Things to do in Fuquay-Varina NC

Enjoying going out with friends is one of many things to do in Fuquay-Varina NC

The moving process has finally come to an end. You have completed all the tasks from your post-move checklist and now is a fine time for you to start exploring the city. In case you are not sure where to start, we are here to help you. We have made a list of things to do in Fuquay-Varina NC for which we believe you will enjoy doing. So, the only thing left to do is to decide which of them to visit first, find some company and start the tour.

The famous Fuquay Mineral Spring Park

The first on the list is the Fuquay Mineral Spring Park. This is a place for which people believed to have healing powers. It was discovered is 1859 on a farm of Davey and Stephen Fuquay’s father. After the discovery, people have been coming from far and wide to experience the mineral water. Now, it is commemorated within the Fuquay mineral spring park. The precise location of it is near downtown Fuquay. You will be able to walk along with the site where you can see the original restored Spring house. In addition to this, there are also picnic tables, the memorial brick path, a footbridge, and well-manicured landscaping. As you can see, one of the things to do in Fuquay- Varina NC is visiting this park- you can be sure it will be memorable.

Mineral Spring Park
One of the things to do in Fuquay-Varina NC is paying Mineral Spring Park a visit

Drink a beer at Draft Line Brewing

A brewery and a taproom in Fuquay-Varina you should certainly visit is Draft Line Brewing Co. What it can boast with is, of course, craft beer which is all designed and made in the Carolinas. Its location is a renovated warehouse in downtown. It offers many brews on tap, such as Scottish ale, pale ale, Ipa, porter, pilsner and wheat beer. Another interesting thing about them is that they produce a batch of beer on Tuesdays that features a unique flavor or style. You can also count on a wide variety of entertainment here. For example, there is live music, a food truck, and brewery tours. In addition to this, guests can play cornhole and ping pong inside the brewery. So, if you like places like these, think about moving to North Carolina.

One of the things to do in Fuquay-Varina NC is visiting the Splash Pad

When it is summertime and you need more ways to cool yourself, think about going to South Park. In case you have moved here from another state, this is certainly something that will help your kids adapt to a new place. Namely, this park offers fun and frolic at its greatest attraction- the Splash Pad. This is a fun alternative to the pool- the size of the pad is 83.6 square meters through which there are numerous small water sprays. These include misting tunnels, water guns and short sprays which are suitable even for small kids. However, what this pad is known for is the large green bucket. This bucket fills up and dumps water every few minutes, like a huge waterfall. All you need to do is to stand under this bucket and wait for it to fill up.

A person standing in a puddle
Do not miss going to South Park – you will have a lot of fun, especially on summer days

Pay the Marbles Kids Museum a visit

In case you have moved to Fuquay-Varina with your family and you have little children, this is the right place for you. If you and your children like visiting museums (especially the interactive ones), this should be your next stop. Your kids will have an opportunity to spend the day playing and discovering history and culture. They will do this through many educational programs, interactive exhibits, events, trips, and giant-screen IMAX movies. As you can see, your kids will connect and learn from numerous extraordinary adventures. Therefore, if you are still thinking about whether to move here or not- think no more. Hire moving companies Fuquay-Varina NC and start a whole new life in this city- you will certainly not regret making this decision.

One more place to visit is the Bond Park Community Center

The location of the Bond Park Community Center is the Fred G. Bond Metro Park. It occupies an area of nearly 2,700 square meters and provides opportunities for much different fitness, athletic programmes, and activities classes. Of course, there is no need for you to worry that you will be alone in here. There are three full-time and many part-time staff. In addition to this, there are many popular camps conducted here, such as Summer Day Camp and the Teen Adventure Camp. However, you should know that you can count on these two only during the summer months. The programmes that are here for you throughout the year are fitness and wellness programmes. They are suitable for individuals as well as for the whole family.

Women excercising
If you are interested in sports activities, the Bond Park Community Center is the right place for you

A city that is full of interesting places to see is certainly Fuquay-Varina. Whether you choose to move here or just to escape from all the pains of life, this city will offer whatever you need. You should definitely explore this lovely place and make sure you get some great memories. In order to do this, we have made a list of some interesting things to do in Fuquay-Varina NC. As you can see, there are many things you can do throughout the year which means that even if you find yourself here during winter, your stay will not be boring. Therefore, get a camera, some friends and a good mood and you are ready to explore this beautiful city.