Tips for enjoying Chapel Hill NC

A group of people enjoying Chapel Hill NC

Unless you are super spontaneous and have faith that only good things await your further advancement regardless of your actions, you will probably want to plan any major travels and adventures. We believe this is the only way that you can ensure a positive outcome. With that in mind, whether you plan on moving or simply visiting, the way to make sure that you will be enjoying Chapel Hill NC is to familiarize yourself with all the go-to spots.

Two girls enjoying Chapel Hill NC
Enjoying Chapel Hill NC is super easy once you get to know the place.

Who would have thought that school and enjoyment could find their place in the same sentence?

Still, if you visit the University of North Carolina, you will be enjoying Chapel Hill NC like you wouldn’t believe. Making a trip to this place will do more than help you choose a school for your child. However, you don’t have to be a student in order to have a great time here. Strolling or driving through this gorgeous campus are some of the favorite activities of all Chaple Hill residents. After all, if it was good enough to film Dead Poets Society in, it will be good for a road trip. So, go and ‘seize the day’ on this beautiful campus.

Are there any sports enthusiasts eager for enjoying Chapel Hill NC?

If you identify with the subtitle of this paragraph, the Carolina Basketball Museum is simply a must. Besides proving to be heaven for any Tar Heel fan, it is also free, historical, informative and well laid out. Upon entering, you will be greeted with a short film, followed by a tour you are free to enjoy as much as you like. We believe that one hour is a bare minimum you ought to allocate in order to grasp all the museum’s grandeur. If you plan on relocating to North Carolina with your offspring, know that the Carolina Basketball Museum leaves the best impression on those who are 12 and older.

Yearning for something a bit more upbeat and lively?

How about a sports game viewed from the best seats? Sounds tempting? Head on over to Dean E. Smith Center and you’ll be enjoying Chapel Hill NC like never before. The arena is beautiful, the pep band is enthusiastic and the student body most supportive. Consider taking your kid for a memorable experience, or your significant other for a date that’s out of the ordinary. All in all, if you are looking for some fun family time and searching for the best places to visit in Nort Carolina, make sure not to miss out on the excitement this place offers.

A basketball game
Virtually everyone enjoys the atmosphere at a good game. Having fun here is a guarantee.

A touch of nature bound to enrich your stay in Chapel Hill

We are all inclined to finding peace and tranquility when surrounded by nature. If you find this claim to be true, visiting North Carolina Botanical Garden would bring you much joy. The whole area is focused on the native NC plants. The gardens are a showplace of various North Carolina plants, as well as their habitats, going from the sea all the way to the mountains. Still, this is not the whole extent of North Carolina Botanical Garden’s service to the people. All of those looking to get suggestions for native plantings will find the staff at the Gardens to be of most help. They will aid in finding plants available for sale, as well as privately around the state. You can count on them for any advice regarding proper gardening methods. In addition, you can use this opportunity to get some backyard decoration ideas for your new home.

Combine nature with sports

Brumley Forest Nature Preserve will certainly allow you to do so with great success. It has several trails that are both hiking and MTB riding friendly. The trails themselves are rather smooth and allow fast movement. They are spotted with but a few rocks and roots, whilst mostly being packed and groomed with Carolina red clay. If you are not too keen on bicycles distracting you while taking your walk, know that there is a ‘hiking only’ section, providing you with perfect hiking conditions. We suggest that you get here early on the weekends in the warm months, in order to enjoy all the splendors this place has to offer.

An urban way to have fun

Surely enough, it’s easy to move with Chapel Hill movers. Still, is it worth the bother? We believe the Downtown Chapel Hill will be more than enough to persuade you. There is always something going on. The downtown area has an interesting mix of college geared establishments. This only adds to the already lively ambiance. An abundance of restaurants and food spots will prove to be more than enough for anyone’s taste. One can satiate their appetite with anything from simple pizza to Asian and Indian dishes. The mixture of shops will also make your stay even more pleasant. If you are visiting by car, know that the parking is most convenient and with a modest charge. If you want to be enjoying Chapel Hill NC even more, take a ride down the Franklin Street. It will take you to the adjacent town of Carrboro. The place is filled with quite a few really interesting restaurants and shops.

A cafe on the street
An abundance of nice restaurants and food choices will make you love the place even more.

As you can see, enjoying Chapel Hill NC comes as easy and natural to all of those who plan on staying for more than an hour. And this is indeed possible and often conducted. Many tend to make their stay permanent and turn Chapel Hill into their new home. We suggest that you pay it a visit and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. We are sure you won’t be disappointed.