Tips for packing musical instruments for relocation

electric guitar and drum sticks

If you are a professional musician, your musical instrument must be important to you. Even if you like to play a musical instrument as a hobby, you still take good care of it. Then, you decide to move to a new city and you need to relocate all of your belongings. The musical instruments are included as well. However, many unexpected situations can happen during the relocation that can potentially damage your musical instruments. For this reason, you need to pack your musical instruments well in order to avoid damages. If you are not sure how to do it, here are the tips for packing musical instruments for you to follow.

Moving company

For any relocation, it would be wise to hire a moving company. People from these company are professionals who have the skills required to deal with any unexpected situation. If you want to safely relocate your musical instruments, consider hiring local movers North Carolina. It is better to spend a few extra dollars on a moving company than to buy a brand new musical instrument. This especially applies if you have had one particular musical instrument for years and cannot imagine doing music with another one.

brown and black guitar against piano
Pack your instruments properly

Schedule your move

If you are a professional musician, you need to schedule your move. Maybe you are moving to one of the best cities for the musicians in North Carolina to pursue a career there. There might be a huge concert performance waiting for you. If that is the case, then you can notify the moving company of your impending performance. The movers will have a set time frame and they can organize the move to successfully relocate your musical instruments. You can have the movers to do the packing for you or you can do it by yourself. Additionally, you can always ask the movers about the tips for packing musical instruments.

Packing musical instruments

Packing musical instrument should not be a problem for you. There are a couple of packing supplies you need to buy. Bubble wrap is the most important since it offers protection inside the case or the box. You can use old newspaper as well. Always go with the precise case for your instrument. If you do not have one, then you will need to buy good sturdy boxes. Lastly, you will need tape for the boxes, and do not forget to write “FRAGILE” on them.

Brass and Woodwind Instruments

Brass and woodwind instruments should be completely taken apart first. As already mentioned, place these instruments in the hard cases that are made for them. However, if you do not have a hard case for these instruments then the procedure is a bit different. You should wrap every individual piece in a few layers of bubble wrap for better protection. Next, you will need a box that is only slightly bigger than the musical instrument. After you put the instrument inside, there should be enough space left for more bubble wrap or old newspaper. Additionally, it is extremely important to place instruments so that pieces are not permitted to accidentally touch during the relocation.

Packing stringed instruments with the hard case

Stringed instruments, such as cellos, harps, guitars, and others, are a little bit more complicated to pack. First and foremost, the strings should be loosened. Furthermore, musical instruments with tuning keys should have all the keys turned parallel with the headstock. Even if you have the hard case, you will need to add bubble wrap, mostly around the headstock. In this case, you should never use packing peanuts or shredded paper since they can get inside.

use guitar case for packing musical instruments
Put your guitar in its case

Packing stringed instruments without the hard case

If you do not have the hard case, then you should wrap the entire instrument in the plastic. You can use a garbage bag or dry cleaning bag. After you wrap the instrument, seal it with tape and then again wrap it in bubble wrap. The garbage bag will protect the instrument against water. Lastly, put your instrument in the boxes that are big enough to accommodate several inches of packing peanuts. Shake the box gently and if you still hear movements, make sure to add more packing peanuts. Always mark which side should be up, so the movers will know how to handle that particular box.


Drums are quite big, thus they need to be packed differently than the other instruments mentioned. First, you should remove the rims and heads, and place them inside the box. Just like other boxes, it should have enough place for the instruments and for stuffing. Next, you should put tension rods and other small pieces in separated plastic bags and seal them. Furthermore, spurs, legs, and similar parts should be wrapped in bubble wrap for protection. After you pack them all, make sure to check if they are able to move. If they are, add more stuffing. Once you reach your new home, you can easily put your drum back together. You can play the drums or any other musical instrument as a part of post-move relaxation.

white and black drum set
Pack your drums like a pro

Some other important things to consider

When you are packing musical instruments for relocation, pay attention to the following points as well.

  • Do not attempt to move a piano. It is extremely difficult, so find professionals for the job. Piano movers NC can help you with this relocation.
  • Large instruments, such as cellos, basses, synthesizers, and similar instruments need a hard case. You cannot wrap them in bubble wrap only since it will not offer adequate protection.
  • You should use woodwind and stringed instruments 24 h after the move, so they will have enough time to acclimate.
  • Lastly, if possible, always keep musical instruments at room temperature.

Packing musical instruments for relocation

As you can see, it is not difficult to pack musical instruments. Be prepared and follow the instructions closely. You will not have any problems.