What should an essential box contain?

essential box for moving

Imagine moving into your new home only to find out that you need to open many of the countless boxes in front of you just to find a towel or toothbrush. Sounds like a moving nightmare, right? In order to avoid one of the most common moving mistakes prepare your essential box before the move. Therefore, you will be ready for the first day and night in your new house without having to stress over the small stuff.

a man with a suitcase
Plan your packing in advance and prepare your essential boxes a few days before the move

Make sure you list of essential items is a part of your moving checklist. Create the packing plan in advance and divide the essential items on a side in order not to overlook packing any of them.

What is the essential box?

An essential box should be completely customized to the needs of your family and your self. Moving with kids and pets will most likely require more than one essential box. You can either have each member pack their own box or pack a few essential boxes, dividing them by the content. However, even if you decide to pack for the whole family make sure everyone has a box or a bag with items like their phones and water bottles.

If you are relocating with your family, prepare your children for the move few months in advance. Be honest and explain the reasons for this important decision. Highlight the best sides of your new home and city. Plan after-move fun activities for them. Therefore, they will more likely get on board and help you pack the home and their own essential boxes.

How many essential boxes do actually need?

That number varies due to the distance of your move and number of the family members. Therefore if you are planning long distance moving North Carolina process you need to have a much bigger box of snacks and food than the people moving just a few blocks away from their current home.

Box number 1

The most important box will be the one with food, drinks, and snacks. Even if you are planning a few lunch breaks along the way, make sure you have a snack box. Traveling make people hungry and you will have more energy and be able to pay attention to the traffic is you are well hydrated and eat healthily. Energy bars, fruit, and club sandwiches make great on-the-road food.

an essential box with prepared meals
A box with food and snacks is the most important essential box

Buying a portable refrigerator will be a great idea for long distance relocations. You will be able to keep your food fresh and cold during the trip. Make sure you have enough water and juice for the trip to your new home. Being hydrated during long road trips is crucial.

Box number 2

a cosmetic bag for traveling
Pack the cosmetics and hygiene products in a separate bag

Young kids are usually not so fond of brushing their teeth when they are sleepy and tired, Therefore they would love the idea of you forgetting the box with the hygiene essentials. This is the box you should pack the last, maybe even on the moving morning.  Make sure the box number 2 has all the essentials you might need for the first few days after your move:

  • Toothbrushes.
  • Toothpaste.
  • Toilet paper and sanitary napkins.
  • Soap and shampoo.
  • Deodorant.
  • Lotions.
  • Wash clothes and towels.
  • Sanitizer should be a part of your essential box as well.

Box number 3 – the emergency box

This box can be a part of your hygiene box. However, make sure it is easily reachable during the trip. The essential box number three should contain basic medicine, wet wipes, allergy shots, and medicine, rubbing alcohol and basic first aid kit.

Box number 4

suitcase with clothes
Pack the clothes for the first few days after your move

During the trip to your new home and in the first 2 days of your move you will need to have enough clothes for everyone. Therefore, make sure you plan which clothes go into the essential box in advance. Kids spill all over the car and themselves during long rides. Pack enough clothes for both you and your family to feel comfortable during the trip as well as on the first night in a new home. Don’t forget the pajamas and bedding. Few extra pairs of underwear and socks may come useful as well. Pillows will make the trip much more comfortable and will be needed on the first night as well.

Shoos and slippers need to be in this box as well. Check the national weather forecast maps for the moving and settling in days. Therefore, you will avoid packing the rainboots into your essential box, if not needed.

Box number 5 – the fun box

Imagine a 10-hour drive with your kids having only the view to amuse themselves. Don’t like the idea? Don’t forget to pack toys, tablets, CDs, and books. Plan car and singing games before the moving day.

Do you have any pets? Maybe you do need a small bag to call it the box number 6

a cat laying in her essential box
Don’t forget to pack an essential box for your pets as well

If you are moving to a new home with pets don’t forget to pack their food, leashes and food bowls. This may not be as essential as other boxes. However, serving your dog their dinner on a new, polished,  hardwood floor won’t be fun. Therefore, make sure you pack everything your pet might need in the first few days.

Box number 7 – the kitchen supplies and similar essential items

Make sure you don’t forget to pack kitchen essentials in one box. therefore, you will be able to set up the most important parts of your new home on the very first day. A few glasses, plates, pans and mugs will be needed right after your move. Any food that doesn’t go bad easily can go into this box. A spaghetti dinner will be easy to make and a home cooked meal you make you feel at home.

Is there anything else? Perhaps an essential box number 8?

There are some items you will need. However, as they don’t fit any of the categories above we will call this bag the box number 7. Here are a few essentials you will need on the first night in your new home:

  • Matches.
  • Flashlights and candles.
  • Scissors.
  • Basic cleaning supplies.
  • Chargers for the electronics.
  • Garbage bags.
  • A toolkit.
  • Important documents need to be a part of an essential bag as well.