Renting an apartment 101

renting an apartment in nc

Searching for the perfect new home and planning a relocation process at the same time, can be intimidating. Finding the right apartment to rent is never easy. There are numerous situations and issues you can encounter when searching for the perfect housing option. In order to avoid any mistakes when renting an apartment, you need to prepare and plan the apartment hunt in advance.

an apartment building
Start your apartment hunt by researching and planning in advance

Where to start when planning an apartment hunt?

In order to find the perfect apartment to move to, you need to know exactly what it is that you are looking for. Therefore, make sure to create a list of priorities. Without the clear expectations and a budget, you risk losing valuable time on visiting apartments that don’t fit your needs.

The best way to stay organized is by following a few simple steps:

  • Make the list of priorities.
  • Create the budget.
  • Research the neighborhoods when renting an apartment in North Carolina.
  • Consider finding a reliable real estate agent. 

Prioritizing and compromising when renting an apartment

Whether it is the square footage of your living space, saving time on commuting or lowering the living expenses, make sure you set your priorities. Therefore, you will have fewer troubles deciding on a specific neighborhood and an apartment during the search. With a clear list of priorities, you will, also, avoid renting a home that is out of your price range.

Keep in mind that there is a chance an apartment won’t be able to meet all of your requirements. Therefore, be willing to compromise. Don’t give up on the most important amenities, however, evaluate which of the priorities are less important.

The budget planning

When searching for a new apartment to rent you need to plan in advance. Life in a new city in NC  will require a detailed budget planning. In order to ensure you keep a close track of your finances, evaluate how high is your rent budget. Ideally, your rent shouldn’t take more than 1/3 of your monthly earnings. After assessing your price range you will be able to decide on a neighborhood much more easily.

a calculator for budget planning
Find the perfect housing by creating a budget.

Further budget planning

In order to plan for your move to the new apartment, make sure you include the additional costs to your budget as well. Calculate moving expenses by contacting reputable long distance movers in North Carolina. A professional mover will provide you with an accurate estimate. Therefore, there would be no hidden fees and you can use the quote to start planning your relocation budget as well.

Research the area

Whether you are moving to NC as an expat or live in the area, make sure you make an informed decision when renting an apartment. The best way to do so is to research the city you are moving to. Look for the online reviews and pay a close attention to the safety, rent prices and neighborhood’s amenities. Use the priority list to evaluate whether a specific neighborhood would fit your lifestyle and habits.

Do you need a real estate agent?

Going on a DIY apartment hunt might seem like a much cheaper option at a first glance. However, having a reliable professional on your side when renting an apartment can save you much valuable time. Even more so if you are moving to North Carolina from another state or country. Therefore, research the real estate agencies in the area and evaluate whether you need to hire one.

The apartment hunt

The most fun part of searching for a new home is visiting the apartments. Some of them might have amazing features and neighborhood amenities. Other ones might fit your budget more properly. In order to avoid being overwhelmed and overlooking the important questions, you need a detailed checklist.

Here are the important questions to ask and pay the attention to:

Location, location, location.

How safe is the neighborhood? Which amenities does it have? Are there any parks for your children and pets? Is it walkable? How long is the commute time to your work?

The living costs.

How much is the rent? Are the utilities included in the price? If not, how much do you have to pay for them on monthly basis?

The building.

Is there a parking lot? How about the laundry facilities? Are you allowed to move in with pets? Is there any shared space?

The apartment.

When visiting the apartment you will need to inspect it and evaluate its amenities.

Here are the important questions to focus on:

  • Is there central heat and air conditioning?
  • Are there any cracks in the walls and ceiling?
  • Do doors close and lock properly? How about the windows?
  • Are the household appliances in good condition?
  • Check the water pressure, and the faucets when renting an apartment. 
  • Is there any mold or mildew?
  • Can you paint the walls and decorate the apartment the way you want?

Besides having all the necessary feature, the apartment needs to fit your needs and the lifestyle. Therefore, trust your instincts. Evaluate whether you can imagine making the apartment into a cozy home and your relaxation space.

The lease agreement.

woman renting an apartment and signing the lease
When renting an apartment you need to detailly inspect the lease agreement.

Make sure you are familiar with the conditions and what you will be obliged to. Pay a close attention to how long the agreement lasts and whether it allows your landlord to increase the rent and by which percentage.

Even though the agreement may sound intimidating, they can also be used to protect your rights as well. Therefore, check whether all of the amenities are listed. Get to know the Housing Act and be informed about your tenant rights.

Moving to the new apartment

When renting an apartment, make sure you prepare for the move in advance. Find reliable and reputable movers who can help pack home with ease. A professional moving company will be able to conduct your move safely and in a timely manner. Therefore, make sure you find reliable professionals to help your relocation to the new home go smoothly and according to the plan.