Storage ideas for your spare room

A man looking for storage ideas for your spare room

A spare room is something like a no man’s land. There are no rules, and virtually anything goes. This room is a storage unit, a gym, an office, and your pet’s and kid’s playroom. Now, decluttering this room has many benefits to it, especially if you plan on moving with the help of long-distance movers North Carolina. However, if you do not plan on leaving your home just yet, we will give you some storage ideas for your spare room that will help you optimize this space and make it more functional.

Lose the desk

Desks are bulky, non-versatile items that take up too much space without giving much back (especially when it comes to storage). So, we suggest that you skip it and use that valuable storage room space in a better way. You can add a long countertop to use as a desk, but as a storage option as well. Shelving is also a great idea that can give you a lot of space to work with. Feel free to customize the colors and surface materials so that they suit you.

A table with a chair in front of it
However great the use of a table may be, it is not very versatile, and certainly not great for storage.

Storage ideas for your spare room that include minimalist furniture

Embrace the Swedish style of multipurpose, minimalist furniture and arrange your spare room so that you get the most of it. You can choose to buy the pieces, or make some of them on your own. An old dresser can serve as a shelf when you take the drawers out. Feel free to sand, re-stain and paint it for a better look. After all, focusing on function does not mean you should skimp on style and appearance. Just ask your long-distance movers Raleigh NC. They provide quality service and look great while doing so.

Up high you go

While working with floor space can be difficult, you can always choose to go in height. Especially when speaking about storage ideas for your spare room. Extend the height of storage cupboards, cabinets, and shelving all the way to the ceiling if you so can. In order to optimize the spare aspect of the room to the fullest, you need to use up every inch, nook, and cranny. This means no compromises. Besides, long vertical lines will add height to the room, making it seem like you have tall ceilings. Neat, huh?

Shelves filled with jars
Shelves are great for organizing your storage unit, so make sure to install them wherever you find available space.

Dividing curtains as one of the interesting storage ideas for your spare room

If you are tired of drawers and shelves, this can be one of the great storage ideas for your spare room. Use dividing curtains with the goal of separating areas of functionality and hide storage spaces that you do not want to be seen. Feel free to mix and match various textiles, colors, and patterns, so as to create a unique atmosphere.