Top educational facilities in Raleigh NC

Look for Top educational facilities in Raleigh NC

Children’s education is one of the most important things. That is why you should choose a proper school for your child very carefully. Being aware of which schools are good in your surroundings is the first step. Nobody wants their child to go to a bad school that will not make them motivated and excited to learn new things. This text will let you know about the top educational facilities in Raleigh NC. And hopefully, help you decide on what is best for your child.

Best Public Elementary Schools in Raleigh NC

If you work in Raleigh NC, a great idea is to have your child go to an elementary school there too. One of the best public elementary schools is the Sterling Montessori Academy. With a 5-star rating online and wonderful rumors circling around, you will want your children to study here. The school itself looks amazing, it is very clean and tidy. It’s situated in a safe neighborhood so you won’t be worrying about whether your child is safe or not. The teachers in this school are wonderful with children. Some have been working there for over years and people in the town know them very well. It is a big school with over 600 students. The student to teacher ratio is 16:1, which is really good.

Two children
It’s good to talk to the teachers in the school your child will go to.

The next on the list is Quest Academy which is a much smaller school but equally as good. There are around 200 students per year an the teacher to student ratio is 15:1. The same goes for this school. Very lovely staff, good books are being used, all the children are nice and welcoming.

Magellan Charter School is the third on our list of top educational facilities in Raleigh NC, as far as public elementary schools go. The only disadvantage this school has is the lack of diversity in both children and staff. But everything else is great. It is very clean and the atmosphere is workable and fun.

Two children in school
A diverse group of children is better for your child.

Private Elementary Schools

If you are someone who would rather have their child go to a private school, we have just the thing for you. We can’t talk about private elementary schools without mentioning Gaston Day school. A big beautiful modern school with nothing but good things to say about it. Children are saying that it is very welcoming and easy to fit in. The student to teacher ratio is 7:1 which is best. Children prefer working in a smaller group as it is much quieter. Plus, the teacher can be more focused on all of the students when the group is smaller. This school has an amazing schoolyard where teachers and children have fun while being outside on fresh air.

Kids outside.
Children need to have outdoor activities.

But the Ravenscroft School is standing as the best one yet a very big one. With over a thousand students people say that it is hands down the best one in the Raleigh area. There have been a few cases of people moving to Raleigh just so their children can go to this school. If that doesn’t say a lot about this school, I don’t know what does. And if you are someone who wants to move closer to this school too, the neighborhood is very nice and local movers Cary NC say that they move people there all the time.

Top educational facilities in Raleigh NC – High School

There are many high schools in Raleigh NC, but not all of them are good. One of the best public high schools in the Raleigh Charter High School. The student to teacher ratio is 13:1. Children are very welcoming, teachers do their best to keep the classes fun and as educational as possible without them being to though to understand. Another good one is East Chapel Hill High School.

Green Hope High School is a big school with over 2000 students. But the atmosphere is very friendly and nice.

A good private high school is Cary Academy. With a great environment and great teachers. Some other good private schools are:

  • Carolina Friends School
  • Saint Mary’s School
  • St David’s School

These schools are expensive but if you live in Carolina, there are plenty of good jobs you can explore and you will be able to afford this for your child.

Colleges in Raleigh NC

Colleges in Raleigh NC are really good and definitely worth moving for. Moving away from your parents can be tough for everyone but it is nothing to be scared about. And you as a parent want nothing but the best for your child. If they decide to move, hiring a moving company, such as professional movers Apex NC is key. It will give you more time to be with your child before they leave.

Top educational facilities in Raleigh NC
Try to save up for a private school.


How to save up for a private school?

There are many ways you can save up to pay a private school for your child. If you are just moving into town, you can try to lower your moving expenses. You could try to get a better paying job. You can sell an old house and downsize. This way your bills will be much more inexpensive.

Duke University is the top of our list. Then the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. And by far the most popular North Carolina State University.

The school you choose for your child will be a big determinant on their future so choose wisely. We hope that this article has helped you to find out more about the offers of school institutions in the area of Raleigh.