Top restaurants in Sanford

A chef preparing food for one of the best restaurants in Sanford

Sanford is a great place for living. Don’t let people tell you otherwise. There is a lot of diversity, great schools, the nightlife is blooming, while families are also able to find their peace and quiet. And let us not forget the outstanding moving services Sanford available for everyone close. Still, there is one particular factor that is by no means less important than previously stated. That is the quality of food and more specifically the outstanding restaurants in Sanford.

There is an old saying that ”the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. We believe that this quotation stands for women as well. Especially when you consider the food in these restaurants in Sanford, starting with:

The cafe on the corner

Or, as its real name goes – The Corner Cafe. You can find this superb place in Historic Downtown Sanford, just where 1st and Park intersect. And, believe us, if you had problems choosing what to eat on your moving day, know that karma is rewarding your struggle with this wonderful restaurant. You won’t have to think ever again about your food choices, with their amazing menu. It specializes in unique and delicious, handmade fare at an affordable price. Some of the dishes that simply must touch your palate are their killer Cuban Sandwich, French Onion Soup in a toasted bread bowl and virtually anyone of their Salads. They are opening their doors on Mondays, at 11 am, closing at 4 pm, and gathering their strengths on Sundays.

Sandwiches and fries served on a platter.
In The Corner Cafe, no choice is a bad one.

However, if you are thirsty, know that The Corner Cafe stays true to its name. Delicious Smoothies, a full selection of Coffee Drinks, Freshly-Brewed Tea, Ice Cold Beer, and California Wines are all at your disposal. There are options available for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free enthusiasts. You do not want to miss out on the pleasure that is this charming bistro.

One of the residents’ favorite restaurants in Sanford

Another great reason to go to the downtown on Sanford is to pay a visit to Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe, and properly reward yourself after a successful moving day. This family restaurant first opened its doors to hungry residents of this city back in 2001. It didn’t take much before it became one of the most prominent restaurants in Sanford. In a place where the homey and welcoming atmosphere can be felt upon first stepping through its doors, you will be able to enjoy masterful dishes from Germany, Europe, Central Europe, and Asia. Whether you stop by for lunch, dinner, brunch, or some late night fun, know that you won’t be disappointed. Just make sure to catch the 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM window and your day will start to look up.

A table with German food
Enjoy authentic German food in one of the top restaurants in Sanford.

A place that never disappoints

One of the great ways to prepare your child for your long-distance move to Sanford is to tell them the tale of Chianti’s Pizza & Pasta. A place that brings all the old, quality recipes and flavors to one place in Sanford. Easy to find on Sanford Ave, this wonderful restaurant will prove to be a wonderful experience for the whole family. Great Italian wines, amazing pasta, and finger-licking good pizzas will leave you smiling throughout the night.

Now, the name ‘Chianti’ comes from a very well know table wine originating from Tuscany. It was present at almost every family dinner back in time and has since remained a reminder of a simpler, more tranquil time. With a name that bares such powerful background, you will find that Chianti’s Pizza & Pasta have managed to create a warm, casual and inviting environment. Its goal is to celebrate delicious food, family, and good friends. Stop by, and see what makes the people flock here ever so persistently.

Breaking away from the traditional industrial decor

If you are on your way from dropping your items off at storage Sanford NC and are feeling pretty peckish, we suggest that you stop by The Sanford Brewing Company. It is a production brewery and taproom, that likes to differentiate from the traditional industrial decor. Warm Arts and Crafts paneling, exposed bricks, and wood beam ceilings will greet your gaze the moment you enter this memorable place. After the initial impression has settled, you will start to notice custom handcrafted community tables and bar made from 150-year-old reclaimed barn wood lit with lovely tiffany style lighting. It is also fairly easy not to miss this place. Large garage doors open to the street, allowing people passing by to see what’s going on. You can even experience the working brewery in the back, all with a guided tour.

A line of colorful beer
Yes, there is a lot of beer, and yet so much more in the Sanford Brewing Company.

As for the menu, you ought to know that it is highlighted by comfort food. We deem them worthy of making this place into one of the top restaurants in Stanford. Dishes like Make your own Mac & Cheese, Giant Pretzels with beer cheese fondue, and Fried green tomatoes with bacon & pimento cheese are the reason why its always full. And, after you’ve tried all of these lovely delicacies, you can move on to excellent prime burgers, sandwiches, appetizers along with gluten-free and vegetarian options. The Sanford Brewing Company can boast with its 24 Taps of craft beer, ciders, meads, plus handcrafted sodas & wine for non-beer drinkers. As the locals like to say: Come for the beer, stay for the food and the company. This is a great place if you want to relax, chat, and enjoy live music.