Top places in NC for dog owners

dog with owner

If you and your dog are looking for a new home, we have some good news. Moving to North Carolina is one of the best choices you can make. Apart from being a wonderful location as it is, it is also filled with amazing places in NC for dog owners. You and your pup will be able to enjoy some amazing time together and remember it for years to come. Without any further ado, let’s get straight to it.

One of the top places in NC for dog owners

If you two are an adventurous duo, U. S. National Whitewater Center located in Charlotte will prove to be just the spot. Yes, whitewater rafting is prohibited for your four-legged friend. However, prepare to have a blast while hiking, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding. And, when you two have had enough of fun, feel free to chill on the beautiful grounds, and watch all the action. If you start feeling a bit peckish, know that dogs are allowed at all the outdoor restaurants. There is even this special Center’s weekly music event, River Jam, that is rather keen on dogs. Make sure to check it out when visiting the town of Charlotte. 

A dog on a trail
Having fun with your four-legged friend is more than easy when you move to North Carolina.

A surprise to some

Many people and even residents of North Carolina are oblivious to the fact that Biltmore Estate in Asheville is super pet-friendly. Naturally, if they don’t know, how could you? Especially if you are moving to North Carolina from Florida. Well, we will tell you all about it. Your little buddy can feel free to explore the over 250 acres of grounds and manicured gardens. Going into the house itself is prohibited. However, we assume that a dog wouldn’t find it that amusing anyway, so they won’t lament too much over it. As soon as you hear your stomachs growling, you can visit a number of pet-friendly restaurants in Biltmore’s Antler Hill Village. You can both take a break, and enjoy each other’s company before the next adventure.

The place for your furry bundle of joy

With a name like The Dog Bar, one is left with little to no hesitations or further questions. Not that it’s hard to figure out, but this place is a bar where you can hang out with your dog. Aren’t we the Sherlock Holmes of cracking names? Anyways, let’s get back to it. Apart from being able to roam free, off-leash in the climate-controlled indoor bar area, and sniff around as much as they like, your dog can also run and play outdoors on the Astroturf. In the meantime, you, the owner, will be able to relax on the covered patio, enjoying your drink. The full bar with liquor, beer, and wine, complemented by live music, will make you keep coming back to The Dog Bar.

A guy and a girl with a pup in a cafe
A place where both you and your dog can have all the fun you want.

The one arguably bad thing is that you cannot order food on the premises. However, to make up for it, the staff and owners allow you to bring in take-out from one of the many delicious restaurants in the area. We would call that a fair move.

For the salty paws and feet enthusiasts

If you and your dog are particularly keen on beaches, moving with your pet to North Carolina is a no-brainer. Apart from many beaches that are dog-friendly, the Topsail stands out as the only one that allows your dog to roam off-leash. Neat, right? Make sure to stop by during the off-season. This includes any day from October 1st to May 14th. As long as your pup responds to your voice command, and you are diligent in picking up after them, it can frolic and play in the sand and water for as long as their heart desires. Having that the weather is super nice in this region and that it stays that way long after the fall starts, you two will be able to enjoy some rays together.

A girl and a god on a beach
Finally, one of the top places in NC for dog owners that has a beach, and allows your dog to roam free.

A nature lover’s dream

We are, of course, talking about The North Carolina Arboretum, located in Asheville, NC. It spreads across a total of 434 acres. It is home to 65 acres of breathtaking gardens, not to mention ten miles of hiking and biking trails. A true heaven for dogs. Now, they are not allowed into any of the buildings on the grounds. Still, we believe that is not much of a loss for them. You two will be able to spend some quality time on the trails. They range in difficulty, going from easy to difficult. Just make sure to keep them on the leash, and you are golden.

Keep in mind that your dog might need to take some breaks and that this wonderful place has spots that will prove to be just the spot to recuperate. Your pup will be able to cool off in the stream if they are getting too hot, and you yourself can take some time to relax.

A treat worth the trip

One cannot speak of top places in NC for dog owners if they do not mention the Three Dog Bakery. Just after you and your furry buddy have tested your physical endurance and worked up an appetite exploring the Arboretum, make sure to head into downtown Asheville. There, you will find this popular treat brand. Not that it needs mentioning, but this store is dog-friendly. What is also great is that you can choose from a wide variety of fresh-baked, human-quality dog treats. These contain only natural ingredients, no salt, sugar, chemicals or animal fats. Apart from awesome food, you can get other pet products like toys, leashes, collars, bowls, and more.