Things you shouldn’t pack and take with you

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Nobody knows the exact number of things they own. It may seem like you do not have too many items. However, this opinion quickly changes once you start to pack. Then, there are no end things you need to pack. The more things you have, the higher the price for shipping will be. For this reason, you should not take everything with you. If you are not sure what needs to stay behind, here is the list for you of things you shouldn’t pack. Most of them are pretty easy to replace, so there is no need to worry.

Reasons why you should not pack everything

You will save money if you pack only what you truly need. If you are moving to North Carolina from Florida, shipping can be quite expensive. Every penny matters when you are moving. For this reason, try to declutter your home before the move. Additionally, some movers will not move certain items. These things you shouldn’t pack in the first place nor take them with you to your new home. It will only cause the trouble you do not need.

clothes hanging on a rack
Pack only the clothes that you will need

Perishable food

First on the list of the things you shouldn’t pack is food. To be more specific, you should not pack perishable food and bring it with you. Frozen, refrigerated or fresh food is not allowed. They get spoiled pretty quickly, which makes them quite difficult to move. Once they start to get spoiled, it will smell and attract many insects. Even mold can grow on this food. For this reason, it is for best to just leave it. However, that does not mean you should throw it away. You can always eat everything before you move. If you cannot manage to eat everything, then just give to your neighbors or friends. It is a shame to waste food. Once you hit the road, you can buy food for you and your family.

Things you shouldn't pack are fresh vegetables and fruit
Don’t pack perishable food

Hazardous household items

Some items are extremely dangerous and they can cause harm to your property or to people who are involved in moving. Movers will not move hazardous items, which puts them on the list of the things you shouldn’t pack. Anything that is flammable, corrosive or explosive is strictly prohibited. It is even difficult to pack and that is why they should stay behind. Additionally, it can be tricky to dispose of them, so check the regulations on disposing of such items or give to someone. These items include the following things, but there are more, so be sure to check with a moving company.

  • Aerosol cans
  • Ammunition
  • Alcohol
  • Charcoal, lighter fluid, matches, and lighters
  • Nail polish and remover
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Gas in bottles or tanks
  • Paints and Oils
  • Varnishes, solvents, thinners
  • Household products for cleaning such as ammonia and bleach
  • Batteries
  • Fertilizers and pesticides


Do you really need to bring all your clothes with you? Probably not. There must be some old shirt, dress or pair of pants that you have not worn in ages. If you have already forgotten about it, then it should not come with you. Additionally, if the place where are you moving to has primarily warm weather, then you do not need a winter coat. In any case, this is a great excuse to buy new clothes once you reach your new home. Furthermore, you can even earn a little bit of money if you sell your old clothes. You can even do the good deed and donate to ones in need.

Old household appliances

Old household appliances are other things you shouldn’t pack and bring with you. They are heavy and large, thus difficult to move. Additionally, if they are quite old, then it is time to replace them. By leaving the household appliances behind, you will lower the moving expenses. You can save money on moving fees. This way, you can use that money and buy new household appliances as they will look more aesthetically pleasing then old ones.

household appliances are some of the things you shouldn't pack
Old appliances are things you shouldn’t pack


Plants are very useful to have since they purify the air, bring the stress level down and positively affect your health. However, they are the things you shouldn’t pack. Plants are quite fragile and they will not survive the relocation. If they are put inside the dark moving truck and exposed to extreme conditions, they will wither. Additionally, some movers are not allowed to move plants because of the plant parasites. If you have any doubts about your plants, ask your moving company. For example, movers Morrisville NC you can rely on as they will answer any of your questions. As with other items on this list, you can donate your plants to schools, hospitals, nursing homes or give them to your friends.

Things you shouldn’t move

There are many more things you shouldn’t move. Here is a not so short list.

  • Soap and polishes
  • Buy your medications once you move in.
  • Bulky items such as DVDs, some books, computers.
  • Bathroom items. When you are cleaning house before the move, throw everything past the expiration date.
  • Old furniture. It is similar to old household appliances, you will unnecessarily pay shipping fees.
  • Garage junk. Sell it or throw it away.
  • Old mattresses or bedding should be replaced.
  • This especially applies if for long distance moving.

Things you shouldn’t pack but you need to bring it with you

Just brief reminder that there are certain things you should not send off with movers but bring it with you. These include jewelry, identification documents, money, insurance policies, and similar items. Most movers will be hesitant to move them since they cannot be replaced. Additionally, pets should not be given to the movers, instead, you take care of them.

Before you start packing, pay close attention to the things you shouldn’t pack. You can save money by not bringing them with you. Sometimes, you will have no choice so it is best to be prepared.