Things people forget when moving interstate

A women making a checklist

So, if we know something about moving, we know that is stressful. When something is stressful you tend to forget a lot of important things, and when you are moving interstate that just won’t do. Things people forget when moving interstate are going from little and not very important to things that are extremely important. Those that are extremely important cannot be forgotten and that is why you are here. We will try and give you some pointers on how to have your interstate move without any problem, for that harder part you have long distance movers Raleigh NC.

A men carrying boxes
Do not think only about the packing of your things, think about hiring movers, documents, etc…

What do people usually forget when moving interstate?

First thing first, do not get mad at yourself for forgetting something when moving. This happens all the time. However, it can create a lot of problems for you, because you are moving interstate. That is why we are here. We will mention some of the most usual things that people forget when moving interstate so that you can learn from their mistakes. Let’s take for example that you are moving from California to North Carolina and you forget some important document, what you will have to do is have someone sent it to you or you will have to go back to get it yourself because it is a document and it is really important. So, this means that you have to have priorities.

What does this mean?

When we say that you ought to make priorities, it means that you have to find the best way possible to make sure you don’t forget what is most important, and those are documents and all the relevant papers that you need to have in order to even move. So, the very simple solution to this is to make a checklist. Yes, that simple. Just take a piece of paper and a pen and start writing. Of course, nowadays people are not really using a pen and paper. Firstly, because it is very easy to lose that paper. Similar to when you make a shopping list and then you go to a store without it and you end up buying a bunch of stuff that you don’t even need.


When we are talking about what people forget when moving interstate, we have to say that the main role in preventing this to happen definitely plays a good old checklist. It is so simple not to forget anything, none the less something important. So, grab your phone and start writing, by the importance:

  • Relevant papers
  • Documents
  • Doctor (check your health and make sure to transfer all the necessary papers to a new doctor, and Medical Centre
  • Bills
  • Change the banks if you have to
  • Check if there are no loose ends (this means that you should bring back everything you rented and similar)
  • Pack an overnight bag
  • Are you moving an aquarium or a pool table? See how to do that

These are the things you shouldn’t forget more or less. Of course, this is all individual and you should definitely make a list that suits your needs.

What people forget when moving interstate is to simply make a checklist
Having a checklist is all you need in order not to forget anything

Have a plan

When you are moving anywhere, you need to have a plan, because without a plan anything can go wrong in the process. Having a plan doesn’t just mean to create a checklist. There are other things to plan. For example, is everything ready for moving? Have you packed everything? What moving company will move you? Are they even doing the interstate moving? All of these questions and more are in the air and you need to have answers prepared. One main answer to all of these questions is definitely to start everything on time.

When you start planning on time there is little room for mistakes, not in a bad way of course. When you have everything planned it means that you are prepared and that chances to forget something are slim to none. So, what people forget when moving interstate is to simply plan everything at least one month ahead if not sooner. Do not be one of those people who doesn’t know what to do first when the moving day comes.

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Starting everything on time gives you a huge chance not to forget anything

What else?

Another thing that people forget when moving interstate is to look for everything new in the new state where they are starting their new life. If you start planning on time as we mentioned already you will probably realize that you need to have something waiting for you in that other state that you are moving to. So, the fact that you have started everything on time gives you the luxury to find everything you need in the new state. If not in person then at least online. Apply for the bank near your home. Check to see where the nearest medical Centre is to your new home. Check out the gyms and coffee places in the new neighborhood. If you have children make sure you don’t forget everything that has to do with the new school. If you have a pet, see are there any pet-friendly restaurants, etc.

Moving interstate demands a bit more of the organization then moving closer to your current home. This is something normal, and you should do everything in your power not to forget anything. However, if you do, there is no need to panic, someone close to you can always send to you what you need. So, say goodbye to your neighbors and ask them to send to you anything that you may forget in the moving process. Have fun packing and moving, there is no place for too much stress, just follow the lovely checklist you have made.