The cost of living in Charlotte

Learn about the cost of living in Charlotte

We all know that going to a dream place is fulfilling but it comes with some problems. Some of them are expenses which you have to pay, no matter if you want to. Dream places of people vary depending on monthly income. Look up the cost of living in Charlotte before you move there!

Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte represents the city with the most residents living there(about 860000). We can all agree that it is a big city so that is the first good thing about moving there, the liberty to choose among different options for you. The cost of living in Charlotte very depending on many things. First, the neighborhood you are living in. There are more expensive and less expensive neighborhoods in every city so you have the choice to find one that is suitable for yourself. Second, the amount of money you are willing to spend. No matter the expenses of living in Charlotte, you can always find one option that will fit in into your plan. Regarding this, you can cut down some of the moving expenses in order to make a more expensive choice. Other stuff that affects the costs is mentioned in the text below.

Living in Charlotte won't make you bankrupt
Charlotte is one of the cheap cities in the US

Real estate

The main source of expenses of living in Charlotte is renting or buying an apartment or a house. Nowadays people often choose to rent due to easier paying or better said they don’t have to go into the bank for a loan. When renting, you just have to separate a certain amount of money aside and pay when the time comes. The costs of accommodation are accessible in regard to some more expensive cities. If you live alone, you probably don’t need as much as you do when living with a family. A studio is a suitable accommodation for you. Price of them vary depending on the area you wish to live in. If you want a little expensive area, you will have to separate a little over 1000$. If you don’t care about the area you will have to give about 200$ less.

When moving with a family, things get more expensive since you need bigger accommodation to fit in. Also, the area dictates the price of it. The cost of 85 square meters apartment will cost you about 1200$ in the normal area but you will have to give 500$ more in order to find accommodation in a more expensive area.

The cost of living in Charlotte depends on the size of the place and location in the city
Find suitable accommodation for you!


The second most important aspect of living somewhere. When we talk about food, the cost of living in Charlotte is not that different from other cities in the US. Even more, the overall prices are about 7% lower than the national average. Of course, the prices in the restaurants or fast food shops are higher so we advise you better to start learning how to cook if you already don’t know. We know that some people just aren’t born for that but if you want to decrease your monthly expenses, you have to do this.


We all know that the price of utilities can be very high in some countries across the US. It can consume most of the money that you worked hard to earn. The expenses of living in Charlotte regarding this thing are within a reasonable range. If we compare the price of utilities in Charlotte and within the US, we can come with a conclusion that the price in Charlotte is about 10% lower. We can all agree that this is a massive thing so you just have to consider this when deciding about moving to Charlotte.

The cost of living in Charlotte is low enough to move there

Yes, it is. But no matter how cheap or expensive something is you need to plan properly so you could manage your expenses efficiently. In order to do this you have to:

  • Calculate– You need to form columns. One for your income and one for the cost of living in Charlotte. Once you sum those up, you need to have a positive balance in order to live there a good life.
  • Add additional costs– When making a financial plan, you have to consider additional costs that you can easily forget so we are going to help you do that. Put moving costs into consideration. Even though it is an expense that would occur only once, it can consume a large amount of money that it can make problems for you later.
  • Be responsible– Once you made a plan, stick to it! It is easy to slip and make a wrong move so you need to be firm. Try the old way and stash money somewhere so you won’t spend it once you need it. It is easier when you have someone that can keep you in the track like your spouse or partner. But if you live alone, you will have to do this by yourself. If you follow modern technologies, you know that there is a solution from baking a cake to repairing a sink. One application that can help you is one where you make a limit to where you can spend money. You just have to connect the application to your bank account and read the warnings they send you once you get to the limit.
You don't have to spend too much money to live in Charlotte
Manage your money responsibly!

Hire Movers

In order to move to Charlotte, you have to hire movers. You have to know that the costs of moving can be big depending on the size and distance of the move. Search and find movers in North Carolina that can do this professionally. To make a good choice, you have to check the background of the company. You can do this by reviewing them online and by getting references from people you know. We advise using both methods.

 Can you save money on the moving company?

Yes and no. This depends on the size and the distance of the move. Some expenses are fixed. You just can’t find a way around them. Smaller move and shorter distance are certainly cheaper. There doesn’t exist the need for that much manpower. But if you move long distance, try to find long distance movers Charlotte NC with whom you can plan the move and find the best solution for you both. The key to saving money is to search for the company that offers good service for the money you are willing to spend and to come with a compromise that will grant you what you want.


If you did all the things that we mentioned and have no problems with them, you are ready to live in Charlotte. No matter the size of the city, it doesn’t always dictate the expenses. The cost of living in Charlotte is manageable and with some corrections, you can make the most out of it!