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How to help pets adapt to new surroundings

How to help pets adapt to new surroundings

Moving is a hard and exhausting event in peoples lives. You need to prepare and organize a successful move and take care of your loved ones at the same time. Good communication among each other can bring positive results. But what about your pet? Your pet’s well-being is entirely up to you. How you prepare

How to save time while relocating

Jenny M.Moving day tips
save time while relocating

Did you decide to move last minute and need to save time as much as possible? Whether you have weeks left to prepare for the move or just a few days, you can always find ways to save time while relocating. If you keep reading, you’ll find some useful tips for preparing for your move

Tips to ensure building access to movers

Jenny M.Moving day tips
building access to movers

Moving to a smaller home comes with numerous tasks you have to complete. You have to declutter your home and prepare your home for the moving crew. However, there is another not so usual moving task you should keep in mind especially if moving into an apartment building. That is to organize and ensure building

Moving to Chapel Hill last-minute

Moving to Chapel Hill

If you decided to call North Carolina your home, moving to Chapel Hill can be a great decision! Moving to this city is a great option for families, business owners, and students alike. However, if you need to move to North Carolina last-minute, you should make a solid moving plan. Here are some suggestions for

Moving during the holidays – good or bad?

Jenny M.Moving preparations
Moving during the holidays

So, the Holiday season is coming up. If you are planning your relocation, there are numerous aspects you should consider. Moving during the holidays can be different than your average move. In any case, good reparation is the key to success. However, we are posing the question if a holiday relocation is a good idea.

How to help your kids adapt to new places

Jenny M.After the move

When changing your place of residence, it may seem to you that packing and unpacking is the hardest part. However, once you have moved to your new home, you will realize this is not true. The hardest part is, actually, finding a way to help your kids adapt to new places. It does not matter

Budget preparations for moving to Apex NC

moving to Apex NC

Are you considering relocation to North Carolina? If you are, Apex can be a great new location for your family home. Before moving to Apex NC, there will be a lot of things to prepare and sort out. Take a look at our short guide for budget preparations before your move.

How to adjust to a colder climate

Jenny M.After the move
adjust to a colder climate

Whether you plan to move during winter, or you are moving to a county with colder weather, temperature changes might affect your health. Many people need to move from one country (or state) to another without thinking of the change of climate. Dry weather, cold air, and low temperatures can cause many health issues, especially

How to make moving fun for your kids?

Jenny M.Moving day tips
two girls walking away

Everyone knows that moving is very stressful. It is especially stressful for your kids. You should make moving fun for your kids. There are different things you can try. Moving to North Carolina can be fun since you can teach them about a lot of new stuff they will be able to see and do.

Why is moving in the fall a good idea

Summer is the time of the year when most people decide to move. Reasons are numerous, as most people have days off or their kids are not in school and so on. However, fall is also a good time to move, if you are not constrained with such factors. So, what makes moving in the