Tips for moving to cities from suburbs


Are you moving to cities from suburbs? It must be so exciting to go from a small community to a big city. However, this relocation can be a little bit frightening since life in a city differs a lot from living in the suburbs. For this reason, you should prepare yourself for some major differences that might affect your life. This is why we have compiled useful tips for moving to cities from the suburbs.

Research is crucial

Before you decide on your next destination, try to find out more about that city. If you are familiar with your future neighborhood, you can prepare accordingly. Check the job offers, transportation, and living costs. For example, if you are moving to Wilmington NC, you can inform yourself about its climate. This way, you can bring clothes that you will need. Everything else you can buy once you move to your new city.

Prepare for downsizing

If you are moving to cities from suburbs, there is a high chance you will need to downsize. The real state is very competitive in large cities. More often than not, you will pay a bigger price for something much smaller than your previous residence. Therefore, you cannot possibly bring everything with you. For this reason, decide which things you will bring with you to your new home. However, this does not mean you should throw everything. You can rent a storage unit and store everything you do not need at the moment. But before packing and moving, you will need the help of a moving company. You can consider hiring local movers North Carolina to help you with your relocation.

moving to cities from suburbs means living in a building
Life in an apartment

Make a budget

Moving to cities from the suburbs is expensive. As already mentioned, renting an apartment or buying a property will cost you a lot of money. For this reason, start saving. If you are moving to one of the top colleges in North Carolina, then you can help your parents by saving some money. They will surely appreciate your gesture, and it is a good practice for an independent life. Additionally, food, gas, utilities and everything else is more expensive than in suburbs. Do not be too surprised once you see the price tag. With a good budget, moving to cities from the suburbs should not be a problem.

Public transportation

Public transportation will be your best friend once you move to a big city. You might think owning a car is more convenient, but it might be the opposite case. This especially applies if you are not familiar with the streets of your new city. You can easily end up stuck in a traffic jam thus making you late for work or any other important appointment. For this reason, use public transportation. Not only you can reach your destination without being late, but also you can use this opportunity to get familiar with your new surroundings. Catching a bus and going for a walk can be a part of your post-move relaxation tactics.

Getting settled into your new home

Once you finish moving to cities from the suburbs, you will see what city life entails. Everything will be available and quite close to your residency. You do not have to drive to the nearest grocery store or market since there are plenty of them in every neighborhood. Delivery service is cheaper than delivery in suburbs because of close proximity. You can save some money on delivery in the big city. Additionally, it is more common to have a better internet connection or a faster one in a big city than in suburbs. Those would be some of the advantages of living in a city.

people in a cafe
Bars and cafes at every corner

Entertainment options

There is no end to entertainment options in a big city. You can start with exciting nightlife and clubs at every corner. There is someone for everyone, and you will surely find something that suits your musical taste. Furthermore, every big city has a concert hall where you can enjoy the performances of your favorite singers and bands. While you are in a city, you can visit various theaters or cinemas, and some other unique and interesting places. You can even take up a hobby such as yoga or pilates, which might not be available in suburbs. Cultural and fun activities are just waiting for you in a big city.

Making friends

Suburbs are notorious for being a close-knit community. You probably know everyone in your neighborhood, and even have a barbecue together with them sometimes. However, life in a city is a bit different. People seem engrossed with their own lives, always rushing to one place or another. Some might even say it is hard to make new friends in the big city, but it does not have to be this way. You have plenty of opportunities for meeting new people, at your local gym, bar, university or any other place. Your new friends can show you around the town or even help you to get a job. Soon enough you will not feel lonely in your new city.

man and woman play a game
Making friends in a big city

Disadvantages of moving to cities from suburbs

Moving to cities from the suburbs is quite exciting. However, it has some downsides. One was already mentioned, everything is more expensive than in suburbs. There is more to name.

  • Big cities have more pollution and generally are a lot dirtier than suburbs.
  • Safety can be a huge problem in some parts of the big cities
  • As life in a city is busier and rushed, it can be quite stressful to live in one.
  • Unless you are extremely lucky and you are able to afford living close to your job, be prepared to commute. Finding a parking spot can pose a challenge as well.

If you decide to move to a big city, be prepared. There are many advantages to living in a city, so you use them all and enjoy your new life.