Understanding moving contracts and paperwork

A man trying to understand moving contracts and paperwork

Nobody likes dealing with paperwork and documentation. But if you are moving from California to North Carolina understanding moving contracts and paperwork will be very important. It is nothing too complicated. But if you end up in some kind of misunderstanding with your movers, understanding your contracts can be very helpful. So before you pick a moving company for your relocation, learn about moving contacts and paperwork as much as you can. It will help you pick the best moving company for you. And you will be aware of your moving rights and responsibilities.

Trying to learn about moving contracts and paperwork
Learn about moving contracts and paperwork before you start searching for movers

List of moving contacts and paperwork

When you are doing business with a moving company there aren’t many papers you will have to deal with. But, you should learn about every one of them if you end up in some kind of dispute with your movers. Here is a list of moving paperwork:

  • Moving estimate is the first thing to learn about moving contracts and paperwork
  • Bill of lading
  • Order of service
  • Inventory list

Moving estimate is the first thing to know about moving contracts and paperwork

When you are planning to move, after you made a moving plan and you have a moving inventory list prepared, you should find a moving company for your relocation. If you go online, you will find dozens of similar-looking moving companies with similar offers. If you don’t know how to figure out which moving company is the most reliable, hire movers Garner NC. They are reliable NC moving company. And they offer all-in-one moving services at best prices. And if you want to make sure of that, get moving estimates from several NC moving companies to compare them. However, if you want to know what the best option for you is, you need to know that there are three different types of moving estimates. And you need to learn about them if you want to know how to pick best movers for you.

Signing a moving contract or paperwork
Be cautious when you agree to a non-binding estimate

Non-binding moving estimate

Non- binding moving estimates are, as their name says, non-binding. That means that your movers will give you a rough estimate of your moving cost. But if, for example, your moving inventory ends up heavier than the initial estimate stated you will have to pay the difference. Do not expect that your cost will be lower at the end. Non-Binding estimates are usually used by fraudulent moving companies. They will attract you with the lowest estimate possible. And you will find out the real cost at the end of your moving. Therefore, your first red flag when hiring a moving company should be the fact that they are only offering non-binding moving estimates.

Binding moving estimates

If the moving company is offering you a binding moving estimate, that is a good sign. Even though, it is not the most perfect solution it does have some advantages compared to a non-binding estimate. When you receive a binding moving estimate from a moving company that means that that will most certainly be your final moving cost. Only in a case where you decide to add some items to your moving inventory on a moving day. Your local movers North Carolina could modify the price to match the situation on-site.  In all other situations, your binding estimated is fixed. The only downfall is if your items end up weighing less than estimated you will still have to pay the agreed price.

Binding Not-To-Exceed Estimate

This is the most customer-friendly moving estimate. And moving companies that are turned to their customers’ needs and requirements, offer this type of moving estimate. It is very easy to understand. It means that if your moving inventory ends up weighing more than in the estimate you don’t have to pay the difference. If your inventory ends up weighing less than estimated, you will pay for the actual weight of your items. The advice is to find moving companies in North Carolina that work with binding not-to-exceed moving estimates and hire them for your move.

Truck transporting your items after you signed all moving contracts and paperwork
The truck driver should provide you with the bill of lading

Understanding moving contracts and paperwork – Bill of lading

Every moving company should provide you with a bill of lading It is probably the most important document you will receive during your move. It is essentially a contract between you and your moving company. In this document, you should find all terms, conditions, and information about your move. When the moving crew arrives, the moving truck driver needs to provide you with the bill of lading. Even before they start loading the moving truck. This is a binding document. And it should sate that your items are picked up and that they are being transported to your required destination. It should state the means of transportation, date, addresses, contact details and cost.

Order of service

A part of the bill of lading is the order of service document. It confirms what moving services you requested from your movers and packing and delivering dates. It should essentially contain all information regarding your move, and it should be attached to a bill of lading.

Understanding moving contracts and paperwork – Inventory list

Another document that is very important for you as a shipper is the inventory list. This is a document that is describing all your items, their number, condition. And it contains any other additional notes regarding the state of your moving inventory. The driver will issue this document once your items are inside the moving truck. Make sure that you read it thoroughly and that you agree with the information stated in the document. You and the truck driver should sign the paper if you both agree on it. You will use this document to check your items when they arrive at the destination.

Learn about your moving contracts and paperwork if you want to be prepared for every situation

You should be aware of your moving rights and responsibilities. And you should understand moving contracts and paperwork. If you do, you can be sure that you are prepared for any situation that could come up during your relocation to North Carolina. However, if you are careful while choosing a moving company hopefully, you will not have to demonstrate your newly acquired legal knowledge.