The best places for dancing in North Carolina

You’re moving to North Carolina and you’re looking for its hottest clubs? No worries, there are plenty of places to let your hair down and dance until the sunrise. However, that does depend on the town that will be your new home. While some cities are quieter, you can still find great places for dancing in North Carolina no matter where you’re heading. Take a look at this list and mark the place that interests you the most.

A little bit about North Carolina

There are some things to know before moving from Long Island to North Carolina. Or from any other city to this state, for that matter. Like any other place, you will have to explore its features in order to determine is it the right state to claim as your new home.

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You only live once – go dancing!

Take notice about North Caroline’s:

  • Living costs – This is one of the biggest pros of this state. With low rents, low taxes and affordable homes, it has significantly lower living costs that the nation’s average. That means that not only you will have a great selection of places for dancing in North Carolina, but you will also be able to afford to visit them as often as you like.
  • Job market – Huge job market and low unemployment rate are also one of the best features of this state. No matter which city you’re moving to, you will encounter plenty of career opportunities across all the work fields.
  • Crime rate – The state’s crime is slightly higher than the national average.
  • Traffic – North Carolina has great public transportation, but most of its residents commute by car. However, that doesn’t create that much traffic jams as one can presume. In fact, the traffic of Charlotte metropolis is a breeze comparing to the other cities of its size.
  • Weather – NC has mild weather throughout the whole year. However, while the weather is enjoyable most of the time, the coastal cities are always on the alert for hurricanes.
  • The outdoor activities – summers in these states can be hot and humid, but winters are extremely mild. That gives a chance for enjoying the great outdoor opportunities that NC offers. With such a gorgeous place like Lake Norman the US National Whitewater Center and the Great Smoky Mountains, you will never run out of interesting places to explore.
  • Nightlife – Of course, the bigger cities provide better entertainment options after the dark. However, it won’t be hard to find places for dancing in North Carolina even if you’re moving to a smaller town.

Quick moving tip

When you consider all the features and determine that your life will be better in North Carolina, it’s time to start planning your relocation. Literally, right after you make your decision. There’s nothing worse than moving under the pressure.

That is exactly what will happen if you hesitate with planning. So many moving tasks will be waiting for your attention, which can be so overwhelming.

Of course, choosing one of the moving companies Holly Springs NC will make everything easier, but finding the perfect movers will also require time.

The best cities for dancing in North Carolina

Nightlife is a big deal in North Carolina. Naturally, the bigger cities and college towns provide wider options. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t live in a peaceful suburb and still party every weekend. Even the peaceful town of this state at least has a bar that provides colorful entertainment.

Without further ado, here are the best cities for dancing in North Carolina:

  • Charlotte
  • Carolina Beach
  • Raleigh

Nightlife in Charlotte

Excitement and fun await you on every corner of the vibrant city of Charlotte.

From speakeasies, live music venues, nightclubs, karaoke bars, wine bars to dance clubs – you will have a hard time to spend the uneventful evening at this city.

City of Charlotte - one of the best places for dancing in North Carolina
The night is always fun in an amazing city like Charlotte.

Charlotte’s got a lot going on after the sun goes down, and here you can dance until the sunrise. Even after that, since after parties are also very popular here.

Since its lively bars and venues provide unforgettable fun, Charlotte is one of the popular destinations for bachelor/bachelorette parties and college vacations.

Best clubs in Charlotte:

  • Vibrations Night Lounge
  • White House Night Club
  • Club 704
  • Dubai Night Club
  • Club Mirage

Carolina Beach – the wildest place for dancing in North Carolina

Carolina Beach is proof that a small town can be so much entertaining. Since the beautiful beaches are one of its most gorgeous amenities, the tourists are gladly vacation here. It is also a popular place for college spin-break.

Many tourist and students want to enjoy the great nightlife in their free time, this city provides just that. There are bars and nightclubs all over the place. Here you will also find the best beach bars for dancing in North Carolina.

Cocktail on the Carolina Beach, one of the best places for dancing in North Carolina.
Carolina Beach – a thrilling place for fun at any time of the day or night.

Due to pleasant weather, Carolina Beach is buzzing with wild entertainment all year round, so its title of the drunkest city in North Carolina shouldn’t be surprising.

The best dance clubs in Carolina Beach:

  • The Fat Pelican
  • Sonny’s Lounge
  • Silver Dollar
  • Ibiza Nightclub
  • The Liquid Room

Raleigh’s late night entertainment

Raleigh is maybe the capital of this state, but it’s smaller than the Charlotte. However, that doesn’t mean that is less entertaining. Once you find an apartment in Raleigh and move in, the real fun time can start!

This scenic town has a chill vibe during the day, but at night it transforms into a real party animal. You will have big trouble deciding which one of its fabulous clubs you will visit first. From the cool bar, interesting restaurant and wild nightclubs, the nightlife of Raleigh is truly amazing.

Some of its clubs double as the best places for dancing in North Carolina:

  • The Davie
  • Ambis 1 Nightclub
  • Mojito Lounge
  • Farotage Lounge
  • Tj’s Night Life

Have fun dancing!