Storing your items during winter: tips and tricks

An image that illustrates the importance of properly storing your items during winter

Properly storing your items during winter is essential for their well-being during that period. Even if you choose the cleanest and safest storage units Sanford NC, you cannot nullify the damaging effect cold and the lack of use can have on your goods. Having that the way you act here is important, we will provide you with some tips and tricks that will ensure you have done a proper job with storing your items.

Storing your items during winter

Before we delve into the general advice, we need to emphasize the need for you educating yourself on the proper storage methods of certain items. For example, you would not store your old metal bed frame in the same way you would store your piano. A great place to look for some valuable advice for this particular case is with piano movers NC. They are well familiar with the attention and care this instrument requires and will be able to provide you with some expert tips. As a matter of fact, it would be a wise move to speak with the company that is storing your belongings. Do not hesitate from inquiring about any little instance that may confuse you.

A storage unit
When storing your items during winter, you want to do your part as well.

Clean your belongings

It is important that you always clean your items before storing them. The dirty objects can attract pests, and you really don’t need that kind of inconvenience in your life. Besides, it is far nice to take out clean belongings from the storage than dirty ones. So, give everything a thorough cleaning treatment. Wipe, rinse, and dry. This is especially important for items made of metal and wood. In addition, if you are storing barbecue cooking utensils and tools, make sure to get rid of any food smell or residue. If left unattended, they will attract a great number of rodents.

Protect your items from the cold

Packing your belongings is a good idea that will prevent dust and bugs away. This is especially important if you plan on storing them long-term. However, when storing your items during winter, simply placing them in boxes will not suffice. You want to cover your belongings with wool or cotton (moving blankets are a great option here). This will help insulate them and prevent any damage that may occur due to low temperatures. Make sure that you avoid using vinyl or plastic covers, as these materials trap moisture, and that is a gateway to all sorts of troubles for your items.

Natural materials are the best option here.

Keep your electronics off the ground

The logic here is simple: the ground loses heat easily, making it colder than the rest of the room. The cold itself can affect electronics’ inner workings and batteries. Mind you, this tends to happen even in a climate-controlled storage unit. Leaving your electronics like this over the winter months can greatly damage them. So, when storing your items during winter, make sure to avoid placing the cold-sensitive ones on the floor.