Step-by-step guide for moving from California to North Carolina

moving from California to North Carolina

If you plan on moving from California to North Carolina, get ready for a change in your lifestyle! North Carolina is a beautiful state, and more people decide to move to NC every year. Take a look at the following guide and learn how to prepare for your move in a few simple steps.

Step one – Prepare for moving from California to North Carolina

Since you made your decision about moving from California to North Carolina, you must be looking for a different lifestyle. Most people know that California can be pretty expensive to live in. Comparing to the living costs in North Carolina, your move can be a good financial decision.

planning the move
Having a moving plan is very important, especially when moving the long distance to North Carolina.

Before moving from California to North Carolina, you should get all the information about the city you’re moving to. Choosing the right city will help you learn where to invest in real estate in North Carolina. Whether you plan to rent or to buy a home in NC, keep in mind that the housing prices vary a lot. Do your research and find the best city and the neighborhood before the moving day comes.

Step two – Establish a budget for your long distance move

Since moving from California to North Carolina is a long distance move, you will have to calculate your moving costs carefully. The first thing you should do is make a moving plan and a good moving checklist. Write down all the things you need to do, things to pay for and prepare. Another decision you should make is whether you want to pack on your own or hire professional packers. A long-distance move might acquire special packing materials for securing your belongings. Overall, make sure to write down all the estimated moving costs and prepare for the move. In case you don’t know how much money you’ll need, a good moving company can offer you an estimate of the moving costs.

Step three – Find a good housing in North Carolina

Before moving to North Carolina, you will need to find a good housing in the new state. Since the housing in North Carolina is way more affordable than in California, you can expect to get more square footage for the budget you have. Before you start looking into the housing market in North Carolina, make sure to set aside a budget for the first few months after the move. The average cost of living in this state will vary from one city to another.

a house in the mountain
Before moving from California to North Carolina, choose the city you want to live in and find a good housing.

For example, you can research the average cost of living in Charlotte and decide what type of housing you can afford. In the end, you can always hire a professional realtor who can help you find a new home in no time.

Step four – Hire a reliable moving company

After finding a proper home you want to move to, it’s time to organize your moving day. Since you will be moving a long distance to North Carolina, you should consider hiring a reliable moving company like Moving Kings NC. Among many other services, a good cross country moving company can help you pack all of your moving boxes and transport them safely. If you have delicate items, artwork or heavy pieces of furniture to move, that’s why the movers are there for.

When searching for the moving company for moving from California to North Carolina, keep in mind the following  facts:

  • Not every moving company is affordable. If you want to save money on your move, make sure to spend some time to find the best movers. The overall moving costs will depend on factors like the distance of your move, the size of your inventory etc.
  • Movers that are too cheap might be moving scammers. You can always choose to move offseason and get a discount. However, make sure to check every element of the contract the movers offer you.
  • A reliable long distance moving company should have good online reviews, years of experience and a license to work.

Step five – Research North Carolina and prepare for cultural differences

So, you hired the best movers near your home in California and let them plan your moving day. Now, the time has come to prepare for living in the new state. North Carolina has its own charm and cultural diversity. Before moving from California to North Carolina, make sure to research the community you will be living in. Also, depending on the reason for your move, you should know which facilities will be near your new home.

people talking
After the moving day is over, you will want to meet the locals and make new friends. Do your research and get to know North Carolina!

If you like to travel around the country, you can plan your post-move free time in advance. Check out all the attractions, historic sites and the best restaurant you can visit after the move.

Step six – unpack and enjoy your new home in North Carolina

After the moving day is over, the best part of your relocation can begin! The first thing you should do after settling into your new home is to finish the unpacking process. If you didn’t hire movers to do this for you, make an unpacking plan and prioritize. After all, you don’t have to unpack in one day, but you will need your belongings to be able to function in your new home.

In the end, moving from California to North Carolina can be the best decision you ever made. Depending on the reason for your move and your family situation, make sure to leave enough time for the moving preparations. Have fun planning your relocation and enjoy your new life in North Carolina!