Spotting a Lowball Estimate From Movers

Spotting a Lowball Estimate is very important. Learn how to choose a good and professional moving company.

If the smoothness of your move is of any concern then you need to know how to recognize and avoid moving scams. This needs to be your top priority. There are several ways for you to figure out if the moving company is trying to scam you but the most common one is the lowball estimate. Spotting a lowball estimate is the key to figuring out the real intentions of the moving company. Or you can simply hire one of the well-trusted moving companies Greensboro NC, for example. The trick is to find them by their area of expertise.

We will be explaining what the lowball estimate is, as well as how to recognize them from the clues that you will have. So, we will begin with:

Spotting the lowball estimate

There are few ways to spot the lowball estimate, and these are the most obvious (and common) clues.

Moving estimate includes extra fees. No extra fees might be a warning sign.

Not looking at your items and circumstances

The first thing good moving companies will do, when it comes to moving estimates, is to send someone over and look at your belongings. Alternatively, they will ask for photos or videos before giving you an estimate. If they do not do anything of the sort then you might be looking at a rogue moving company that is trying to scam you. While you are at this point, try to figure out the hidden costs of moving, as well. The estimates that you get over the phone will mostly be inaccurate because, in order to get a proper one, someone needs to look at all of your items and calculate it.

Proper movers will ask a lot more questions, as well. Questions such as the number of stairs, elevators and other concerns such as parking rules and such. All of that goes into an estimate. If you are working with such companies, you may want to know how to compare one moving company to another. If your company seems uninterested in any of those questions, then they perhaps just want your money, without them doing any work. The next clue is:

Leaving out other costs and fees

If your moving quote does not have any extra fees, it might be a warning sign. Every good moving company will have all the additional costs of a relocation neatly written out. If you are renting any of the storage units Sanford NC, for example, it needs to be on the estimate. The lowball estimate neatly removes all of these costs, in order to be more attractive.

Don’t sign the contract if you are suspicious about the estimate.

Costs such as labor costs, gas fees, packing materials, additional insurance will all be present on a moving estimate from a well-known company. Your lowballers will exclude them, in order to provide you with seemingly accurate moving costs. Do not fall into this trap.

Finally, the lowball estimate will be:

Spotting a Lowball Estimate – Non-binding

Whenever you get a suspicious non-binding estimate that you suspect might be a lowball one, run as far away as you can from it. More often than not, if you accept such estimates, you will be faced with a huge cost at the end. This is because a non-binding quote can change in an instant, depending on the circumstances.

Therefore, the best way to deal with these is to simply never accept such estimates. Good estimates to accept are the binding or binding-not-to-exceed estimates. These types of estimates protect you, the prospective mover. Particularly the latter. If you can, always go for the latter option.