Top NC places to buy a home in 2019

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Choosing the right place to move to is one of the most important decisions that you’re going to make in your life. There are hundreds and thousands of small, medium-sized and large cities that you can choose from. However, if you had to pinpoint some of the top NC places to buy a home in 2019, what would it be? If you find yourself before this choice, are you certain that you would be able to answer it? Would you even have a clue? We believe that there would be a lot of our countrymen who would not be able to specify what they would regard as the best NC places to buy a home in 2019. Therefore, we have decided to help you make your choice wisely. Bear with us till the end and you’ll be able to make an informed decision on where to move to in NC.

What are the best places to buy a home in 2019?

Right at here at the beginning, we are going to share with you what are the top NC places to buy a home in 2019. Then, after you have wrapped your mind around it, we are going to share with you the details why we believe that you should get in touch with your movers Garner NC and ask for their help to move to your favorite in NC.

Find your home in one of the top NC places to buy a home in 2019
Settle in your new home in NC with your family nice and easy

Therefore, let’s cut to the chase and take a look at the cities, towns, and suburbs that have found their place on our list:

  • Providence Crossing
  • Providence Plantation
  • Hembstead

Do any of these sound familiar to you? If they do, what are your thoughts on them? In the case that you believe that there are some other, better, NC places to buy a home in 2019, let us know in the comments! This way, you will have helped us, but other fellow Americans moving as well.

Providence Crossing is one of the best NC places to buy a home in 2019

The first place that we are going to visit on this small trip of ours is Providence Crossing.

Providence Crossing is a small community located on the outskirts of Charlotte, NC. This place of slightly less than 12,000 residents is located in Mecklenburg County, NC. Not only did it find a place on our list, but this is also, one of the best places to live in the whole of State of North Carolina.

One of the reasons why Providence Crossing found such a prominent place on our list is the fact that this is one very affordable places to live in. Now, bear in mind that we did not use adjective cheap. Providence Crossing is a community where the majority of residents own their homes. With a median home price of about $380,000, we can say that there surely are some other, cheaper places to move to. Still, if you have a job similar to the majority of the people living here, we are certain that you will enjoy living in this area.

Providence Plantation

The next place that we are going to be taking a look at is Providence Plantation.

As you might have already guessed, we are not moving away from Charlotte. We are just changing the suburb. And we’re not going too far away either.

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Finding a place for you to move to is easy once you obtain the necessary information

Providence Plantation is located just 15 minutes from Providence Crossing. Not only is it close by, this a wonderful place to move to. One of the top NC places to buy a home in 2019 for sure. In the case that you are looking to relocate here with your family, you will be happy to know that the schools in this suburb are kept in really high regard. Therefore, in the case that you are looking to move with children, Providence Plantation should be on your radar.

Now, we have seen many people moving here, taking all of their items from storage Sanford NC and moving into larger homes. If you are one of them, good for you. If you are going to be downsizing perhaps, be aware of the fact that there are some quality storage spaces located in Providence Plantation as well.


The third place in this string is Hembstead, one of the NC places to buy a home in 2019 that you should pay attention to.

This is the smallest of all the places that we have mentioned. In fact, it has just slightly more than 4,000 residents. Therefore, it is the smallest by a large margin.

In the case that you are moving locally NC, you will easily relocate here. After all, it is another suburb in Mecklenburg County. The costs of living are pretty affordable here. Plus, quality jobs are not difficult to find. Lastly, no matter how young or old you may be, you will find amusement here. For those looking to cut on their commute, Hembstead is the place to move to.

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Jobs are easy to find in Charlotte’s suburbs

Therefore, waste no more of your time. Choose the perfect place for your new home now!


Did you see a pattern here? Good. Have you found out which is one of the best NC places to buy a home in 2019? If you have not, here’s the deal. None of the places that we mentioned above are the best just by themselves. However, Mecklenburg County is. In fact, we are certain that you will not make a mistake wherever you decide to move to. Mecklenburg County will not let you down.