Tips for treating your moving crew properly


Moving… It is a dreadful task. Rarely do people find it to be a fun, family thing to do. It is usually stressful, full of obstacles and challenges. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The light is taking the form of uniformed, trained professionals that take good care of you and your belongings, making the entire process seamless and stress-free. These shiny superheroes are your movers! These glorious experts are there to treat you and your belongings right. But, this needs to be mutual. People rarely think about what makes treating your moving crew properly.

Treating your moving crew properly is absolutely essential to make the moving day a successful one. But fear not, it is not that difficult to accomplish. There are just several things you ought to do, and several things you should always avoid doing. This is all aimed towards making your move as easy as it can be. So the more you help your gang of heroes, and the more you unhelp them, the better you will be off.

The impact of treating your moving crew properly

Now, as we mentioned before, the impact of such a business is tremendous. I mean, one thing remains a fact: the job will be done either way. However, it is in everyone’s best interest to keep it as easy as it can be. This way it will cause you little to no stress, and it will keep your movers happy. Keep in mind: even though your movers are professionals they are not robots. They are still human, just as much as you are. They are just better trained at moving than you are – thus you hiring their services.

You will get your move done quicker if you work as a team with your crew
You and your crew have a common goal, so work as a team

Now, do not take it the wrong way. Treating your crew properly does not mean that you need to cater to them all day. No, definitely not, and make sure no mover asks such things of you. However, they are people who are coming into your home and people that are handling your most precious belongings. It is because of this that you want to treat them as guests to your home and try to make their stay as comfortable as you can, within reason. This will make their job easier, and if it does – it will make your move easier. To get your moving crew now call commercial moving assistance in North Carolina.

Try to stay out of everyone’s way

The best thing you can do to help is not helping at all. The above mentioned trained professionals are a team, or a unit if you will. They train to rely on each other, and any other external help might do more harm than good. Best you could do is help them out when they reach out for help. Usually, when and if they do, it will be for information and advice.

Your movers might ask you about how fragile certain belongings and furniture is. Also, they might ask you in which order you wish things packed, what you plan to unpack first, etc. They shouldn’t be asking you for any physical help. And you shouldn’t offer any, or get in their way. You just risk them getting hurt, or yourself getting hurt. See all of our other tips for avoiding injuries when moving.

Basically, stand aside and enjoy the show. This is why you hired them, and this is why they are here.

Still, make sure to be around

Even though you shouldn’t get in the way of your movers, you should still be around. Even though the professionals you hired know what they are doing, they might not know everything about your belongings or the outlay of the building/house. This is why you should stay around throughout the move in order to answer any question your movers might have. If you leave, make sure to leave a phone number at which you can always be reached. You never know when an emergency might occur, and if it does you want to be reachable by your movers.

Make a few refreshments

Treating your moving crew properly will mean treating them like humans. People. The best thing you could do for them, on a hot summer’s day, is to offer some refreshments. Take a few lemons and cold water, squeeze it in and there you go. It took you almost no effort but might cause immense moral boost! Also, if it’s a full day event, offer some snacks. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy and expensive. But you have no idea how much positive impact that will have on the entire move.

Making sure that everyone stays hydrated means you are treating your moving crew properly
Offer a glass of cold water on a hot day and it’ll be just fine

It always takes just a tiny bit of kindness to trigger more positivity. The better you treat other, the better others will treat you. Here you can find some tips to prevent workers from dehydration on a hot day.

Prepare everything

The best way to make the job of your movers easier is to be prepared. When we say prepared, we don’t mean that you should have everything packed and ready to go. Preparation is in regards to planning. Make sure you know in which order your belongings will be packed. Furthermore, make sure you plan out what is going to be traveling with you, and what can be seen at the final destination.

Get ready in time so you don't have a headache when the moving starts
Plan ahead and avoid stress

Sort out all your appliances, defrost the fridge, prepare all foods and medication. Basically, imagine that you are traveling on your own and you need to prepare and pack. How would you do it, and in which order? This is what you need to plan out before your movers arrive. Because if they arrive and you’ve done none of the above mentioned, you will be wasting a lot of time. Furthermore, your movers will have to sit around workless until you prep everything. This is what treating your moving crew properly is all about. You can save yourselves the trouble and hire professional packers to help you.