Relocating a pool table in the good old DIY style

Image of a snooker table

Starting a new chapter in your life is an amazing experience. Usually, people move because they have been given an opportunity to improve their lives. Sometimes, it is through their employment. Other times, people manage to come up with a plan that will see them move into a neighborhood that they have been wishing to move to for quite long. However, while relocation represents an amazing opportunity, it also represents a great challenge. You are going to have to organize your move, usually mostly by yourself. Sure, professional movers can be by your side. They will help you execute the move and provide you with valuable pieces of advice on the moving process itself. Still, if you are looking to save money while moving, you are probably going to need to perform a DIY move. If this is what you are up to, let’s what relocating a pool table requires.

A man shooting pool
In order to be able to shoot pool right after relocation, make sure to move your pool table by following all safety standards

Relocating bulky items

There’s moving and there’s moving. Relocating to North Carolina should not be much different from moving anywhere else. You are going to have to prepare your items for the move. Clothes will need folding. Furniture will need protecting. You will be needing help with relocating a pool table. 

Relocating bulky items is a type of the move that we would rarely suggest anyone doing. They are complicated to move, heavy to lift and almost impossible to lower down a staircase. Therefore, if you have not done this before, you might want to seek professional help.

Relocating a pool table DIY style

However, if relocating a pool table with no help from movers Greensboro NC is your choice, make sure to pay attention to the following:

  • Find a way to slide your pool table over the floor
  • Find out the easiest way to disassemble it for the move
  • Pay attention to details with older pieces in particular
  • Obtain a right-sized moving truck

Above all, make sure that you move your pool table with great care. You would not want either of you to suffer consequences because of the move.

Sliding a pool table over the floor

One of the first tricks of relocating a pool table successfully is to find a way to slide the pool over the floor.

As you already know pool tables are very heavy pieces to move around. Lifting them is not going to be easy for two reasons:

  1. There is hardly any space for you to get a hold of them
  2. They will probably prove too difficult to lift anyway

Therefore, in order to make sure that you actually can perform your local move NC, you should invest in dollies. You should buy one for each leg of the pool table. So, make sure to buy all four and do not try to cut corners. These dollies will make sure that you are able to move your pool table around your home and outside without them, you or the floor suffering any damage.

Relocating a pool table is easier when it is disassembled
Make sure to have the right tools to disassemble your pool table

Disassemble the pool table if you need to

The second option on the table is disassembling your pool table for the move. This is an option that is going to require more detailed work. However, it is one that we would always recommend.

The reason why this is the best option to choose is the fact that your pool table will be much easier to move once it has been divided into smaller pieces or segments. Commercial movers NC who take care of such moves on a regular basis often use exactly this option. After all, it is the safest one for the table itself and for the people moving it. 

Pay attention to details

Attention to detail is crucial in many aspects of daily life. Relocating a pool table is no different. It is, in fact, very important to pay attention to details when moving a pool table. While they may be quite sturdy and bulky, pool tables are also somewhat fragile as well. Maybe not on the outside. However, a quality pool table can easily suffer irrecompensable damage if not handled with care.

It is even more obvious with old-fashioned pool tables. After having been in use for decades, old pool tables can easily break. Therefore, make sure to practice every possible precautionary measure when relocating a pool table. No matter how old or young it may be.

Obtain a moving truck that can handle your pool table

Moving a pool table in your regular sedan is not going to be possible. You are going to need to obtain a right-sized moving truck that will be able to fit your whole pool table as a whole or in separated pieces. The choice, after all, is yours.

Many trucks parked on a parking lot seen from above
Obtaining the right moving truck is important in relocating a pool table

However, do not approach this task easily. There are many moving trucks available for rent on the market. Given the fact that you will be relocating a pool table, you will want to make sure to choose a reliable one.


Relocating a pool table by yourself is a task that is not impossible to complete. However, it is also a task that is going to require a great deal of planning. In the article above we have covered some basic information on what you need to do in order to move your pool table successfully. Follow these pieces of advice, but keep your mind open for new ideas as well. Who knows, it may just be you who will come up with a breakthrough in pool relocation.