Tips for moving during Thanksgiving

A kid looking for tips for moving during Thanksgiving

Let us be honest and say that moving during Thanksgiving is not the ideal situation to find yourself in. From relocating your holiday dinner to finding a moving company that will handle all the details, it can be quite a lot to handle. Still, you are not all alone in this. We will provide you with some tips that will make this relocation much easier to handle.

Moving during Thanksgiving? Well, give some thanks

For the time that you are together, the moving team from moving companies Fuquay Varina NC can be considered a part of the holiday cheer. So, it would be rather nice of you to show them how much you appreciate their efforts and consideration for your home. After all, they are away from their homes for the time they are assisting you. You can share the holiday kindness with hot tea or cider, cookies, or some other sort of refreshments. It is not much when you look at it, but it will certainly mean a lot. Take the time to say thank you to each individual. It might seem excessive, but you are celebrating Thanksgiving, so it is only appropriate, as these people are really helping you.

Thanksgiving food
Sharing is caring and moving during Thanksgiving can be hard on your movers as well.

If you are considering tipping them, know that 15% of the total price of the move divide between movers is customary. However, if they truly gave their all when handling your move, and worked hard to navigate tricky stairs or tight doorways, feel free to give a bit more.

Feel free to bring the Thanksgiving spirit with you

Just because you are moving during Thanksgiving does not mean that you should abandon the celebration altogether. Especially if moving companies Apex NC are providing a helping hand, as you will most certainly have a bit of spare time on your hands. So, have your kids decorate the moving boxes with Thanksgiving hand-stencil turkeys. They could probably use a little distraction while you are addressing those last few things. Simply set them up with some art supplies and an assignment to decorate. This kind of approach will make moving during the holidays feel much more exciting, and unpacking all the more festive.

Thanksgiving decorations
With Thanksgiving decorations following your moving process, it will be much easier to go through this period.

Make your dinner arrangements ahead of time

If you have friends and family in the new city, they might be more than happy to host you for a celebratory Thanksgiving dinner, and welcome you into the fold. However, if this is not an option, you can pack a picnic dinner yourself. Set aside the basics you will need, and keep them with you while the movers pack the rest. Once at your new home, you can set up a cozy picnic as soon as the moving part of the day is complete. This will not only make moving during Thanksgiving much more bearable but will make this whole event rather memorable.