Should you hire pool table movers?

pool table movers

Weighting from 200 all up to 1000 lbs, pool tables can be pretty difficult to relocate to your new home. In order to retain the value of your table and relocate it safely, you can either hire professional pool table movers or create a detailed and specific moving plan. DIY relocation vs hiring movers is not a decision that should be made quickly. Therefore, let’s go through both options and evaluate the benefits and difficulties.

Hiring pool table movers

Reputable moving companies that specialize in moving valuable and heavy items like pool tables or pianos can make your relocation easy and quick. Moving a pool table takes a lot of strength, planning, and experience. Keep in mind that disassembling of a pool table takes time and knowledge. A professional moving company will be able to execute your move in a safe and timely manner. However, as there are many fraudulent movers, you will need to be careful when researching. One of the most common moving mistakes to avoid is hiring a moving company without a detailed check-up of their reputability.

pool table in a room waiting for pool table movers to arrive
Before you decide on if you should hire pool table movers, evaluate the pros and cons

In order to hire the right pool table movers, you will need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Find a few pool table movers and research them further.
  • Ask for an online quote and contact the movers by phone.
  • Do an additional check-up of their business.

Researching the moving companies

Finding a reputable pool table mover should be a top priority of your moving plan. Therefore, search online and choose a few moving companies that look reliable to you. Pay a close attention to their website and social media profiles. Look for online reviews and don’t forget to look into the way movers present themselves online. A reliable moving company will always brand their premises, vehicles and online presentations. The contact and address information should also be clearly highlighted and easy to reach.

woman researching for pool table movers
Research the moving companies

A reliable pool table mover will be able to provide you with any moving services you might need. Therefore packing services NC for your pool table as well as the storage can be included in your quote.

The quotes and calling the moving companies

Professional pool table movers, like Moving Kings Van Lines FL, usually have a quote estimator on their websites. The online quote might not be exact if you don’t know the approximate weight of your pool table. However, it will give you a rough impression of moving expenses. Write down the quote and compare it to the one you get over the phone.

When calling a moving company, you should pay a close attention to the quality of their customer service. During the move, you will need to be sure your table is safe. Therefore their moving experts need to be easily reachable. Also, a moving company representative needs to be well informed and able to answer any question about their local or long distance moving services NC.

Make sure you know which services are included in the cost and if there are any hidden expenses. Ask for an in-house estimate. This will allow your mover to evaluate the exact cost of your move. Also, you will be able to meet them in person and check their reputability additionally.

The additional check-ups

You already know better than to trust everything people tell you. Therefore, check your pool table movers credential additionally. Look into how long they have been in business. Visit online resources like Federal Motor Carrier Administration or an association of moving companies.

Conclusion – Pros and Cons

The pros: 

  • You will save a lot of valuable time.
  • Every step of your move will be taken care of professionally. 
  • You don’t have to worry about any damages as reputable movers will protect your pool table and transport it safely.

The cons:

  • The expenses.

Moving your pool table might be cheaper if you rent a truck and have a few friends to help you. Tip: If you are looking to lower the moving cost, you can break down the table by yourself. However, keep in mind that the disassembly is a process you need to plan and prepare for.

Moving your pool table – DIY

Breaking down, transporting and reassembling the pool table will take time and skills. It is absolutely possible that with help of a few people you will be able to move the table yourself and avoid any moving mistakes. However, you will need to prepare, plan and research. Here are a few steps to follow:

Evaluate the weight

Pool tables are extremely heavy. Therefore you will need the help of a few people. As everyone needs to stay safe during the move, you need to calculate how many people you will need. Some tables even have marble in them and moving them without a complete disassembly is impossible.

Think through the disassembling process well in advance

Pool tables are much more than just a heavy and fun pieces of furniture. There are more than 500 staples that keep the felt connected to the table all of which need to be taken out carefully. Therefore, you will need proper tools.

Keep in mind that, after the move, you will need to reassemble and level the table. There are many online sources, like YouTube you can turn to for getting a glimpse into what it takes to move a pool table.

Plan the path from your house to the truck

Pool tables are heavy and large. Therefore, you need to carefully plan the path you will carry it. Make sure there are no obstacles on your way. Measure the doors and see if you need to use any ramps or a dolly. Also, don’t forget the plan the same kind of route in your final destination.

Rent or borrow a truck and secure the pool table

If you are lucky enough to have a friend to lend a truck from, this won’t be a difficult task. However, if you are renting a truck, make sure it is the right size. Also, make sure you use quality packing material to secure the table. After loading it into the truck, secure it additionally and make no room for the table to move during the transport.

Stay safe!

non-slippery shoes
There is no time for fashion during a pool table move.

Make sure you and the people around you are dressed properly and wear protective gear. Non-slippery shoes are a must. Additional safety gear like gloves, weight belts, and dollies will be useful.

Conclusion: The Pros and Cons of moving your pool table DIY style

The pros:

  • You can save money.

The cons:

a measuring scale
Evaluate the pros and cons of hiring a professional mover
  • It is a lot of work to move a pool table.

It will take time, planning and research. Is it worth it?

  • You need to take care of people around you and coordinate their activities. 

When hiring pool table movers you won’t have to worry about safety. However, with a DIY relocation, you need to make sure people don’t hurt themselves and that everyone is familiar with their tasks.