The advantages of moving to Asheville NC

North Carolina on the globe

What will you get if you combine amazing brews, excellent music, and marvelous food choices? You’ll get Asheville NC, a Beer City USA. But it is not only beer that defines this place. What is truly amazing is the unique combination of street art, historic art décor and hundreds of stores and restaurants. A city voted the Happiest City on the East Coast. At the same time, it is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse cities in the States. Everyone who decides on moving to Asheville NC has the opportunity to flourish. We know we did and that is why we will share our experience with you. We present a few positive sides of Asheville NC.

Why you should consider moving to Asheville NC

Asheville is the larger principal city of the Asheville-Brevard county. More than 20.000 families proudly call it home. It is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains which only by the sound is sending out the picture of a beautiful landscape. Asheville is the environmental friend and since 2001 even more. A first city on the East Coast who committed to building all municipal buildings to LEED gold standards. It is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Project finish is anticipated around 2040 and it will bring 80% energy reduction.

You should consider moving to Asheville NC, a city with constant growth in every department. With such rapid growth, there is an abundance of job choices in the area. You can rely on its steady economy and infrastructure. It has top-notch public transportation, regional airport, and several interstates. Asheville is the city of a bright future, for young and elderly alike.

Great business opportunities should be a one of the reasons for moving to Asheville NC
Asheville can provide great job opportunities

The art and soul of Asheville NC

The very soul of the smiling city is in Downtown, and from there it spreads all over the city. Wherever you go you will find graffiti-decorated walls. You’ll feel the historic vibe of Art deco and Neo-Gothic style in some of the structures. One such structure is the Grove Arcade, which is one of America’s first indoor shopping malls. For artistic souls, it offers an abundance of galleries like Momentum art and 310 ART Gallery. Or the Village Potters put your skills to the test in their workshop and be a potter for a day. And finally, take one look at the Baltimore palace and you will feel like you belong there.

Grove park inn, an architectural splendor that tells the history of this area. You can see the artistic marvels on its exterior and through the Gallery of the Mountains located inside. Proudly hosted US presidents Eleanor Roosevelt and Henry Ford. Also, embark on a spiritual journey by visiting the Basilica of St. Lawrence and First Baptist Church of Asheville. If you decide that you want to be a part of the community, we can help with relocating to North Carolina. By recommending Moving Kings NC, as one of the best in the moving industry. We will handle your belongings like no other.

Man walking trough the gallery
For art lovers, Asheville has a great number of galleries

Is this a family place?

Unemployment and poverty levels are very low and that is the main cause for happiest locals in NC. Streets and neighborhoods are radiating with the smiles and warm welcomes of its residents. This kind of environment is very productive and healthy for your family. With countless job and education opportunities, there is no better place to raise your children. Asheville is among top 10 America’s Greatest Music Cities. This is confirming yet again that this city is the artistic utopia. Countless recreational and educational activities are waiting for you and your family.

Also, we will not forget to mention that Asheville has a humid subtropical climate. You can enjoy cool summers and mild winters. With summer temperature between 24°C and 32°C and winters with approximately 25cm of snow per season. In case you are moving to North Carolina from Florida, this will be an interesting change. Don’t forget to dress up in layers since NC barbeque tends to be a bit chilly.

Educational opportunities

Asheville has two public systems, Buncombe County Schools and Asheville City Schools. Students are assigned to one of the two, based on the address where they live. Both systems have dozens of schools, middle schools, and elementary schools. Also, it is a home of several charter schools and a couple of well-respected North Carolina Colleges that are located on the outskirts of the city. We will have to mention Asheville High, as it is ranked among the top 100 schools in the US by the Newsweek magazine. Also, one of the most environmentally oriented schools in the country, Outward Bound-Expeditionary Learning School is in Asheville. Moving to Asheville NC will open many doors on the educational plane. Hence, your children will have the opportunity to obtain the highest level of education in a healthy and positive environment.

Two persons reading books
The educational system is on the highest level

Fun times in Downtown

Dubbed Paris of the South, Downtown is the place to have the fun of all sorts. As we mentioned before, art and music are intertwined with the structures and the ever-smiling residents. Hence, this is one of the cities for musicians and street performers. Visit Pritchard Park and witness the Drum Circle and become a part of the spontaneous art circle. Fun is everywhere!

Downtown has many craft breweries, taverns, and taprooms. You can take one of the beer guides but be sure not to miss Lexington Glassworks. There is nothing better than a Kraft beer in hand-blown glasses. River Art District is booming with restaurants, shops of all kinds, especially ones with handmade crafts. It’s a must-see, and when you do, it will be a deciding factor in moving to Asheville NC. Next is the LaZoom Bus Tour around the city or take one of the zip lines at the lover’s playground. Finish your day with a relaxing seance at Asheville Salt Cave & Spa.

Friends cheering with glasses of beer
This place is full of great bars and even better beer

We are at the end of our educational piece. Now you can treat yourself with a beer-glazed donut or a beer ice-cream. As far as you can see, nothing is ordinary in Asheville and that is why it is a unique place. Anyone can find their way in this extraordinary city. If you ever decide on moving to Asheville NC, you’ll be most satisfied. Hopefully, we made it all a bit clearer. Good luck with your choices and your relocation.