Tips to prevent damage to your home when moving

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Moving is not just the change of the scenario. Most people worry about money or time they have for the move. Additionally, they are mostly concerned about the new house. However, what about your old home? During the packing and moving your items to the moving truck, you can easily damage your home. For this reason, here are tips to prevent damage to your home when moving just for you.

Reasons why you should avoid damaging your home when moving

Some people might not care about the old house, especially if they were renting the place. However, there are reasons why you should prevent damage to your home when moving. First and most important, you will save money. If you cause damage to your home, you will have to pay for the repairs. This can be quite expensive, and it will make an unnecessary dent in your budget. Money is always tight when moving, so do not waste it on something you can avoid. Secondly, if you cause damage, you will not boost your household value. In order to increase the market value of your home, make sure to leave it in impeccable state. Lastly, you can break or damage your furniture, which you will have to replace it. For these reasons, be careful when moving.

Protect your floors

Floors are easily damaged. You will be moving heavy and large furniture that can cause scratches. Movers will enter the house wearing dirty or wet boots that can also damage flooring. For this reason, you should protect your floors. You should buy carpet film protector if you want the best possible protection. However, carpet film protector is not cheap. Good news is that you have other options as well. Old sheets, large pieces of flattened cardboard paper can come in handy. Additionally, you can place felt pads on the bottom of sofas, tables, and chairs. This will protect flooring and you will not have to lift those pieces of furniture up. Another useful information, do not move your welcome mat. If it is raining on a moving day, movers can wipe off their shoes before entering your house. The old sheets will offer additional protection against wet shoes.

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Protect your flooring when moving

Walls, Door Frames, Banisters and Railings

Walls, door frames, banisters, and railings should be protected if you wish to prevent damage to your home when moving.

  • You can cover walls with drop clothes and prevent holes, scratches or other damages
  • Flattened cardboard will act as good protection as well and you can attach it to the wall with painter’s tape
  • In order to protect door frames, measure carefully
  • If your door frame is not wide enough look for a different route or you can ask your moving company for help. Moving companies Raleigh NC will gladly help you with this problem
  • Banisters and railings should be completely wrapped in bubble wrap or you can use flattened cardboard and put it on the top of the banister

How to move furniture

You need to move furniture properly in order to prevent damage to your home when moving. First and foremost, wrap your furniture in moving blankets. You can either buy those blankets or borrow them from your moving company. The moving blankets will prevent nicks and scratches to your furniture and walls as well. Additionally, for your sofa, you can use sofa covers that fit perfectly to the size of your sofa. Just be aware that sofa covers are more expensive than moving blankets. Lastly, you should try to disassemble every possible piece of furniture that you can. You should be well organized when doing this since you can easily misplace those pieces of furniture and lose them. If you are moving from Long Island to North Carolina, be sure to protect your furniture well.

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You can stack your chairs in order to avoid damage

Household appliances

To prevent damage to your home when moving, you should know how to handle household appliances properly. If you are unsure or you do not have relevant experience, seek professional help. All household appliances should be wrapped in bubble wrap, put on a dolly and transported to the moving truck. Power cords should be taped to the back of the appliance. Additionally, make sure all of your household appliances are empty and dry before putting them in the moving truck.

Protecting your belongings and fragile items

You should buy many cardboard boxes in order to protect your belongings and fragile items. Furthermore, before putting them in the box, make sure to wrap them as well. After closing the lid, tape the box in order to maximize the protection. You need to pack your fine china and kitchenware properly so you can use them in your new home. Additionally, you can order specialized boxes for television or lamps. These boxes are quite useful since you can reuse them again for many other purposes.

 How to protect yourself

Lastly, you should protect yourself when moving. Here is what you can do in order to avoid making a visit to the hospital.

  • Lift properly, not from the waist, but from your knees
  • Box weight should be under 40 lbs for easier lifting
  • Build a temporary ramp over entryway steps for better access
  • Wear closed-toe shoes with good support
  • Protect your hands by wearing gloves
  • Make sure to get enough rest before the moving day
  • Drink plenty of water and eat well
  • Make sure to take frequent breaks
In order to prevent damage to your home when moving protect your hands as well
It is important to protect yourself as well when moving

How to prevent damage to your home when moving

As you can see, it is important to prevent damage to your home when moving. You will save money by being careful. Buy necessary protection and make sure to cover the parts of your house that are at risk of getting damaged. However, if you are not sure in your abilities, find professional help. It will be cheaper to book a moving company than to pay for the repair to your home.