Things to know before relocating to Sanford NC

Nature views when moving to Sanford NC

Are you thinking about relocating to Sanford NC? If you do, read this article, it will help you learn about Sanford NC. Moreover, it will help you to move here stress-free. The key to a successful relocation is planning and organization. And hiring a good and trustworthy moving company. Luckily for you, if you are relocating to Sanford NC you can hire moving services Sanford, one of the best moving companies in NC. They take their job very seriously and they will make your relocation a walk in the park. But before you hire them for your relocation, there are many more things you should do and prepare before your relocation to Sanford NC.

House you can buy if you are moving to Sanford NC
Houses are affordable in Sanford NC

Sanford NC numbers

Sanford is a city of around 30,000 residents, with a median age of 35. It is situated in Lee County with an average home worth of $135,000 and household income of 41,000. Owners occupy around 46% houses while the rest 54% are rented properties. Average rent in Sanford NC is little below $700. If you are moving here for work, maybe you would be interested to know that an average commute time in Sanford is around 23 minutes. A few minutes less than a US average. On the other hand, public transportation is not something that Sanford NC can be proud of. If you will be living here, plan to own a car, as that is the number one way to get to work for more than 93% of residents. The rest of them will usually walk to work, and only 0,3% use means of public transportation to commute.

As you can see from these numbers, living in Sanford NC is very affordable. So if you are looking for a beautiful, calm, safe and affordable place to live, moving to Sanford NC should be on the top of your list.

You will have many interesting things to do if you are moving to Sanford NC

Sanford NC is a peaceful and quiet place, but certainly not boring. There are nice parks, hiking trails and many other beautiful places in its vicinity. Whatever is your thing, the action is always no more than an hour away.  The Temple Theatre is the center of cultural activity in Sanford NC, and it has been so from 1925 when it was built. For your daily dose of nature, you can visit Depot Park in Downtown Sanford. A beautiful and well-maintained place, perfect for your everyday enjoyment. Here is the list of best things to do in while in Sanford NC.

  • If you are relocating to Sanford NC you will have the opportunity to visit Temple Theatre.
  • Depot Park in the center of Sanford NC is the perfect place to relax during the day.
  • San-Lee Park, perfect for hiking and other outdoor activities.
  • Sanford Antique Mall is a mall that sells only antiques. Great if you like that sort of stuff.
  • Old Gilliam Mill Park
  • White Pines Nature Preserve

The center of cultural activities in Sanford NC Is Temple Theatre

Sanford’s Temple Theatre was built in 1925. And it has been the center of cultural activities ever since. It hosts several interesting festivals during the year like the famous NC Shakespeare Festival, concerts and so forth. So if you are in for this kind of entertainment, Temple Theatre will certainly satisfy all your cultural needs.

Bench in a park you can use when moving to Sanford NC
Depot Park is the perfect place to spend your afternoon

If you are moving to Sanford NC you will certainly enjoy Depot Park

Depot Park in downtown Sanford NC is a beautiful park, built-in 1995. Park is home to the Railroad house and the railroad depot as unique attractions. The park is turned into a mesmerizing and attractive place with benches and fountains for everyone to enjoy. It is truly a place to relax after a stressful day.

San-Lee Park is the central place for outdoor activities in Sanford NC

San-Lee park is the place where people go if they are in for outdoor activities. This beautiful park is full of fantastic hiking trails, trails for off-road biking, places for camping and picnic. The park also has two lakes where you can rent paddleboats, a perfect place for fishing. Local kid scouts built mostly everything you find in San-Lee Park. Think about this if you have kids, maybe they would enjoy this too.

Buy furniture at Sanford Antique Mall

Sanford Antique Mall is a very interesting place. This mall is home to more than 70 antique dealers. They sell mostly antique furniture, but you can find many other interesting things, too. If you are interested in antiques this is the perfect place to spend your money.

A nice place to visit in Sanford NC is Old Gilliam Mill Park

Old Gilliam Mill Park is a place where the original Sanford mill was built in 1850. It lasted until 1928 when the flood destroyed it. The current reproduction of the original mill was built in 1979 and today, it is the central attraction of Old Gilliam Mill Park.

Green grass and some flowers
You can enjoy beautiful nature in Sanford NC

Visit White Pines Nature Preserve

White Pines Nature Preserve is the place located next to Sanford NC. It is a nature’s preserve where you can enjoy in biological diversity of North Carolina. Use the numerous hiking trails to enjoy this unique place. You will see lots of white pines and if you’re lucky maybe a deer, fox or beaver that live in this area. There are also excursions and learning programs for children.

Hiring movers for your relocation

As you can see, relocating to Sanford NC can be a perfect solution if you are looking for a nice, quiet but affordable place to live. You just need to find and hire some reliable movers from North Carolina. If you manage to find local movers NC that are trustworthy you can feel relaxed and think about Sanford and things you can do while you are living here. 

Rent North Carolina storage unit

If you need a storage unit to store some of your excess stuff there are some great Storage facilities in Sanford NC area. Relocating to Sanford NC is easier if you hire Sanford movers and rent storage NC. This can be the winning combination when you are moving to this nice town.