The proper way to pack shoes when moving

A person thinking how to pack shoes when moving

When one thinks of packing for the move, items that first come to mind are usually clothes, sheets, furniture, and books. Or, to put it simply, items that either pack easily or are big enough, not allowing you to forget them. You would often forget about the smaller items, oddly shaped items, such as desk lamps, house plants, and shoes. In this text, we will go through the proper way to pack shoes when moving, demonstrating how it’s actually not that hard.

Use this time to get rid of what you don’t need

Everyone knows that relocation provides the perfect opportunity to declutter. Shoes are no exception to this rule. As you have done with your clothes, sheets, and other materials and objects, you ought to do the same with the footwear. Identify the pairs that, more than anything else, take up space options, and choose how to get rid of them. If in a rather decent condition, consider selling or donating them. As for the shoes that are barely holding together, we strongly advise that you toss them. Don’t be too sad when doing this. Try to view this action as making room for the new pairs that will walk many roads and climb many heights with you.

An old, worn out shoe
Shoes like these might be worth considering for the tossing group.

Know your packing materials

However tempting it may be, try to restrain from using newspapers to wrap your shoes. Tissue paper is also a bad option. Using these materials put your shoes at risk of getting damaged since they can cause stains. Packing paper would be the way to go here. Still, if you are looking for a cheaper option, note that paper towels will work just as well.

Less rigorous approach when it comes to stuffing them

Whilst packing paper is great for stuffing your shoes since it will hold their shape, there is one more thing you can use. Socks. Besides retaining the shape of your shoe, this option will also provide some additional packing space. Simply roll your socks up, or use some other smaller clothing pieces, depending on the size of your shoes.

A chore that is tedious, yet highly recommendable when you want to pack shoes when moving

Wrap each shoe individually. However time-consuming, it is the best way of keeping them intact. This is especially recommendable for your nicer pairs. Wrap the paper in packing paper or paper towels to prevent any scratches or marks. As for the heels, wrap them in bubble wrap, so that they don’t break during the trip.

We hope that you have kept the original boxes

In order to pack shoes when moving in a proper way, it would be smart to follow the example of manufacturers themselves. Original boxes are the best place you can put your shoes for the upcoming move, having that they will perfectly fit. However, chances are that you are not the kind of person that keeps old shoe boxes, and that is perfectly understandable. The solution for you would be to packing them in plastic shoe bins. You can also try to find some smaller boxes. Ask your movers in North Carolina if they have something that could shorten your search. In addition, don’t forget to ask your friends if they can spear a couple, at least for the time being.

A pair of shoes looking rather expensive
In order to properly pack shoes when moving, consider that pairs like these deserve special care and attention.

A more convenient way to pack shoes when moving

When it comes to your everyday shoes or the ones that are simply older a more worn-out, you don’t have to go all out. Unlike your Louis Vuitton, your Fila slippers don’t require as much attention. Baskets will do just fine when it comes to the pairs that have lesser value. Opting for this solution will save you an abundance of time and storage space. You won’t have to acquire extra moving boxes for your shoes, as you will use the item that you already have.

Before you throw your sneakers into the bunch, remember to tie them to each other with shoelaces. You will be saving yourself the hassle of digging through the pile trying to find a shoe’s match. This is a neat little trick we’ve heard from movers Cary NC, so we suggest that you give it a try. Having that these movers are highly efficient and reputable, we believe they are worth listening to.

Know your order of packing

Say that you are moving in the summertime, and won’t be needing your boots for at least 4 or 5 more months. For this reason, we suggest that you pack shoes in accordance with the season they are meant for. This way, you won’t have to unpack right away the shoes that you don’t need. You will rather be able to access the ones you have the most use of right now and address unpacking of the others when the occasion arises.

If you plan on packing a bunch of shoes in the same box, start with the heaviest ones first, ending with light pairs, such as flipflops. This will even out the weight, and thus make the box safer and easier to handle. Plus, if you leave the light ones at the top, you are reducing the risk of damage to more delicate pairs substantially.

A pair of black sneakers
Sneakers are truly forgiving when it comes to packing. Just tie them to each other, and you will be quick to find them as you were to pack them.

Tip to keep the shoes fresh

The night before you pack shoes when moving, leave them out in the open. It will allow them to air out and release any lingering odors. If you own some pairs that have an obvious unpleasant smell, try sticking them in a freezer. Yes, it does sound a tad crazy, but such action will kill any latent bacteria living in them. Just make sure to clean them, or put them in a zip bag. Now, when it comes to keeping your footwear nice and fresh during the relocation itself, tea bags are your answer. The unused ones, we might add. Simply stick them under the socks that you’re using to stuff them with, and you are golden.