What to do if it’s raining on your moving day

Truck on the road while it is raining on your moving day

If you’re moving during a raining season, then you’ll certainly think about protecting your items from difficult weather conditions. However, if it is suddenly started raining on your moving day, and you haven’t anticipated it, you will face problems with protecting your precious belongings. Especially, if you do not have enough packing materials to additionally cover your exposed boxes and furniture.   However, in North Carolina, you do not have a distinct raining season.  That is why when you are moving to North Carolina, you need to be prepared for a sudden rain at all times. That means you will need to prepare some watertight materials to cover your boxes and exposed furniture. On the other hand, if you hire moving companies Garner NC, they will have everything taken care of. They will make sure that your items arrive safely in all weather conditions.

How to protect your items if there is rain on your moving day

Even though using packing services of reliable local movers in North Carolina is the best way to protect your items during a rain, there are few things that you could do too.

  • Get plastic moving containers with lids if it’s raining on your moving day
  • Get waterproof cardboard boxes
  • Use waterproofing products on your cardboard boxes
  • Get a polyethylene sheeting roll to cover your boxes and floors
  • Use plastic bags to protect your boxes from rain
Plastic to protect your items if it's raining on your moving day
Use plastic sheeting to cover your items if it’ raining on your moving day

Plastic moving containers could be a solution if it’s raining on your moving day

When you are preparing for a move, especially if you are planning to pack on your own, you will need to think about possible rain. And how to protect your belongings from it. So when you are getting your packing supplies, make sure that you get plastic moving containers with sealable lids. Especially for your electrical or other sensitive equipment. That is the only way to make sure that those items will survive the rain. Naturally, you can’t get plastic containers for all your items. Even though that would be the best way to protect your items if it’s raining on your moving day. It would be far too expensive. But if you can afford it… But that also means that you can afford long distance movers North Carolina and their packing services.

You can get waterproof cardboard boxes to protect your items from the rain

If you can’t afford plastic moving containers, maybe you can afford moving boxes made from waterproof cardboard. They are made from corrugated paperboard cardboard that is waxed. Making those boxes waterproof. But this is also not the most affordable option.

Spray bottle
There are some products that could make your cardboard boxes waterproof

Some products could make plain cardboard boxes waterproof

There are also products that you can spray on your boxes to make them waterproof. If this sounds a little bit over excessive, it’s because it probably is. Besides being too expensive, it is not the best way to protect your items if it’s raining on your moving day.  Therefore, wasting your money on waterproofing products is not something that you should do. Especially as there are cheaper and more effective ways to do it.

Get a roll of clear polyethylene sheeting to protect your belongings if it’s raining on your relocation day

While you are getting your packing supplies, besides plastic containers, get a roll of plastic sheeting. Plastic sheeting rolls come in different lengths, but for an average home one 3’x100’, the clear polyethylene-sheeting roll should be enough.  Of course, the stretch wrap could also be a good solution. But it easier to rip, and more difficult to handle. Clear polyethylene sheeting, on the other hand, is durable enough to withstand lots of scratching and wrecking which are expected during a move.

Use plastic garbage bags to cover your cardboard moving boxes

If you want to pack on a budget there is an easy and cheap way to protect your cardboard moving boxes. If a roll of polyethylene sheeting is out of your budget, you can use plastic garbage bags. They are a much cheaper option, and you probably already have some at your home. Smaller cardboard moving boxes can easily fit in a larger garbage bag. However, you should use more than one bag to protect a box, as they are very thin. For larger boxes, you can connect a few bags with packing tape and cover your boxes that way.  You can use this method to cover exposed pieces of furniture, as well.

Make sure nobody falls down

After you have secured your items, you will need to think about a few more issues. If it’s raining on your relocation day, take a look at your walkway. If there is mud, or puddles make sure that you take some measures of precaution to prevent anyone from falling and hurting.  Flatten some cardboard boxes and lay them on the ground where your movers will walk while carrying your boxes. That is an efficient way to prevent slipping and falling in wet conditions.

Feet on the floor
Watch out for your floor, it could easily get damaged if they become wet

Watch out for your floors

Another thing that you need to watch out for if it’s raining during your move is wooden floors in both homes. Laminate flooring is especially sensitive to moist. And even the small amount of water could ruin it. Therefore, you will need to cover your floors with something. Pay special attention to the area right behind the entrance door, as that is where most of the water from the shoes will collect. That polyethylene sheeting could be a good solution in this case. Make sure that you do not ignore this, as the laminate floor will quickly lift if it is soaked with water. And that means that you will have to pay for the damage before you move out.

As far as your new home is concerned, you should take time to protect your floors before you let your movers in. That is why you should make sure that you arrive at your new home well before your movers North Carolina do.

Somebody will have to clean the floors if it’s raining during your move

If you think that this is it, you are so wrong.  Who do you think is going to clean up the mud from the floors? No, it is not going to be your ex-landlord nor the new tenants. You can guess as much as you like but instead of thinking about it, you should take some cleaning products, water cans, and mops and start scrubbing the floor.