Relocation paperwork you need to handle beforehand

Moving to a new home is quite a challenge. You need to complete all the tasks from the list in order to make the whole moving process successful. Of course, as to everything else, here can also be applied the unwritten rule that good organization saves time. This means that you should first prepare yourself for the relocation. Then, decide what tasks should be completed on which occasions and what are the priorities. So, the first thing you should think about is relocation paperwork. Since it consists of numerous parts, we suggest you make a list. In this way, you will manage to complete everything on time and peacefully proceed with the move.

First and foremost, get a binding estimate

You should ask for a binding estimate from your moving company. This is a document in which there can be seen all the costs of moving services. These numbers will not decrease or increase, so this will be a safe choice for you. In this way, you will know what amount of money you will need in order to cover these costs. Also, if you think the costs are somewhat high, you can always rent storage and decrease the moving costs. Storage units NC are at your disposal and they have several types of storages to offer.

Make sure you do not forget medical records

This is of paramount importance. When you are moving to a new place, you need to have your medical records with you. If you are moving with your family, you will need to get medical records for each member. Visit your doctor before the move and get all you will need, such as records of health problems, vaccinations, specific medical needs, etc. In addition to this, you should have your prescription medicines transferred. Do not forget to get your dentist records either. In case you have a pet, you will also need to retrieve copies of its veterinary records and vaccination certificates.

Part of your relocation paperwork should be medical records
Part of your relocation paperwork should be medical records

Make a copy of your lease or homeowners insurance policy

This is a piece of relocation paperwork without which you cannot do much. It is your proof of residency that you will need to demonstrate in order to set up different things. For example, you will need it when you register your pet at the town hall or turn on new utility services, among others. So, the best solution would be to make several copies of your lease or homeowners insurance policy- you will not have to look for that one piece of paper any time you need it.

Other records and licenses you need to pay attention to

If you have children, do not forget to collect their school records. You will need them in order to enroll your children in new schools after you change your place of residence. In case you children are older, that is, if they are applying for a college or university, you should get certified copies of their school transcripts. On the other hand, you also need to think about your financial documents. Get your bank account, transfer, and all the other statements before you move. You will need them at the end of the year for tax deductions.

School children
Remember to collect your children’s school records in order to enroll them in a new school

If you are the buyer, ask about relocation addendum

Before making a purchase, make sure all cards are on the table. As a relocation company does not accept verbal commitments, pay attention to the deal you make with them. First of all, ask if there is the relocation addendum. This is a document according to which you are under obligation to buy the house ‘as it is’. If there is the relocation addendum, you should proceed with the purchase carefully. It is advisable to hire someone to inspect the house and inform you about its condition. In case something is not right, try to negotiate with the company in order to get a better offer.

In addition to relocation paperwork, check personal documents

If you are, for example, relocating to South Carolina or any other state in the US, make sure you have your family’s passports with you. Other personal documents you should bring with you are birth certificates, social security cards, and driver’s licenses. It is a must to have them at hand all the time- you may need them along the way or when the shipment is being delivered to your new home. So, before moving, make sure you gather all of your and your family’s personal documents and put them alongside relocation paperwork.

In case you are moving to another state, make sure your family’s passports are with you

Change the address and check the date

When collecting all of the important documents for the move, first check whether they are still valid. If this is not the case, it is advisable that you solve this problem on time. In case your passport has expired and you are moving across the country, you will not be able to enter that country. So, to save yourself the effort and time, go through all of your personal documents and you will see whether they are all valid. In addition to this, you should change the address.  You surely do not want for your mail to be delivered to your old home. Also, you should update the insurance policies, move your bank account, update your electoral registration and cancel subscriptions. Take measures on time in order for all of this to be done before you move.

Moving to a new home is not as simple as it seems. You need to take care of everything and make sure all of the actions are done on time. However, one thing you must not forget before even starting the whole process of moving is to gather relocation paperwork. A piece of advice: make a list of all the documents you need to collect and it will not be possible for you to forget about any of them. Just bear in mind that a good organization can greatly help you. Think about it in advance, and the whole moving process will run smoothly.