The pros and cons of owning an RV in NC

Recreational vehicle

Recreational vehicles and campers have never been more popular. It is a fun and practical way of spending a holiday and moving around. Some people even live in one and there are RV communities all over the place. But something we need to mention is that this way of life is not cheap at all. It is asking for a lot of commitment and a yearly maintenance fund. Therefore, before you decide to become an owner of a recreation vehicle you should obtain necessary knowledge on the subject. We made a basic list of things you should know about owning an RV in NC.

Benefits and disadvantages of owning an RV in NC

Just imagine having your very own trailer parked in the woods by the lake. And a barbeque fire surrounded by the laughter of your friends and family. Yes, it sounds magical. But it is not all marshmallows and rainbows in the camper world. There are many things you need to take into consideration before you decide to buy a camper. For starters, they are not cheap at all and usually they are a long-term investment. In short, do proper research on the pros and cons of owning an RV in NC. Let us cover a few basics that everyone should know. 


  • You can live in your vehicle – Yes, you can make a camper your permanent place to live. A motor home is the best solution since it is equipped with all the essentials from the kitchen, bathroom, and a living room.
  • VacationYour free time of the year will improve drastically. With all the possibilities that a movable home is offering, your vacation will become an adventure. You will have the freedom to explore new places as long as you want. That brings meeting new lifestyles and new people. Making friends is always fun, wherever you are.
Find the perfect spot in nature for your vacation
You can travel wherever you want with your motor home
  • No one is left behind – No more babysitters and pet care centers while you are on the holiday. Bring everyone with you and have a blast. After all, that is why most people are buying RVs for. A perfect getaway with all members of the family involved.
  • Everything is cheaper – Forget about hotel expenses and unhealthy dinners. You have your very own moving apartment. Everything is more affordable while you have a portable bed and breakfast with you.
  • You save precious time – While on the road, you’ll stop only when you want to. Bathroom breaks and shopping will take less time and be more effective. Not to mention that you can make a last-minute decision and stay a day longer in the area you like. And it won’t cost a penny.
  • Finding a potential new home– Having your personal motor home might lead you to make great other life-changing decisions. Such as moving to a place that you find the most suitable for you. In case you decide to have a long distance relocation, check our cross country movers Charlotte. The company that will provide the best services at reasonable prices.


  • Parking spot – One of the biggest problems while owning an RV in NC is a parking space. You will have to refer to a trailer park or designated RV parking areas. Maybe you can park your vehicle in front of your property but be sure to check neighborhood rules and regulations. Many neighborhoods permit only 48hr parking for big vehicles like buses and campers. Or you can park it in your garage or a backyard if the environment permits. Just be sure to clean your backyard from unwanted junk and make space for your precious vehicle.
Parking sign
You need to find an RV parking area
  • RV storage – Recreation vehicles have a non-season downtime when you need to find them a parking spot. Autumn and winter roads are not friendly for that type of vehicles. Therefore, you’ll probably have to rent an RV storing unit that will keep your vehicle unharmed. Keep in mind that there are non-storable items you should not bring to your trailer. Do a quick research on hazardous materials and stay safe.
  • Maintenance – Like any other home, your home on wheels need maintenance as well. Maybe even more so when it comes to the engine check, motor oil change, and fuel reserves. Everything needs to be checked regularly to avoid any holiday mishaps.
  • Comfort – Keep in mind that if you are visiting camping areas, that they are usually crowded. Lack of privacy can be a problem. Also, the bed you sleep on is not like the one at your home. This depends on the model and the size of your RV. More you invest, more comfort you’ll have.

What type of RV should you buy?

There are many different models of recreational vehicles. The secret to successful owning an RV in NC is to do extensive research before buying one. A vast choice is in front of you. Expensive motorhomes that contain everything a household has. You can even tow your car along for an easier local moving while on a vacation. Or maybe a simple trailer home that you hitch to your van and move wherever you like. Visit a local camp trailer dealer or check a website of your choice to obtain valuable information. Prices vary from $20.000 all the way to a half a million. Each family has different requests and needs, so be sure to cover everything before you invest in such a commodity.

How expensive is to gear up?

When you buy a vehicle, it won’t come with a toaster, TV and a king-sized bed. If you are owning an RV in NC you’ll have to gear up yourself. This, of course, depends on how luxurious you want your camper to be. But keep in mind that you need a few essentials. Invest in a good water filtering system and a power supply. Waste management and cleaning supplies as well. Equip your camper with maintenance tools and have a first aid kit present always. To sum it up, you won’t have to spend more than $1000 for everything mentioned. Rest is your choice.

It is good to know how much will you cost owning an RV in NC
Calculate all the possible costs

New kind of a lifestyle

One valuable aspect of RVing is how much you get to know the areas you visit. If you are in a house- trailer community for years now you probably visited many states. And enjoyed the marvels different states have to offer. All the sightseeing and different experiences will open new horizons. By staying at one place for a month, you are basically testing the new environment for possible future retirement. Maybe you end up moving from North Carolina to California. In that case, don’t forget to check Moving Kings NC guide on how to make your relocation most successful. Best services and most useful information is with them.

These were the very basic things you need to know about owning an RV in NC. You have the knowledge, now it is only left to pick the right motor home for you and your family. Good luck.