Tips for speeding up the moving process

A man thinking about speeding up the moving process

Relocation is one of those periods in life that you want to go by as fast as possible. It’s arduous, hectic and tiresome. Even with an efficient moving company by your side, such as movers Raleigh, one could desire to make the move even faster. Is there a way to do so? We believe there is, especially with the tips for speeding up the moving process that follows.

Nothing will help in speeding up the moving process like starting early

Whether you plan on moving to North Carolina from New York, or to Burundi from Arizona, you will need to start early with making a plan. You can go into detail about every chore that awaits, by making some rough guidelines will do as well. What is paramount here is to have every step of the move laid out in front of you. Yes, this might take some time but will save you a lot of hours in the long run. So, the moment you find out about your upcoming move, start with preparations. If you put enough effort and thought into it, you will get to witness the moving day unfold with the greatest of efficiency and smoothness.

Declutter and pack

After you’ve crafted your fool-proof moving list, it’s time to tackle packing head on. You will start this process by decluttering. The rule here is simple – everything that you haven’t used in over six months, and that has no emotional value, goes. You can choose to either toss, gift or donate these items, to us it won’t make a difference, as long as you are not packing it. A smaller amount of belongings will result in lesser time it takes to pack your household. Or, in other words, speeding up the moving process is achieved easier with fewer items to pack and move.

A person picking out clothes.
Pick and choose what you will continue to have use of. All the rest is a redundancy.

When it comes to packing, you need to take a systematic approach. Besides giving you ample time to tend to every room, it will also boost the efficiency of the whole packing process. After you’ve acquired all the necessary packing materials, organize your boxes by rooms whose contents they will later hold. Do not forget to label the boxes. This is the crucial step in simplifying the unpacking. You can list the contents on the side, number them by the priority of unpacking, or even take a picture of everything that is inside. Whatever works for you, as long as it keeps you well aware of the location of your belongings.

A more clever approach

When you come to think of it, you already have containers with your items neatly packed. Drawers, bags, and bins that are filled with your belongings can stay that way. Simply wrap them with plastic wrap in order to prevent them from opening. While you’re at it, put more things in there. Besides considerably shortening the time of packing, it will do the same for the unpacking. Use suitcases for heavier items, since they are easier to move due to the wheels they have. Shirts, towels, and sheets can serve as cushioning material. Besides saving your money on packing paper, you will also get more things in fewer containers.

Clothes neatly packed in a drawer.
Since your clothes are already packed, why take them out in the first place?

Try not to overthink it

However meticulous you are in your plan and execution, try not to stress too much on the details. Of course, that being methodical and organizing everything will help you avoid many hassles. Still, an overly elaborate system can backfire and cause much more stress and hours in perpetration. After all, predicting the outcome of every part of the move is highly improbable. Try to be in the moment instead of in the plans, and act with accordance to the situation. Sometimes you need to focus on getting things done, rather than being overly clever about the process.

Be ruthless when prioritizing

Relocation does come with a lot of chores, but not all have the same level of importance to them. Storing your precious china will require some time and care, but neatly packing your sheets, and clothes is not paramount. See which items take precedence over others, and act accordingly. This will help minimize the time of your move.

Try to have everything prepared prior to moving day

The chances of having nothing to do on moving day are rather slim. That is why you should try your best not to leave anything for that day, however tempting it may seem. Things like cleaning out the fridge, repairing the holes in your walls, and packing up every last toiletry, should be taken care of the day before. Everything that you will need can fit in an essential’s box. Your ultimate goal is to spend moving day carrying boxes from your home to the truck, and nothing else.

People loading a moving truck.
Loading the moving truck will require your undivided attention. Try to take care of everything else before the movers arrive.

When packing the moving truck, you can also take a certain approach that will help with speeding up the moving process. You should start by loading all your furniture and the rest of heavy and bulky items. You would then follow with boxes, and bags, whilst also being mindful of their size. Bigger boxes take precedence over the smaller ones. This rule ensures that there will be enough room for all the large packages and items. Don’t forget that your clothes and other soft materials can go into the trash bags, which will later be able to fit and fill in the corners left by the boxes. Such a strategic approach will ensure that you pack the truck with the maximum amount of stuff it can fit.