What not to wear on moving day

What not to wear on a moving day? Avoid sandals, flip-flops and artificial fabrics!

Every moving process is stressful, takes a lot of time and requires planning, organization, sorting out our budget and of course, making an ultimate checklist. While hiring moving companies Morrisville NC can help and reduce the stress during the relocation, there are also a lot of other things we will have to take care of. For instance, transferring or canceling our utilities, searching for the perfect school for our children, transferring our medical records and searching for a new vet for our pet is something that we will have to take care of ourselves. But, knowing what not to wear on moving day can also help to speed up our moving process and keep us safe from injuries. So, let’s find out how to be safe and how to pick the right clothes for the moving day!

What To Wear and What Not To Wear On Moving Day?!

Whether you are making a long-distance move or just moving locally, you should know what not to wear on moving day! Your health and protection should be on the first place of your list. Hiring one of the moving companies Holly Springs NC will speed up your relocation process. However, in order to protect yourself and prevent injuries, you should also know what are the good clothes to wear during the move.

Flip-flops are good for the beach, but not to wear on a moving day!

What not to wear on moving day – Clothes and Shoes?

Choosing the right clothes to wear on the moving day matters a lot. It won’t only help you to prepare your king-size bed for relocation, it will also protect your body and prevent injuries. So, these are the clothes you should avoid to wear on a moving day:

  • White colors are out of question. Most of the things that you wear on a moving day will be ready for washing as soon as you finish with the relocation. Try to avoid white, beige or any brighter color because there is a lot of chance to stain your bright pants or shirt while you are traveling.
  • Avoid artificial fabrics, especially if you are moving during the summer. This rule actually applies for any move, but it’s the most important if you are moving during the hot summer day. Cotton is your best friend! It will allow your skin to breathe, which means, you will feel way better and comfortable than in any of other artificial clothes.
  • Avoid sandals, flip-flops, and open-toes shoes! These are the most uncomfortable shoes to wear during the long flight or car trip. Shoes with open toes are the number one reason that causes feet and toes injuries during the moving day.

Choose Comfortable Clothes!

So, no flip-flops, sandals, artificial fabrics and bright colored clothes! But, what are the clothes that you should choose to wear during the move? Let’s find out!

  1. Stretchy and Flexible Clothes! What do you want to wear during the moving day is totally up to you! However, flexible and stretchy clothes will be comfortable and they will allow you to rest multiple times in case you are moving overseas. You will also feel more comfortable to declutter before the move if you are wearing comfortable and flexible clothes!
  2. Pick clothes with pockets! Pockets on your trousers or cotton shorts will come in handy during the move.  If you find some important papers or documents while you are packing, you can put them in your pockets and continue packing.
  3. For emergency situations – Pack some extra clothes! Since your outfit gets dirty fast during the relocation, you should pack at least one extra pair of clothes.
Cotton is your friend! Choose flexible and stretchy clothes to wear on your moving day!

Choose Comfortable Shoes!

Clothes are important to protect our body during the moving process. However, in order to protect our legs and toes, we should choose comfortable shoes too! Let’s find out how to choose the best and most comfortable shoes for the moving day.

  1. Breathable fabric shoes are the best! Most of the people choose to travel in sneakers. However, not all of the sneakers are made of natural materials. Polyester and plastic materials can be uncomfortable and cause your feet to sweat. You can also end up slipping and injuring your feet during the hot, summer moving day.
  2. Always choose the older pair of shoes. Your shoes will get dirty during the move. That’s why you should pick the older pair (if you have any, of course). They will also come in handy when you decide to paint and transform your new home! However, the zipper shoes are more convenient than the ones with laces. Zipper shoes will save you some time if you need to change the outfit during the trip.

Hire A Professional Mover

If you have no time or want to avoid possible injuries on a moving day, you should hire a professional moving company. Professionals have well-trained teams, years of experience in the moving industry, polite customer service workers and all necessary equipment. They will also provide packing materials and supplies and pack all your belongings fast and efficiently. There are a lot of moving services that your Moving Kings NC professionals provide! Some of those services are:

  • Local and Long-Distance Moving
  • Residential Moving
  • Commercial Moving
  • Military Moving
  • Packing Services
  • Storage Services
Set up a meeting with your professional mover! Let them plan and organize the move instead of you!

If you want to find out more about your professional mover, visit their website and read the reviews! Give them a call and they will gladly answer your questions about the move in detail and thoroughly!

So, what not to wear on moving day? Simple! Don’t use flip-flops, sandals and uncomfortable open-toes shoes if you want to protect your legs and toes. Pick cotton, flexible and stretchy clothes instead of artificial fabric ones! Have a good move!