need to pack last when moving.

A grey flashlight
A simple thing as a flashlight should be packed among the last things you pack


Things that you will pack last when moving are essential because when you pack them last it means that you will need them first. However, there is an exception to this rule. There is one thing that you will pack first and that you will be needing it almost immediately. That thing is an overnight bag. This bag should contain essentials that you will need the first night in your new home:

  • Change of underwear
  • Change of clothes
  • Toothbrush
  • Paste

These are the things you will need, and the first night the last thing you want is to unpack everything in order to find a toothbrush. Now that we established what is the first thing you should pack, let’s go to the last.

An overnight bag is not necessarily among things to pack last when moving, but it is the most important one
An overnight bag maybe is not something that you will pack last, but it is among the most important things to do

Essentials that should be packed last

Last things that you need to pack in that last box should be important same as that overnight bag you have already packed. We already mentioned that flashlight, and there are reasons for that flashlight. Next thing would be some snacks, you need to have them handy. Especially if you are moving long-distance, now maybe you are not hungry, but you will be during the trip and you will be happy that you have packed some snacks of your choice. Not only snacks, but you can also make some coffee or tea, put it in a thermos and you are good to go.

What’s next?

In one box you can put towels and other toiletries such as shampoo and toilet paper. It can also be put in that last box that you will pack. Another item that you can pack last when moving could be your plants. If you pack them last, chances are higher that you will take care of them longer. In a sense that you will water them and they won’t be waiting for you to go in the back of the dark van. What people usually pack lastly and not by intention, is all that is left of the packing material and cleaning products. You ought to clean a bit your old home before you go. At least the mess you have made during the packing process. Therefore, these cleaning products are mostly the last thing that people pack, without planning.

Fur friends and their stuff

We cannot call our fur friends things or items, they are family members. However, they are the last ones you should prepare for moving, and their things should be the last to pack. When you are packing you need to move your pet somewhere safe. The best scenario would be to have your pet taken care of by someone of your friends or family members while you are packing. On the day of the move, you should have your pet with you in the vehicle. Before that, of course, you need to pack their things. They need to have water, some snacks, and their favorite toy. So, keep in mind that if you have an overnight bag, and traveling bag, they will need one too. And once you arrive at your new home, make sure to explore some good places for your pet.

A dog covered in blanket
Our furry family members have their things, they need in the transport

The most important thing

When you are packing for a move as we already mentioned it is really important what are you packing when. There are always those things that are very important to have them handy. One of those things is definitely the first aid kit. This is something that you need to have in a bag next to you. That is why it is important to pack it among the last things you pack, so you don’t pack it in some huge box with books and similar. So, what you need to pack last would be:

  • A flashlight
  • Snacks
  • Coffee or tea and a bottle of water
  • Plants
  • Stuff for your furry friend

That is it, more or less. Of course, there is a place to make modifications to this list.

So, moving is hectic and it is stressful. However, by following some simple tips and tricks you can make this experience easy for you, and maybe even enjoyable. Have priorities when packing, make a checklist that will help you. And if you’re moving somewhere in the Apex region, then think about hiring some of moving companies Apex NC, and you are all set. After all, who can better help you move there, if not the locals? It can be that simple.