Tips on labeling your moving boxes

Want to have fast and easy unpacking process? Labeling your moving boxes is necessary!

The packing and unpacking take the most of the time during the relocation process. Therefore, in order to speed up your unpacking process, labeling your moving boxes is necessary. You can do it on your own or you can also hire movers Garner NC to pack and label all of your moving boxes instead of you. However, we have prepared a small guide for labeling your moving boxes properly. So, let us tell you how to do it right!

Proper labeling your moving boxes is necessary!

As you already know, hiring a moving company will reduce your moving stress and save a lot of your precious time, especially if you are moving from California to North Carolina. In order to label all your moving boxes, you will have to know how to do it right and what kind of labeling materials to get!

  • What kind of materials do you need for labeling your moving boxes
  • Label all sides of your boxes
  • Color-coding system
  • Numbering system
Get a few different color markers!

What kind of materials do you need for labeling your moving boxes

First of all, you will need a few different colors of permanent, high-quality markers and some labels. It’s highly recommended to buy new markers just in case. Low-quality markers can easily get washed away if the weather changes and you end up facing rain during the relocation. You can buy labels in the dollar store, download and print them out or you can get creative and make your own ones if you have enough time!

Label all sides of your boxes

Do you want to speed up your move, unloading and unpacking process? Label all sides of your moving boxes. This will help your movers and you to put each box where it belongs without having to turn it over multiple times. Spending an extra minute to mark each moving box after sealing it will save you a lot of time and hassle when the time for unpacking comes.

Label each side of your moving box!

Color-coding system

You should use color-coding or numbering systems for labeling after you pack each box for the move! What does color-coding mean? Use different colors of markers for each room. For example. you can mark all kitchen boxes yellow, living room – blue, bathroom -green and so on. Tell your movers where to put boxes marked with blue, yellow, green or red color and they will do it fast and efficiently!

Numbering system

If you want to be very organized, you should choose a numbering system. You will label each box with its own destination as well as a number corresponding to your inventory. With this system, you will also know exactly how many boxes should be delivered to each room and where to find all of the necessary items that you want to unpack right away! You should also share the system you’ve created with your movers so they can stay organized during the whole relocation too!