Tips for getting a better selling price on your car

better selling price on your car

Most of us are stressed about moving preparations and all the tasks associated with the relocation process. If you are selling your car before moving to North Carolina, some extra money will always come in handy. Since moving your vehicle long distance can be quite pricey, many people decide to sell their car before the moving day. This is why you should consider some of the ways to get a better selling price on your car.

Should you do it on your own?

However, with all the relocation planning, there are some things you don’t have to organize on your own. Before the move, you can find reliable NC movers and ask them to handle your belongings. This will give you more time to focus on organizing your housing and car sale. Find out how to prepare for the process, check everything and get a better selling price on your car. Take a look at the following guide in order to sell your car without difficulty.

Research the market

When selling your car, it is best to research the current market. Your research will help you get familiar with the current listings and the prices on the market. Researching your own vehicle, the number of used vehicles of the same brand out there will help you make a plan of your sale. It will be helpful to know the usual asking price for the same car model. On the other hand, you should consider that most of the cars you are researching may not be in the same condition as your own.

hand holding car keys
A professional dealer can sell your car for you in case you lack experience or time to do it yourself.

The asking price and the circumstances may vary due to the overall condition of the vehicle. In case your vehicle is newer and the interior is intact, you may be able to get a better selling price on your car. Your market research should also help you find the best way to sell your car. Sometimes with the all of the moving preparations, you may not have enough time to sell your car yourself. If that is the case, you may use a professional dealer to sell your car for you. However, this way you may not get the better selling price on your car because the dealer will take his own fee for the sale.

Prepare your car properly before you put it on the market

The most important part of the car selling process is preparation. A lot of people may not deal with these details when selling their car in a hurry. In this situation, they may lose profit when selling a vehicle. To get the better selling price on your car you should take enough time to prepare everything the right way.

Get all the documentation you need

The first step is to handle all the required paperwork for your car. This part of the process is very important when you wish to sell your car on your own without the help of a professional dealer. Having all the necessary paperwork will prove future buyers that your car is a good choice. Also, paperwork will show about the car’s repairs, regular maintenance checks etc. The paperwork you should prepare in advance include:

  • The car’s title – the title of the car is the document that shows that you are the current owner. You will sign the title over to a new owner after you sell the vehicle.
  • Maintenance records – show that you took the right care of the car. You did the upkeep and the official car service. Having these records will increase your chances to get the better selling price on your car.
  • Bill of sale – is the document that will serve as a contract in the selling process. It will specify the terms and legal obligations in the event of any dispute.
  • The release of liability – this form will prevent you from being held accountable for damages or accidents that may happen before the new owner registers the vehicle under his name.
  • Warranty documents – these documents will prove when the car is new and covered by a warranty. If that is the case, these documents will also be transferred to a new owner. If you still have a warranty on your car, may have a better selling price on your car.

    hand witting on paper
    Make sure to have all the documentation for your car to stay safe when making your sale.

How to get the better selling price on your car?

Selling your car may not be the easiest task. However, getting a better selling price on your car is possible. All you have to do is to make sure your car is in the best state before you put it on the market. There are a few aspects that can affect your selling price:

  • Do small repairs – Every car that is being used may get few scratches and dents over time. The visual appearance of your car is one of the most important selling points. That is why you should do these small repairs. This repair may cost you a bit but with a perfect visual appearance, you may get a better selling price on your car.
  • Detail your car – It is important your car is clean when you have buyers interested. Your car will look brand new if you leave this part to the professional. You can also give your car a makeover and prepare it for the sale.
  • Get your car serviced – You will get a better selling price on your car if you get it serviced before the sale. Interested buyers will be more interested if they see that the car is checked recently.
  • Take pictures – In case you are making an ad, you will have a better selling price on your car if you show the pictures.
  • List positive features – if you don’t have experience in the car selling a business, you may want to make a list. The list should contain all the positive features of your vehicle. You should also list the reasons why people might want to buy a car.

    clean car engine
    Make sure to inspect your car before you present it to a potential buyer.

Moving with your car? Here’s what to do

Relocating to another country or a continent can be hard. If you decided to move to North Carolina with your car, keep in mind that not everything can be relocated by car. Moving big and bulky items like furniture, artwork, and items made out of glass should be a job for professional movers. In case you need to transport big musical instruments or music studio equipment, you can always consider hiring professional piano movers NC. With their help, you won’t need to worry about the safety of your possessions.

After you get a better selling price on your car, you will both save some money and get ready for the move easily. Make sure not to rush with your car sale and do it one step at a time.