The benefits of relocating to Pittsboro NC

relocating to Pittsboro NC

Are you thinking about moving to North Carolina? No matter what your reasons might be, this state has so many things to offer to the people of all age. If you are looking for a small town to raise a family, or a quiet place to move after retirement, relocating to Pittsboro NC might be just the right thing to do. Before you decide to move, you should consider all the benefits of living in this town. Take a look at this short guide that might help you make the right decision.

Basic facts about Pittsboro NC

There are many pros of relocating to Pittsboro NC. This town is one of the best NC locations for families. However, you should get to know the basic facts about this town before moving here. Although Pittsboro is a small town in Chatham County in North Carolina, it has many things to offer for people of all ages. Here are some basic facts about Pittsboro that you should know.

The economy

Considering the size of this town, Pittsboro has a pretty steady economic growth. With a population of just above 4,000 residents, this town has a relatively low unemployment rate. This rate is about 4,4%, which is lower than the U.S. average of 5.2%. When it comes to job opportunities, you could consider yourself lucky for relocating to Pittsboro NC. Job opportunities in this town keep increasing with every year.

The cost of living in Pittsboro NC

When it comes to the living expenses in this town, Pittsboro’s cost of living is around 20% higher than the average in the U.S. However, keep in mind that housing prices are relatively low in here.

suburban houses
If you prefer living in a smaller town where you can find an affordable home, Pittsboro is a great place for you.

The transportation system

One of the benefits of relocating to Pittsboro NC is the commute time. Since this city is not big, the average commute time is around 30 minutes. However, this city’s position is also one of the perks. Cities like Raleigh, Charlotte, and Chapel Hill are all surrounding Pittsboro, making it perfect for those who prefer living near urban surroundings.

Real estate market

We couldn’t talk about the benefits of relocating to Pittsboro NC without mentioning its housing market. When it comes to the median home value in this town, you can buy your new home for just below $300,000. If you are considering to buy a home in North Carolina, you should consider Pittsboro as your new destination.

Pittsboro is excellent for raising a family

Among many other cities and towns, Pittsboro is one of the best places to raise a family in North Carolina. Not only will you be able to afford a pretty spacious house in this town, but your children will also have a great school system. Also, when it comes to colleges, Central Carolina Community College is very close to the town of Pittsboro.

fresh strawberries
This town is surrounded with over 1,100 local farms. If you prefer buying home-grown food, welcome to Pittsboro!

What you can expect from this small town is a quiet, family life with a great community. If you are looking forward to opening a small business in Pittsboro, this is an excellent town for it. This town is home to many small businesses including restaurants and art galleries. However, if you are looking to find a job in a corporate company, you might want to consider moving to one of the nearest urban cities.

Pittsboro is a place where you can raise your children knowing who their friends are. Also, if you prefer making friends with other parents, this town will make a perfect home for you. What you can expect after relocating to Pittsboro NC is to be surrounded with all the benefits of home-grown food. The entire Chatham County is home to more than 1100 farms. These farms produce the various healthy food you can easily find on the farmers’ market.

Relocating to Pittsboro? Here’s how you can prepare

If you already made the decision about relocating to Pittsboro NC, there are ways you can ease your move and prepare like a pro. First of all, before you find a proper home in this town, you should consider making a moving plan. Depending on your financial and family situation, you should get to know the overall costs of relocating to Pittsboro NC. After establishing a moving budget, the next step of your moving preparations should be job and housing search. With a steady income and a proper new home, you will enjoy your life in Pittsboro NC.

Charlote, NC
Cities like Charlotte, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill are all surrounding Pittsboro. Your trip to the nearest city won’t take long.

Hire professional moving assistance

In the end, relocating to Pittsboro can be much easier if you consider hiring professional moving assistance. Whether you are moving from a bigger city in North Carolina, or you are moving from another state, you should look for reliable movers Pittsboro NC. A good moving company will help you spend more time with your family. Also, it might help you focus on the essential part of the relocation planning. If you need to search for a new home, save money for the move and handle a 9 to 5 job, why not let the professionals do all the hard work?

Get your belongings ready for the move

In case you need to move your entire home to Pittsboro NC, it’s not always easy to handle the overbearing inventory. The packing process, as well as all the moving supplies, can be hard to find. If you are moving from another state to North Carolina, you should look for affordable long distance movers Charlotte NC who can help you plan the entire move.

Relocating to Pittsboro NC can be the best decision you ever made if you decided to move here for the right reasons. With all the benefits of living in this city, this might be a perfect place for your new home.