What to do when your movers are late?

You can pack yourself when your movers are late

You can rely on professional movers in almost any situation. They are professionals in their field of business and they will get the job done! However, some things might not go according to plan sometimes. There are rare cases in which your movers are late, but do not despair! We have prepared a short guide for you to help you with your questions. We hope that you will find all the information you seek here. Moreover, we hope that you won’t have to use this guide! It’s never nice when professionals fail, but we are all humans and it can happen.

Always check why your movers are late

As we mentioned before, we are all humans and mistakes happen. Even people who are professionals can be late or make mistakes. The most important thing is not to despair about it. Give your moving company a call and they will tell you more about it. All professional moving companies like movers Carrboro NC and others will reply to you and tell you what went wrong. Remember that mistakes happen and don’t panic. It will all get settled soon.

Traffic jam might be the reason your movers are late
Sometimes traffic can make your movers be late

Another thing that is important in this case is to determine the type of mistake. For example, it can be any of the following:

  • Bad traffic – Bad traffic is the most common way your movers are late sometimes. This is the smallest of your problems – no one can predict traffic. Besides, your movers will come after they get out of the jam. Nothing to worry about.
  • Technical problems – This is a bit trickier. If the transport vehicle of your movers is broken or not functioning properly (for any reason), you might want to call for a replacement. However, situations like this are not common, and you might get a bit worried. The moving company will send a replacement in no time.

What not to do:

  • Do not panic – Panicking is the worst thing you can do in a situation like this. You should remain calm and contact your moving company to find the answers. Even the best companies like movers Pittsboro NC can make mistakes. The most important thing is to stay calm all the time!
  • Do not get angry – This is hard sometimes, but anger won’t solve anything. Moreover, understanding that mistakes can happen is the best thing you can do. Remember, we are all human and some things we simply can’t account for. Stay calm and don’t let anger overwhelm you. Everything will be settled soon!

Things you can do while you wait

Since waiting is your only option, you should consider doing some things while you wait. For example, you should do something like this:

  • Try to help out before the movers come – This might be the best option you have. Helping out your movers even before you come might make up for the lost time. For example, you can do some packing on your own, or you can prepare for the move by cleaning or being helpful.
  • Make plans – This is also very important. You know that your move will be late, so plan accordingly! For example, let the new landlord or someone in charge know what happened. Then you should plan with that person about what would be the best thing to do. You can also plan with your moving company.
  • Understand the contract – Understanding moving contracts when something goes wrong is necessary. You need to check every detail and to see what happens if a moving company does not fulfill its end of the bargain. You can even get the move cheaper, but it depends on the contract.
  • Take a breather – This sounds funny, but it can help you a lot. Your emotions might get the better of you, so take a breather and relax. After all, you can’t do anything about it, so don’t worry much. Besides, you will need all your energy for the makeshift plan.
Professional movers at work
Professional movers working on relocating a house

Double-check everything while your movers are late

You won’t have time to worry about them being late. Instead, use that extra time to be even more productive! Double-check everything you can before they finally arrive. It is only a matter of time, so please don’t worry! For example, you can check your moving list again or check your packing. You can also clean a bit more or call your friends and family to tell them what happened. Moreover, you can even benefit from the situation! Chances are you have forgotten something, so now would be the best time to pick it up! Positive thinking is always the key!

Also, you can invite some friends and family to help you make up for the lost time. For example, if you planned to let the movers do all the work, you can save time by asking your close ones to help you out. That way you might even make it before the planned date. Or you can simply check moving day list of chores and start doing one by one yourself while you wait. You can always turn a bad situation to a good one if you know how to do it!

Do more work

We can’t stress out how much work you are expected to do before the move. There will always be something you can do. Always. After you learn why your movers are late, do everything to help with the situation. The best thing you can do is to work around the house some more. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t do the things you are not proficient in! For example, don’t pack a king-size bed on your own – let your movers do it for you. However, you should pack smaller stuff into special containers to help save time. You can do anything, really!

A box with packed things
When your movers are late you can pack to save time


Overall, it is never nice when professional movers are late. However, you can’t do much about it, so try doing something to help out! Be it doing work around the house or packing, there is always something you can do! Remember, the movers you hired are professionals, they will make it up to you somehow!