Week by week moving timeline for your NC relocation

To-do list

Relocation is a very longlasting process. It starts from the moment when you make the decision to move away and it does not end on the day when you move into your new home. In fact, it is going to take you several more days to unpack all of your items, spread them around your new home and, ultimately, settle down and feel like you are living in this new home of yours. In order to make sure that you are going to complete your move easily, you are going to need to prepare well for the move. We are here to help you do exactly that. With our week by week moving timeline for your NC relocation, you should be able to complete the moving preparations right on time. Therefore, let’s cut to the chase and dig into details!

Creating your moving timeline for your NC relocation

We have already said that your moving process is going to last quite a bit. There are many things that you should make sure to take care of prior to the moving day. Therefore, it is important to come up with a moving timeline for your NC relocation. Otherwise, you may find yourself two weeks away from the moving day with no move-related tasks finished. No matter whether you are moving from California to North Carolina or you may be moving somewhere closer, this is a situation that you should make sure to avoid.

Create moving timeline for your NC relocation on time
It is important to create your moving plan right at the beginning of the move

Therefore, let’s take a general overview of the timeline:

  • 8 weeks before moving
  • What do to 6 weeks before the move
  • 4 weeks before moving
  • 2 week ahead of the move

Be aware of the fact that we are not going to elaborate on what you should and should not do on a moving day. However, let us point out that by the moving day, you should have finished all of the tasks from the above-mentioned list.

What you need to take care of 8 weeks before the move

Obviously, we are going to start with the first things that you should make sure that should find their place on the moving timeline for your NC relocation. Two months, or 8 weeks ahead of the move, you should be taking care of some of the items that you are not going to be needing before or after the move.

Yes, you have read that right. This is the moment to start decluttering your home, your basement, your attic. The basement and the attic represent one of the most common places where unneeded items end up. Far away from sight right? Therefore, make sure to get rid of all of those that you are going to be using any time soon. Some of your options include selling, donating or throwing them away. These are the items that you do not want to be loaded on that moving truck commissioned by cross country movers Charlotte NC to help you relocate.

6 weeks ahead of the move

Moving on closer to the moving day. Now, we find ourselves separated from it by a month and a half long period. Sounds a lot? It is not. There are a number of things that await your attention, so do not even think about procrastination.

Old books
Make sure to declutter before the moving day

First of all, this is the right moment to get in touch with your preferred movers NC. You would not want your first choice to be all booked up when you need their help right? Therefore, make sure to include this task on the moving timeline for your NC relocation.

Secondly, get in touch with the utility companies whose action you are going to require in order to move. Gas and electricity are just some of them. Also, do not forget about your medical records and the transcript of your children’s notes. Hospitals and schools may require some time to prepare them for you.

4 weeks ahead of the move

Four weeks ahead of the move. This is the time when you are going to start counting down until the moving day. This does not mean that you should be sitting idle.

Now that you have collected all of the documents, it is the right time to start setting yourself up in the new city. After all, after your residential movers NC have moved you, you will be happy knowing that, should anything go wrong, you will know who to get in touch with. 

Also, if you can, take your children with you to help you choose the school for them. This is going to make them feel like they are the masters of their own fates. 

Two weeks ahead of the move

Okay, this is the final push ahead of your North Carolina move starting right here. This is the moment when you should be starting preparing all of your items for the move. Depending on what kind of moving services you have opted to receive, you may just need to sort out your things. On the other hand, if you are going to take care of packing your items yourself, you should start doing it now. The only thing that you should leave in your wardrobe unpacked is the clothes that you are going to be wearing up until the moving day.

Packed suitcase
Start packing on time

Moving timeline for your NC relocation – conclusion

Coming up with a precise and realistic moving timeline for your NC relocation is crucial to any move. Simply, you would want to make a plan and stick to it. Therefore, follow the guidelines that we have given you above. Think carefully about what you are going to need and which items you could discard. Make sure to make the most of the fresh start that you are going to get with this move.