Storing your camping gear – tips and tricks

A man who knows the best way of storing your camping gear

Isn’t camping just great? It allows you to be in touch with nature and enjoy the great outdoors in a very raw, yet safe manner. Still, if you want to control unexpected events as much as possible (be that encounters with bugs in your tent, or holes in your sleeping bag) it is best that you are familiar with proper ways of storing your camping gear. This task will require that you adequately organize and clean your gear, before safely storing it. So, let us address these essential steps in detail.

A list of tasks
As is with any project you want to be done in a proper fashion, storing your camping gear will also require more than one step.

Cleaning your camping gear

The first step towards storing your camping gear properly is cleaning it thoroughly. What is paramount here, however, is timing. Assuming that you haven’t just acquired your gear, you need to start cleaning as soon as you get back from your camping trip in Morrisville. Surely enough, the last thing you’d want to do after a presumably long and tiring trip is to start washing. Still, it would be best if you acted so. You see, the more you wait, the more time the grime has to settle in your gear, call it home, and proceed to wreak havoc. So, here’s how you ought to address the cleaning part of this whole ordeal:

  1. First things first: clean your cooking and eating utensils. Be diligent when cleaning these, whether it is by hand or by a dishwasher. In addition, you ought to make sure they are bone dry afterward, so as to avoid any nasty mold or mildew on silicone or plastic products. As for the metal utensils, we bet that the flavor of rust is not your favorite, and believe us when we say it cannot be an acquired taste either.
  2. Camping clothes are up next. Get that washing machine working as soon as you are able to. This shouldn’t even pose much of a problem either. We all crave a warm, long and thorough shower after a few days in nature. When taking your clothes off, simply put them in the drum, rather than anywhere else.
  3. Tend to your sleeping bag. In the wilderness, this highly appreciated item provides some of those rare, yet glorious joys. In order to be welcomed with a nice and clean smell, no odd and strange objects included, make sure to clean your sleeping bag after your trip.
  4. Do you know what is great on your first day of camping? A clean tent. Know how to make it so? Prior to your trip to Charlotte, make sure to shake the tent first. This will help you get rid of any loose dirt, grasses or other materials. You then ought to use a sponge and clean it. After the cleaning, make sure it’s totally dry.
A yellow tent under a starry night
Just imagine having this experience ruined by a dirty, moldy tent. Or, better yet, don’t. Clean your tent!

Organizing your camping gear

Prior to any storing, proper organization is essential. Just ask your movers Sanford NC, and they will be sure to concur. If you don’t take our word for it, you at must at least trust these storage experts. So, how does one go about organizing their camping gear? We believe the following advice should suffice:

  • gather your equipment. Nothing will give you a better overview of the situation. It will help visualize what camping equipment you have available, and what might need some running to the store.
  • think about your organization method. Camping gear is very convenient when it comes to such matters. Simply put, you can organize it within itself. You can pack your backpack with certain items, as well as some other bags. You can organize your items by the camping scenarios they fit in. Surely you will carry one equipment when camping in the summer, as opposed to staying out in the winter.
  • make inventories. This will allow you to be on top of every trip in due time. It is also great for avoiding that ”127 hours” scenario. When organizing and storing your camping gear, with an imminent trip approaching, you ought to know what tools you have at your disposal.
A man standing on a mountain river shoring, mesmerizing at nature's beauty
However splendorous and awe-inspiring, nature can, at times, be quite unforgiving. Make sure to have all of the essential equipment by your side, ready to aid with any occurrence.

Storing your camping gear

There are two ways of going about this particular task. You can either hire top-rated storage units Sanford NC and have no other worries whatsoever, or decide to use your home as storage space. We will, henceforth, address only the second option. When storing your camping gear in your basement or attic, you ought to utilize the following approach:

  • make sure that the space you are using for storage is moist free. It’s also worth noting that any pests are also not welcomed. Instead of using cardboard boxes, opt for plastic bins. These are better at keeping moisture at bay and protecting your items from other damaging elements.
  • besides protecting your gear from water, make sure that direct sunlight also has denied access.
  • based on the number, type, and shape of your items, acquire appropriate containers. It would also be rather nice if you could get some of those see-through bins, or at least get their tops to be of such material. Such visibility will immensely shorten the time of your search for a specific item.
  • label everything. Having that you are a diligent reader, we will assume that you have listened to our advice, and followed through with our previous step. With all of your camping gear neatly organized, the next logical step would be to label every bin in accordance with its insides. You can use a unifying method, where the label carries the name of the items’ common trait, or you can opt for listing every content of the container.
  • it would be wise to remove all batteries from equipment prior to storage. This will prevent any unwanted leakage.
  • store your sleeping bags flat, or hang them. Such action will help in avoiding any misshaping and other damage.