Top low-budget neighborhoods in Raleigh NC

High way seen through the bars on a bridge

When you decide to move while you may be on a budget, you have to do your research. This is said not only in a sense that you ought to find long distance movers in Raleigh NC whose price is reasonable and whose service is good, but you also need to think about low-budget neighborhoods in Raleigh NC. So, take a pen and paper, and start writing, because here you will find neighborhoods that you are looking for. It has never been easier to find that great neighborhood you have always been looking for. A neighborhood for which you do not need a small fortune to lead a nice life.

Low-budget neighborhoods in Raleigh NC are here

Ok, so as you already know there are low-budget neighborhoods in Raleigh NC and your job is to find them. By staying here, that is exactly what you are going to accomplish. What is important to know is that when you choose one of the low-budget neighborhoods in Raleigh NC you will find not only a budget-friendly neighborhood but also a great place to live. With a lot of fun things to do.

low-budget neighborhoods in Raleigh NC are easy to find
North Carolina is a great place to start a new life in, your job is to choose the right neighborhood

So, let’s start. First neighborhood that we will mention in this countdown would be Chapel Hill. This adorable neighborhood has so many things to offer. First and most importantly is that if the University is what you have in mind for you or your kid this is the place. Chapel Hill is, in fact, the neighborhood where the Uni of North Carolina is located. When it comes to nature and restaurants with homemade food and everything else that you may find relevant you will find it here.

Bryson Village

If the bare nature what you are seeking for, then Bryson Village is the place for you. Surrounded by mountains, and sceneries like from a postcard, this is the place where people come to visit and stay forever. Just imagine the nature at its best but with everything that you need for a great life. All that a person may need to have a fulfilled life is here, mixed with nature, in a good way. Counting the Bryson Village as one of the low-budget neighborhoods in Raleigh NC is possible. This is due to the reason that rents are very reasonable and real state prices in general as well. It is very different from everything you may seem so far, and if you are for example relocating to North Carolina from NYC you will feel the difference in more ways than one.

North Hills

When you are moving to North Carolina North Hills is definitely a neighborhood that you should keep in mind when choosing where to move. This neighborhood is very specific because if you are moving to North Carolina for a job opportunity this is a versatile neighborhood where you can develop a great career path. On the other hand, if you are coming here for some other reasons, like good schools for your kids, again, this is the neighborhood for you. That is why we said that it is versatile. It is not only on the list of low-budget neighborhoods in Raleigh NC, but it is also under list for neighborhoods with good job opportunities, great schools and out of school activities.

Kids running
If you are moving with your kids North Hills is the neighborhood for you


If we have to choose one of our favorites low-budget neighborhoods in Raleigh NC it would be Midtown all the way. Not only that it is affordable but there are so many great things to do that are not cheap, they are free. Yes, you heard it here first, so much art and so many free concerts that you will enjoy. Saturday night, not feeling like spending on a night out but you still want to have fun, there will be something creative for you to do. However, if you do feel like a big spender on a lazy afternoon there are so many stores that you can visit and enjoy some fun shopping.

Capital District

Not quite sure if we can count Capital District as one of the low-budget neighborhoods in Raleigh NC. However, we can definitely count it in one of the coolest and nicest neighborhoods to live in. At the end of the day, if the rents are way too high, which is not the case having an RV while in North Carolina can save the day, and you can choose the best neighborhood for yourself in person, not only by reading about it online. One thing is for sure, it is never boring in the Capital District. There are so many things that are happening and that is enjoyable for you as a single or for you and your family. There is something for everyone.

One of the most expensive neighborhoods in Raleigh NC

When you are looking low-budget neighborhoods in Raleigh NC then you ought to know what are some of the most expensive neighborhoods as well. So you know what not to look. Let’s mention the ones you should take a look at first:

  • Chapel Hill
  • Bryson Village
  • North Hills
  • Midtown
  • Capital District

These are the places to check out because it is worth it. On the other hand, Oakwood is the neighborhood that is not wallet friendly. Actually, it is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Raleigh NC. This is a place that is close to the downtown and its location makes it an expensive place to live in, among other fancy things.

Beautiful huge house
There are also very expensive neighborhoods to live in, in North Carolina

Finding low-budget neighborhoods in Raleigh NC is somewhat easy nowadays when almost everyone has access to the internet. However, the best way to find them is to ask for a recommendation, that would be the best-case scenario. If you have someone who lives in Raleigh and who can give you a piece of advice. If not, these would be the guidance you need. Good luck, and enjoy!