Top moving cost influencing factors

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It is very difficult, and nearly impossible, to create a price list for a move. The best (and worst) part of each move is the fact that they are all different. There are almost no two moves alike. And this is both fun, challenging and sometimes annoying. The main problem that comes from this is the fact that moving cost influencing factors will vary from one move to another. This is causing a lot of frustration for numerous customers who are not able to receive a straightforward answer to the question – How much will this cost me?

How much will move cost you?

The most common answer they receive for this is – it depends. And sadly this is the best any moving company can do from the getgo. The best thing is to always allow a moving company you will potentially hire to come to the moving site and make an estimate. Otherwise, you can try to provide them with as many details as you can. But still, the feedback you will receive is still nothing more than an estimation. And this estimation can vary both up and down. So how do you remedy this? Unfortunately, in no way. However, you can learn which are the moving cost influencing factors, and possibly start having a better idea as to what you can expect from the estimation given by the movers. Call North Carolina movers to get your quote and see how the tips below apply to it.

Moving cost influencing factors

What are they? They are elements of the move that dictate how much the price will be. Logically, the more difficult the move itself – the more will the price go up. And this is understandable. I mean, the difficulty and the height of the price will always be directly proportional. So throughout this article, we will mention the factors that are most influential towards determining the price of the move. Moving cost influencing factors are plenty and we will not be able to cover all of them. However, we will try to cover those that are most common and repetitive. Some of them you can meet in almost any home, anywhere in the world!


One of the top moving cost influencing factors is the distance of the move. This is one that you can easily estimate since you will know where you are moving from and to. When you give this information to your movers they will be able to use it to make an estimate. How is this so influential? Well, the distance of the move will dictate the cost the moving company will have to endure. Thus, the cost you will have to endure. Also, this will dictate whether trucks are used, and if so how many. Furthermore, if it is a long distance move, air transport may also come into play. This will inquire a totally different ballgame of costs.

Distance has a large impact on moving cost influencing factors
How far you need to move will largely impact your moving price

Be as it may, the distance your belongings need to travel is a huge factor and play a major rule in the determination of the cost of your move. Obviously, if you are moving to North Carolina from New York it’s going to be more expensive then if you move locally.

Number of belongings

Of course, the number of things you will be moving plays a major role. How so? Well, if you have just a few boxes that means that only one truck will be needed. However, if you have complete furniture and over 50 boxes packed up there is going to be needed for more vehicles. Also, there may not be enough vehicles available to perform the move in one go. This means that two or more trucks will have to go back and forth several times. Also, the more trucks that are needed – the more people will be needed to man the trucks.

Moving all your things at once might require you to have multiple trucks and drivers
Consider how many things you have to move because if you need to move them all at once you will have to hire more trucks and more drivers

So, this is a logical one but still needs to be mentioned. The more things you plan to carry with you – the higher your costs will be. This is one of the most influential factors you can have. And this can determine the cost of the entire move.


The timeline is a touchy factor, but a very important one none the less. The timeline speaks about how much time you have for the actual move. Sometimes you can’t influence this one at all. If a sudden reason for a move appears and you have very little time to plan it out – you might have to consider paying more for a short-term mover. The best thing that can happen for you is to plan your move months ahead. The more you plan the move ahead of time – the better discounts you will receive.

Moving companies desire to have worked all year round. However, there are months where business is slow. Regardless of whether they have work or not, the company needs to pay their employees and cover other expenses. It is because of this that they offer hefty discounts to those who are able to book their move ahead of time. Try to be one of those people! Also, if you can plan ahead then you should definitely check out the list of tips that help you settle after the move.

Moving insurance

One very important factor that will determine the cost of the move is the moving insurance. Now, this is something that is optional, meaning you don’t have to buy it. In spite of this, we do strongly recommend to all our customers to consider purchasing the moving insurance. Even though it becomes an extra expense at the beginning, it can turn out to be a huge lifesaver in the long run. To better understand insurance options, go to FMCSA webpage that breaks down moving insurance into detail. Type of insurance is another example of moving cost influencing factors.

Find out what insurance option is most suitable for your moving needs
You can choose from several insurance options, so choose the one that suits you the best

Accidents happen, and there is no way for you to 100% prevent all of them. But there is a 100% way to mitigate any potential accidents by purchasing moving insurance.  So, be smart about it!