Top things to do with NC preschoolers

A mom that knows all the Top things to do with NC preschoolers

Preschoolers bring that special kind of joy into the lives of their parents, and don’t you know it! They are witty, mostly fearless and, if you ask them, forever tireless. For this reason, finding things to do with NC preschoolers might not be as simple as one would think. However, it is by no means impossible, and we will prove it with the list that follows. Be warned, though, after seeing our suggestions, you might even consider moving to North Carolina for all the splendors that await.

Top things to do with NC preschoolers that they will actually like

1. Shackleford Banks and the wild horses

Being a parent of a preschooler, you are probably familiar with the excitement kids get when being around animals. The simples zoo can be considered a true wonderland. Now, imagine their expression when they see animals in the wild. Your amazing adventure would begin with the ferry ride to Crystal Cost island of Shackleford Banks. This is the southernmost barrier island in Cape Lookout National Seashore. Some of you may have particularly adventurous offspring, and this information might be of interest to them. Now, once you reach your destination, you will be bestowed with the view of over 100 wild horses that roam free, just as they have for the past 500 years. If you yearn for an in-depth experience, take a guided tour from Port City Tour Company, and have your kids remember this experience for many years to come.

Wild horses eating grass
Wild horses in their natural habitat are some of the most unique and best sights for sore eyes.

2. 82nd Airborne Division War Memorial Museum

This is one of the best things to do with NC preschoolers, especially if they are boys. Not that girls won’t find it as fun, but boys tend to enjoy it more overall. Now, museums are great ways for kids to learn history outside of the classroom and textbooks. What makes it a great learning method is the direct contact with the past, through the exhibit. Another reason that the museum is one of the great ways to spend time with your kids is the fact that you too will enjoy. The 82nd Airborne Division War Memorial Museum is filled with awe-inspiring planes spread throughout the grounds so that you can admire them from every angle. In addition, it is the only museum in America to showcase the history from World War I to the present of the 82nd Airborne Division. Oh, it might be good to mention that entrance is free of charge. Enjoy!

3. Tweetsie Railroad

The popularity of trains amongst kids can be clearly seen through generations of toy trends. It can even be seen as a certain phenomenon. We are sure that, upon seeing Tweetsie Railroad, your little ones might be the biggest advocates for moving to North Carolina from Florida, so consider yourself warned. Now, to bring the train toy fantasy to life, you need to take your kid to Blowing Rock. There, you will be able to boar the 3-mile Tweetsie Railroad ride.

If your kids are particularly reluctant to go on this trip, you can visit the park’s website, and show them the amenities. Check out the “Kidz Zone”, and see all the games, a 3-D printout train, and an animal gallery.

A train
We can all agree that trains are fun for all ages.

4. Dismal Swamp canoeing experience

Being on the water is a thrill, regardless of age, or means of transport. So, choosing water for your next family quality time is more than a safe bet. Kayaking is a great activity for both young and older. It delivers smiles as well as a sense of accomplishment. Kayak and canoe rentals are all at your disposal from the park. You can also opt for a guided tour with great guys from companies like Kayak Nature Tours.

5. The Land of Waterfalls and the Sliding Rock

If your kids like plastic slip-and-slides, they are going to adore the all-natural one. And, if you are a couple of parents that enjoy a bit of fun, this will prove to be a great activity for you two to enjoy as well. It is important, however, to note that swimsuits are not the best option for this water ride. The staff there recommends that slide enthusiasts wear shorts and sneakers. The ride down this 60-foot waterslide into the 7-feet-deep swimming hole is not your regular ride. Still, you needn’t be worried, since there are lifeguards on duty at all times.

6. North Carolina Zoo

What would a childhood be without a trip to the zoo, and a picture with elephants? Besides, developing an awareness and appreciation for nature early on encourages youngsters to be more compassionate and concerned for wildlife later on. Make sure your kids the best experience and a memory that will last a lifetime by visiting the North Carolina Zoo. It is nothing less of the largest natural habitat zoo in the country. Divided into three parts: Africa, Aviary and North America, you will have plenty to admire and enjoy. The zoo itself is planned with great care, and you will find that spending a whole day there is rather simple and seamless. Oh, and let’s not forget the abundance of attractions like Giraffe Deck, Dino World, and The Prairie Geyser.

A little girl next to the fish tank in a zoo
The zoo is definitely one of the top things to do with NC preschoolers.

7. Uwharrie National Forest

Talking about the whole day of fun and activity, nothing can beat one of the oldest mountain ranges in North America. Bring your kids, your spouse, your aunt, grandad and your neighbor. Everyone will be able to enjoy. You’ll find horseback riding, camping, boating, and swimming. Lake, pond, river and stream fishing are also available. This further means that you can make a day, weekend or week out of your visit, much to everyone’s liking.

However, putting all these things to do with NC preschoolers aside, there is also one more thing that will make your kids truly enjoy this location. Namely, A Boy Scout event created a QR-coded trail that unlocks information about the forest’s history along the way. This will give adventure time a whole new meaning.