Tips for buying a home in North Carolina

buying a home in North Carolina

Buying a home in North Carolina will be a major purchase and one of the most important decisions in your life. In order to make an informed decision, you will need to prepare and research the real estate market of North Carolina. Start by following a few simple guidelines from this article.

Important steps to follow when buying a house in NC

Before starting a house hunt you need to know exactly what you are looking for.  Also, you need to decide on your favorite neighborhoods, as well as which house amenities are the most important for a home to have. Besides the practical features, your new home needs to suit your lifestyle as well. It, also, needs to feel just right. Turning a house into a home will be a more than difficult task than just filling it with furniture. Therefore, make sure you follow your instincts as well and choose the house that makes you feel safe and relaxed.

a vintage house
Choose a home that will fit your lifestyle and meet your family living requirements.

If you are moving to NC across the state, we suggest you do the research on the best cities in North Carolina to get a job. Having a clear idea and detail information of your potential moving location will save you time. Also, you will be able to apply for jobs prior to your move and get to know the school districts, if moving with children. Family relocations always require a throughout-planned moving process. Therefore, make sure you get to know the state of  North Carolina prior to deciding on a house to buy.

Step 1: Get a pre-approval for  your mortgage

Even though the approval is not necessary, getting a mortgage pre-approval will be a smart 1st move. It will allow you to create a budget and be certain of the amount you can spend when buying a home in North Carolina. Also, many sellers won’t even consider taking your offer if you don’t have a proof you can get a loan. Keep in mind that there is a huge difference between being pre-qualified and pre-approved for a mortgage. A pre-approval will let you have an exact sum of the amount a bank is willing to lend you. Waiting for a pre-approval before the home search can save you valuable time. You will avoid visiting the houses that are not in your price range.

Step 2: Research and visit the neighborhoods you are interested in and determine your priorities

Open house days are great. However, home staging always looks perfect. Get an insight into the neighborhood’s everyday life by walking around and talking to the locals. We suggest you do the same thing after you find a home you like. Visit the neighborhood at different times of a day in order to get the real impression of its vibe and pace. If you are moving home to North Carolina from another state, make sure you get to know the surrounding area as well. Spend a day see sighting and visit the attractions. Therefore, you will be able to get to know the city in a fun way while exploring.

We need to be honest. There probably isn’t such a thing as the perfect house. Therefore, make sure you have your priorities lined up. Whether it is the location, square footage or home features, you will most likely have to compromise. Keep in mind that small repairs can improve the house interior. Pay a close attention to the things that matter to you and your family the most.

Step 3: Get a reliable real estate agent and a lawyer when buying a home in North Carolina

Having a reputable realtor to help you with the home search and handle the details and paperwork can save you time and help you avoid any mistakes when buying a home in North Carolina. Make sure your real estate is reliable and licensed. In order to check their credentials go through the North Carolina Real Estate Commission’s database. Make sure the agent has good recommendations and extensive knowledge of the area’s real estate market.

By the state law, you are also obliged to hire a lawyer when buying a home in North Carolina. Get familiar with the regulation and contact the NC bar for detailed information whether you need to hire a lawyer for your home buying closure.

Step 4: Go to the showings

A house for sale
Use open house days to get detailed information

Finally, a fun task, right? Even though open houses make people daydream about their new life, don’t get overwhelmed. Loving what you see is great news. However, don’t forget to check all the house features during an open house day. Open the cabinets, go into every room and ask for detailed information.

Step 5: Do an additional check-up before signing the agreement

the best way to make sure your house is safe is to do a home inspection. Hiring an independent home inspector will pay off in the long run. Also, make sure you ask your lawyer about possible title issues and what needs to be included in the disclosure form.

a woman researching online when buying a home in North Carolina
Get familiar with the state laws and regulation when buying a new home and do a house inspection.

Step 6: Prepare for the move

Found the perfect home? Congrats! Here comes the moving time! In order to stay organized and move with ease, create a moving checklist:

  • Hire a reputable moving company. – Professional movers can take care of each relocation step and help you move quickly.
  • Make a packing plan. – After buying a home in North Carolina, use the floor plan to organize the furniture placement. Therefore you will be able to determine which items you want to move to your new home. Sell or donate the ones you don’t need or use.
  • Create a task list for the time prior to the move. – Keep track of all the important pre-move tasks by creating a checklist to follow.
  • Prepare for the moving day. – Don’t let the move take the best of you. Prepare in advance. Stay safe by dressing properly. Pack an essential box and don’t forget to stay hydrated!

The process of buying a home in North Carolina has probably been time-consuming. Along the way, many people tend to forget about the additional planning regarding their move. When relocating to a new city, make sure you use additional moving services in order to move hassle-free. If you are in a need of some extra space, find a decent storage unit to keep your belongings safe. Make sure you ask your mover about the specialized services as well. Have the pros to unpack and reassemble your furniture and household appliances will be helpful during the settling in process.