Throwing a move-in party – how to do it right

Throwing a move-in party like a boss

Did you move recently? If the answer is yes then it is time to think about how to properly celebrate your new beginning. And throwing a move-in party is the best way to do it. But there will be many things to do before people actually step into your home. Of course, the first condition is that you have unpacked and that there are no traces of recent move. Next, you will have to make a list of people you are planning to invite. Then you will decide what type of housewarming party you will like to organize. If you have a yard then maybe a BBQ party is a good idea. Or you could maybe organize an evening cocktail party. Dinner parties are suitable for smaller crowds. And if your movers Pittsboro NC grew into your heart, well hey, you could invite them too! And let’s see what else can you do to make this party perfect.

Origins of throwing a move-in party

Throwing a move-in party is not just a recent trend. Housewarming parties were organized in the days when central heating didn’t exist. So the guests would bring firewood as a gift. This custom served as a kind of a move-in celebration and as the way of repelling the evil spirits. These days, when the evil spirits are long banished and the central heating is invented, move-in parties serve to show your new home to your friends, meet new neighbors and to receive gifts. Of course, you don’t know anything about any gifts. You are just throwing a move-in party to show your residence and have a good time.

How many people will come to your move-in party

Moving from Long Island to North Carolina can be very stressful. So, a move-in party can serve as a good way to relieve that stress. And as a way to relax after a long move. If you have decided that you want to organize it you will have to make some plans.

Drinks for throwing a move-in party
When throwing a move-in party you will need to know how many people are coming.

First, you need an approximate number of people that will attend your event. If it is not convenient for you to ask for confirmations about attendance there is one calculation that could help you get the approximate number of people that will come to your party. It says that around 60% of people invited will come to a party. And if you decide to invite only close friends you can hope for 75%.

Organize a move-in party of your choice

Now you can think about what kind of party you will like to organize. It depends on your affinities, the size of your property and the number of people you will invite. Of course, it also depends whether you will call close friends only or you are planning to call new neighbors too. Here are some ideas for throwing a move-in party:

  • BBQ Party – If you are throwing a move-in party and you are not sure what is the most appropriate way of celebrating your new home a BBQ party is a good choice. Of course, if you have a yard and the weather is nice.
  • Cocktail Party – The Cocktail party is another great choice in almost every situation. It is good for a great number of people, you don’t need a backyard and you don’t need to worry about the weather.
  • Dinner Party – Dinner party is a little more intimate party type. It can be very relaxing but only if you invite close friends and not a lot of them.

A BBQ Party

A BBQ party is great for these kinds of events. One requirement is that you have a backyard. Second is to have nice weather. A BBQ party is great for any number of people. No matter, five or twenty, your back yard will have a place for everyone. You just need to light up the grill and prepare cold beers and you are ready.

A BBQ move-in party
Think about throwing a BBQ move-in party

Your spouse will show your guests around your new home while you are dealing with the barbeque. If the weather is nice and you have a pool, your party could be a big hit. Just watch out when the sun is hot and people filled with barbecue and beer start going into the pool.

 A Cocktail Party

If you are a vegetarian then a BBQ party will probably not be your choice. Of course, you don’t have to be vegetarian to wish some other kind of move-in party. Maybe an evening cocktail party is more suitable for your personality. And it is certainly easier to organize than a BBQ party. You just need to decide what cocktails you are going to offer at your party. And you need to get the right ingredients. Put on your smile and some easier jazz music to set the mood and welcome your guests. And if you piano movers NC brought your piano you can even play something to set the mood.

Throwing a move-in dinner party

Dinner party could be a good solution if you plan to invite only close friends or relatives. It is not really suitable for larger groups of people. First, there is probably a limited space at the dinner table.

Dinner party is suitable for small number of people
You could organize a dinner party if you plan to invite only closest friends

Second, it is not really a relaxing party if you have to cook for twenty or more people. So, dinner parties are nice but they only work for smaller groups of friends.

Problems with throwing a housewarming party after a long distance move

If you are moving to North Carolina from Florida and you are leaving your friends behind you will have a problem with throwing a move-in party. For one simple reason. Your friends now live far away from you. And that will most probably significantly shorten your invite list. So if you want to organize a housewarming party you will probably have to arrange for your friends a place to sleep. And you can’t provide beds for twenty people. So you will probably have to invite only the closest and most important friends. But don’t worry; you need to call your neighbors too. Move-in party can be a good way of meeting with your new neighbors and getting to know each other. Have fun!