Tips to ensure building access to movers

building access to movers

Moving to a smaller home comes with numerous tasks you have to complete. You have to declutter your home and prepare your home for the moving crew. However, there is another not so usual moving task you should keep in mind especially if moving into an apartment building. That is to organize and ensure building access to movers on a moving day. Here are some tips from the professionals on making sure your movers move your belongings to your new apartment without delays or difficulties.

Where to start?

Organizing your entire relocation may not be the easiest task. You may have to do a lot of research, find the best moving companies Sanford NC and handle all the preparations and check out the paperwork. But you will be more than happy when your movers bring all of your moving boxes to a new apartment. To make that happen you will have to organize your relocation in detail and ensure building access to movers. It is important you understand your movers are not responsible to organize this part even if they take on the task of organizing your entire relocation.

Your movers may need to use specialized moving equipment to move big items that don’t fit through doors.

Ensuring building access to movers is quite important. Sometimes your movers have to transport bulky and heavy items to a high-rise apartment building. If they cannot use an elevator to move your belongings, they may have to carry all of those boxes and heavy items to your floor. This can be quite impossible in some cases or you may end up with a huge bill for the moving services. On the other hand, if you don’t organize building access to movers, your movers may reschedule your move and suffer additional costs when transporting your items to storage. The nest trip to your home may be costly, almost the same as organizing two different moves. To avoid complications and huge additional expenses, make sure to prepare for the moving day and ensure building access to movers in advance.

Ensure building access to movers – reserve elevators on time

One of the most important aspects you should consider when moving to a new apartment is ensuring building access to movers. Even when moving long distance like moving from Long Island to North Carolina, you should make sure your movers have everything they need. Your movers will need to access elevators to get your belongings to your new apartment. However, the entire process may require some effort on your part and the understanding of specific protocols. Using an elevator on a moving day can be very helpful. However, if you don’t understand and follow specific protocols or rules, you may face various issues on a moving day.

How to reserve the elevator in advance?

Using elevators on a moving day can speed up the moving process. It is far easier for your movers Make sure you visit your future building manager before the moving day and notify him of the move. He will explain the process of ensuring building access to movers and provide all the information you may need. Sometimes the moving crew has to transport bulky items that may not be able to fit through your doors. In that situation, they will use specialized moving equipment to transport specific items to your home through a window or your terrace. For this reason, it is important you follow all the specific procedures and to collaborate with your movers throughout the moving process. If this is your situation, you should get all the information from your movers before you talk to your building manager and a concierge.

In case you don’t organize building access to movers, they will need to use stairwell and carry all the boxes.

To ensure your movers have building access, talk to your concierge a few days prior to your moving day. Explain the situation and ask for specific instructions. He will let you know about the most important documents you will need to provide in order to book elevators.

Important aspects to consider when booking the elevator for a moving day

It is very important you ensure building access to movers. However, there are a few aspects you should keep in mind before you organize everything:

·       “Individual service” – When you book an elevator for the moving day, your concierge will put it on “individual service”. This means that no one else can call and hold that elevator to another floor.  This way, your movers don’t have to wait for an elevator to arrive and collide with other tenants in your building. On the other hand, if you don’t reserve an elevator early on, your movers may lose valuable time chasing elevators. And when this service is active you will need special permission to close and open the doors.

·       Loading dock requirements – Most huge apartment buildings have loading docks to ensure building access to movers. Loading docks are there to help movers move moving boxes without affecting the main entrance of the building. Loading docks are connected to the big elevators movers usually use. Keep in mind that you should ask about specific height restrictions if using a loading dock.

·       Parking permit – You may also need to get a special parking permit for your movers or your own vehicle. Let your movers know about loading dock specifics requirements and instructions. This way your movers will transport your belongings to your new home without difficulty.

·       Insurance – Most apartment buildings will require specific insurance documents from a moving company. Let your movers know in advance about the documents they need to provide. Without insurance, you may have to cover potential damage to the elevators like scratches, dents etc.

elevator doors
Organize elevators for your movers on time and relocate without difficulty.

Be aware of the time

Ensuring building access to movers seems easy enough. However, there are numerous small things you should complete before you organize everything. When your apartment building provides building access to movers, they usually include a specific time period. In case your movers arrive late, you may face additional complications and may not be able to use elevators as promised. To avoid problems on a moving day, consider getting confirmation from your moving company about the timing of their arrival. Keep in mind that they may not give you an exact arrival time but they can specify the time of the day and the approximate arrival time.